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How To Find The Best Keywords to Optimize Your Ebay Title Listings

Updated on February 9, 2016

Any Ebayer can benefit from this whether you use Ebay to sell the bits from yor garage or if your a fully fledged business seller.Your Ebay title is one of the most important factors in making your Ebay item sell. As stated in another hub, traffic is king in making sales on Ebay you do not have to be the cheapest to make a sale or to attract someone in to your listing.

Your title is what will get you noticed by Ebays algorithm and the searching Ebayers itching to spend their money.

Here are some tips to make your title count:

Lets take a Wardrobe for example as the potential eBay listing.

Now unfortunately there are many of these poorly listed on eBay. Not so bad for the savy buyer but wallet damaging for the seller.

You will see many of these listed as;

Single Wardrobe

Double Wardrobe

Secondhand Wardrobe For sale ( crazyness!)

All of these have minimal traffic pulling, searched keywords. Your keywords are the aspects of your item and the item itself, so the way you dramatically increase this is actually tell yourself what the item is then add what you can to the title.


Single Pine Wardrobe

Double Pine Wardrobe

Just by putting the material the item is made from can dramatically increase its visibility! Does it have draws? then add that also!!! Now not only will your item be viewed if someone types Pine Wardrobe but it well also be pulled up if someone just types Pine Chest Of Draws as your title has those words in it. That's how you increase an items views by adding any relevant aspects of the item in the title of your listing. If you have some characters left over that's when you add your sales copy into the title like Excellent Condition, Nearly New, Can Deliver.Now these words won't be the words that make your item appear but they are the words that will attract someone to view your listing over someone else's.

Think about what your item is and its characteristics and use the best ones for your title. Also try to have your title make sense or in some kind of order, rather than randomly put together words.

Now what do you do if you really can't think of what your keywords could be.

Learn how to really sell your items on eBay.
Learn how to really sell your items on eBay. | Source

Ebay has a website that will tell you what the most searched for items are for a given month and also what are the best keywords and catergories to list your items plus much much more. ChaChing!

And it's called Ebay Research Labs.

This is the place to got if your serious about making the most money from your items. Don't be fooled by its basic appearance its content is very very valuable! What you need is at the bottom right of the page, listing title optimizer. A new screen will appear with a search box. This is the only place you should be basic with what you put in. So go ahead try it, put in Wardrobe. You will then get a new box appear sometimes it will have a few variations of what you typed in but in this case you just have the one "wardrobe" now click on that. Now what appears are the most searched keywords for a wardrobe the bigger the green blob the better the word is. To the right of all that you then get shown what the best catergory to put your listing into too!!!

Now don't worry if you can't use the highest ranking words, just make sure you use some. Even Though Pine isn't in the list of good keywords if you wardrobe is pine still use it.

So by Looking at this I would now list my wardrobe as:

Large Double Pine Wood Wardrobe Great Storage

Double Pine Wood Wardrobe Large Storage Space

This will maximise your item visibility and resulting in either a quick sale (fixed price) or more money (auction).

Some don'ts though are:

Don't Use all Capitals, your not shouting.

Don't use irrelevant words to draw people in, like (not a xbox PS3 or Ipod ) its looks amateur it could get your listing removed.

Make better titles and you will see better sales.


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    • profile image

      Ivan Palii 8 months ago

      Interesting tutorial. I’ve sold medicual equipment on Ebay and made a lot of tests in creating title. It’s really such important. Every letter has influence. I described my experience about optimizing eBay pages here –

      The main thing I understand, that it’s better to use both general keywords and long tail keywords together. Am I right?

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      I found Automatic Title Optimizer:

      It generates item titles in any language an it is a free tool.

      LOVE IT!