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How Is HubPages Doing?

Updated on March 20, 2017


A hub on tracking how HubPages is doing starting in May 2016 going forward and looking back.

Updated - July 2016

Alexa Ranking History 5-15-2016

According to HubPages

Quantcast History

Alexa 7-5-2016 Summary (7/6/2016)

How Much Can One Expect to Earn on HubPages?

Based on the above data, it is possible to estimate how much a hubber can expect to earn based on his average daily views.

For example:

An average daily views of 60 can expect an earning average of 6 cents per day.

Calculation: 60/5,320,900 x $5321 = $0.06.

Therefore, to make the $50 payout, it will take approx. 830 days.

New Niche Sites...

One example is Wanderwisdom which came live a few weeks ago specialize in Travel.

Another is Soapboxie which is more related to political discussions.

Alexa ranking update 3/20/2017

Alexa ranking of Wanderwisdom niche site 3/20/2017


I have been publishing on HubPages for about 21 months. Over this time, there have been numerous changes to HubPages and Google search algorithm. It seems that HubPages is trying to revamp itself to accommodate all the changes and to improve the overall quality of the contents. I hope their new venture into these niche sites will succeed.


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