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How To Do Good On Hubpages

Updated on June 6, 2017

Hubpages has alot of people come through and check out their stuff, some stuff can be more popular then others at times but do not get discouraged cause I have some ways to help you get some more views.

Step 1: You don't have to be incredibly good at writing, long as you can spell fairly well and have things people wanna read you should be fine. Some people like to read some stuff and others like to read other stuff, try looking around and see what people wanna know about or what they want to learn, few good ways to do that is ask around or go check out the web. A lot of people wanna know stuff, look up Yahoo answers and see what comes up.

Step 2: Write what your good at. I am good at writing about games and what not so must of my stuff is centered around that. I write about games, weapons, some fictional stuff. Try and write as much as you can about the stuff you know, you can venture out into some other areas that you might not be incredibly good at but the best thing you can do is start off small, work with what you know and if you are comfortable later on go ahead and write about some other kinds of junk.

Step 3: Be hopeful, sometimes whatever you might be writing about is not hot at the moment, that kind of goes under Step 1. But don't get discouraged cause while it may not be perfect right now shortly later whatever you might write about could be the worlds next best thing, just takes some time to get noticed and to have your stuff get more attention.

Step 4: Try making as many articles as possible. The more articles you have the better, well as long as they are well written articles. Writing well and having many articles will mean more people coming in to see your junk, the more you have the more they will want to read your stuff. Just keep your stuff well written and have a good topic and your good to go.

Step 5: Try talking with other people, there is alot of people on Hubpages and the more people you talk too the more people might come in and view your stuff. It is also a good way to meet some new people. You can also ask what kind of topics are hot and right now, the veterans of this site might be able to even give you a few pointers on what you should do and how you should go about it, Hubpages is a very is a bit of a social network, so get off your couch and go do something with some people.


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    • profile image

      Amees 2 months ago from Pakistan

      Good stuff