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How To Get Heaps of Traffic to your HubPages, Website or Blog: 15 Ways to Gain Traffic

Updated on August 10, 2011
The more traffic you get, the more clicks you get.
The more traffic you get, the more clicks you get.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic is crucial if you wish to be profitable on the Internet and have your work noticed. Whether you run your own website, blog or are trying to be a success story on HubPages, it's not uncommon for people to give up all too soon. The key to conquering the traffic world is to have perseverance, determination and a few tricks up your sleeve.

There are various methods to implement into your daily routine on the Internet that will bring up the traffic levels from an array of sources. But it's no good just getting useless traffic just to boost page views, because if the visitor is not really interested in what you base your work on then they will not click through on any links or return. Valued traffic is the traffic that returns. It's all about quality not quanitity, so avoid trying to get traffic just for the page views. Get traffic to divulge your information to those who are truly interested.

Taking note of the following tips and sparing a small portion of your day to put these techniques in place, will ultimately boost your traffic consistently and gain you advantageous page views. But do not give up. Have the faith and believe that you can be successful on the Internet, just like many others.

Add constant effective content.
Add constant effective content.
StumbleUpon is good for gaining traffic.
StumbleUpon is good for gaining traffic.
The Google Keyword Tool is good for understanding the best searched keywords.
The Google Keyword Tool is good for understanding the best searched keywords.

Use YouTube for Traffic

Use RedGage to share your content with others.
Use RedGage to share your content with others.
RSS Feeds are good for monetization and traffic purposes.
RSS Feeds are good for monetization and traffic purposes.

Techniques that will Boost Traffic

  1. Adding high quality, unique content. This is essential for victory. Be sure to update your blog, website or HubPages on a regular basis. It is best to post at least a few times a week, but your visitors will prefer to see new content daily. This shows your reader that you have a passion for what you do and that you are serious about accomplishing your goal. There's nothing worse than an out of date web page when someone has clicked through to find some valuable information. Also, more regular posts with beneficial information will rank better in the search engines.
  2. Have an effective domain name. This is more important for a website or a blog. If you have a website or blog surrounded around beaches for example, you'll want to include a keyword that people may search for, regarding beaches into your domain name. This ranks you better in the search engines and makes it easier for you to be found.
  3. Keyword research. I'm sure you've heard about keyword research and the important role it plays in determining your traffic. This is a valuable piece of information because the more rich keywords you include in your posts, the better your search engine ranking and the probability of a visitor finding you. Try not to spam with too many overloaded keywords, but include them where necessary. Use the Google Keyword Tool to see what the most common searches are for a parfticular niche, and thread these keywords in the appropriate places throughout your website articles, blog posts or HubPages hubs.
  4. Improve the image of your page. This is a rather valid point, because the more attractive, eye-catching and easy to read your page is, the more likely it is that a visitor will stay on the page for a desirable amount of time. Include appropriate images, videos and sources into your pages, as well as using a good layout and an appealing colour scheme.
  5. Submit to directories. There are some websites that allow you to submit your links and website pages to the article directories. This spreads your work to a more widespread base and makes your work available to be found on the search engines. But be careful, because some people just use this for page views and those page views are not always quality. However, it's a good tool to use. Try using
  6. Distributing your articles to relevant sources. This is a fantastic and proven way to boost your traffic fast. The great thing about this option, is that your visitors will be highly valued, they will recommend your web page to others who also have an interest in the niche and you can really make a profit this way if you work it correctly. Find blogs in your niche or website forums based around your topic and use these to answer questions that people have, and to promote your site. But do not spam. You do not want to be labelled as a spammer, so keep it to a minimum when distributing your page link to sources. Yahoo Answers is also great for answering questions and offering help via your link.
  7. Give feedback. Giving insightful feedback on other Hubbers' Hubs, or Blog and website posts is a great way to build trusted friendships. People always like feedback, good or bad because it helps them to learn and grow. Do this constantly and you'll gain a following who will be more than happy to check out your page and do the same for you.
  8. Use social networking. The social networking platforms available today, such as Facebook and Twitter are so powerful that you'd be crazy not to use them! These sites have members from all corners of the globe with all types of interests, so you're guaranteed to find a considerable amount of people who are more than happy to find your site and view it. Posting on these sites is an extremely effective way to boost traffic, just watch it sky rocket!
  9. Use sites that share content. Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg and Redgage are ideal for getting vital traffic. These sites are designed for web users to share their content and view others. These are very impressive in getting specific users to view your site. The content on these sites are available for people from all countries to see, so your traffic potential is pretty much limitless.
  10. Use YouTube. Like social networking sites, YouTube is a huge platform that is accessed by people from all over the world. Therefore this is a great opportunity to showcase your work and get noticed. Creating videos, or leaving links on hubs that are relevant to what your content is based on, will get you considerably higher traffic.
  11. E-mail your address book. No matter what e-mail account you hold, use it to send a sort of newsletter to the people on your address book. Once again, do not spam but simply let your contact list in on some valuable information that may benefit them in some way. If you have a huge e-mail list, this will be great for you.
  12. Google Trends. Google Trends is an intelligent little tool that can be found on Google, and its sole purpose is to let you know what people from all over the world are searching. This then gives you good ideas for topics to write about and get noticed.
  13. RSS Feeds. This is always available on most Internet sites. HubPages can incorporate and activate your RSS feed so that other Hubbers or those viewing your hubs can subscribe to your work and always be notified when you publish new things. This is a good way of getting ongoing and recurring traffic. These plug-ins can also be installed on most blogs and websites.
  14. Do not create useless, short articles. All websites, blogs and HubPages profiles will need constant articles published to get frequent traffic and readers. However, this does not mean you can produce 200 word posts and expect the traffic to pour in. Ensure your writing is wordy, at least 1000 words with good spelling, vocabulary and concentrate on the theme and point you are trying to get across. Short posts are not picked up well by search engines and they are not too impressive to readers.
  15. Use article sites. Sites like Squidoo, Ezine Articles and Goarticles are friendly with Google. This means that Google ranks them highly, which is what you want. So make some posts on these sites with keyword rich density and quality content, then link back to your hubs, website or blog posts to watch the traffic soar.

Get Targeted Website Traffic


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