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How Many Hubs Can You Write a Day?

Updated on August 13, 2017
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Andrew has been a creator on Hubpages for over 9 years. Greeting new users as a Hubpages Elite member and helping through the forums.

Often times I read more then I end up writing!
Often times I read more then I end up writing!

Articles have to be High Quality and Original

Many people can write about the same topic in countless different ways. Remember though that Hubpages has a Featured and Non-Featured rubric for articles on Hubpages. Creating tons of spam and useless content to fit as many ads as you possibly can doesn't follow the Hubpages Mission of only the Finest and Highest Quality Articles. The best way of following this is to use the Hubpages Goal section while creating Hubs. Make sure your articles are at least 700 words, have 1-2+ forms of media, and of course have 1-3+ pictures because lets face it - in todays day and age if an article is naked and picture-less then it might as well not exist.


How many hubs can I publish a day?
- No Limit

How many hubs should I publish a day?
- However many you can create that are original, helpful, and enriching.

Whats the Most Hubs you have Publish in One Day?

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While most people are writing because they enjoy the art of it, want to share their findings, or wish to help others many also do it for monetary reasons. While writers for monetary reasons aren't bad, this question is most easily aimed at the ones who are. Currently there is no limit to the amount of hubs a hubber can publish a day. With this being said there is no limit on the amount of pages you can create, if your a faster typer full of ideas you can produce many hubs in a short amount of time. If your a slow typer who likes to ensure the quality of the article and how it will look then you might only do a few a week! It all depends on how you want to represent yourself. While most people know making money online isn't easy they learn quickly the more niches and content they have the better chances they have of making money, Thats why I said this question is sometimes aimed at not so good reasons. If you just spam low quality content that isnt really helpful or is copied you will be banned for one, but it also decreases the value worth of the site to everyone. If you can write 15-30 good quality helpful hubs then go for it, but if your just copying others and producing them just to have net space then good ridden to you.

How Many Articles?

Personally, How Many Articles Can You Write A Day? It will be different for everyone. You can get a good general idea by doing a controlled experiment. Take and time how long it takes you to type up a standard article you write. On average my average article is 850 words long. Next you just have to take how long it took you and apply that to how long your "Day" is.

850 Word Article = 28 minutes
Day = 8 hours (480 minutes)
480/28 = 17

On average if this was my time I could write 17 850-Word Articles. Of course this doesn't count in pictures, videos, summary, linking, etc. It also doesn't count coming up with and thinking up ideas of how and what to write.

So if you really were a diehard writer, whipping out ideas and content like it was rain from the sky, and spending hour upon hour working at it you could get a lot done in a day. Personally, I only have around 125 articles over a three year period. If you took this more as a job then a side hobby, you might be able to do that every week. So hopefully this hub solves the question!


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