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How To Get Targeted Website Traffic To Your Hubpages

Updated on May 25, 2010

Whether you have just started with hubpages or have been writing at hubpages for awhile and are looking for a fresh set of tricks, you may find the following tips helpful to increase your exposer and increase adsense earnings.

I have been earning money with hubpages for over a year and through trial and error and much research within hubpages and through outside sources, I've learned a great deal about beginners on page and off page SEO and how to get my hubpages to get search engine attention. Maybe not alot, but enough to make it worth it.

The beauty of writing at hubpages is that you can edit your work at anytime. I've found great success going back through my hubs and reworking them to apply any new tricks or tips I've learned along the way. You may find the same success and I encourage you to consider the following.

google search result
google search result
google targeted search result
google targeted search result
adwords search result
adwords search result

Picking The Right Keywords

If your only reason for writing at hubpages is for the enjoyment, then keywords don't matter. If your purpose is to earn money, more specifically to increase AdSense earnings, then keywords are a crucial part of the beginning process in choosing how to write a hub.

Once I've decided on a topic to write a hub, I want to know what the competition is. I go to google's first page and start typing in my keywords. For example I am using the keyword phrase container gardening. I can see that there are a few million results for those two words. I want to get a more accurate picture of my competition. I put quotation marks on either side like this "container gardening" and do a search.

The results back for this specific phase are much more appealing at 666,000 results. Over time and with work to build backlinks. I believe I can get on the first page. But what kind of traffic is there?

Using the Adwords tool I find that there is an average of 40k searches done each month on this topic. Okay I'm happy. I used that keyword phrase to create a hub. Had I not been excited with my results I would have chosen different main keywords that still matched my idea for my hub.

Write An Introduction Paragraph To Get A Large Adsense Box

I can't take credit for this little trick that proved to be of huge assistance for increasing my Adsense earnings. Fellow hubber, Shailini shared how to increase Adsense earnings by having a large first paragraphor a few small paragraphs as your first text capsule. Do not add a picture, amazon, or any other capsule next to your first text capsule. Let it stand by itself. As you can see at the top of this page, my first text capsule has a large adsense box next to it. 

Because this Adsense box is so big and at the top of the page (336 by 250), it draws attention to itself. Targeted website traffic that is not trained to ignore Adsense ads will catch eye of your Adsense box and be more likely to click on an adsense ad that is relevant to your hub and the information they were seeking. Remember above about the importance of keywords. This is also true for adsense ads. Your adsense ads are generated off of your keywords. The more relevant adsense ads are to your keywords, the better.

Not keyword appropriate for my hub, but I still think these are cool.

Breaking Up Hubs Into Capsules

Adding multiple capsules can be a huge help. Your targeted website traffic is able to get an idea what the paragraph is about with the title of the text capsule and it makes adding other capsules such as pictures, amazon, ebay, polls, etc easier.Breaking up your text capsules allows you to place your other types of capsules in more appropriate places.

Breaking up your text capsules also makes it easier for the eyes. Instead of reading one long story, the information is broken up and the eyes are trained to read through the text better. Try and get your keywords into your capsule titles whenever available.

get targeted website traffic
get targeted website traffic

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Hubpages offers some very helpful tools. Two that prompted me to add more pictures are the Traffic Sources link located on my account page that lists all my hubs, and the stats feature that is found at the top of each of my hubs. Looking at these I realized that google images is my 4th best source of targeted website traffic. brings in a huge amount of website traffic for me.

To optimize your images and squeeze out as much targeted website traffic I reccommend:

  1.  Add at least 2 images to each hub. You can find some at do an advanced search for and look for creative commons pictures that can be used for your hubs
  2. Save the image with the name of one of your keywords, preferably one of your long-tail keywords.
  3. Upload the photo to your hub. In the box next to the uploaded photo write your long-tail keyword
  4. Push the photo to the right of one of your text capsules. This will make the image smaller and will not break up your text with a huge photo.

Adding photos to your hubs not only adds visual appeal but it will bring you more targeted website traffic from people doing searches through image seach engines such as google.

Sprinkle in your main keywords

I recommend writing your article trying to include your main keywords as often as possible to get search engines to be convinced that your hub is all about your keywords and get that targeted website traffic coming in. Put your keywords in at least every other paragraph and maybe a little more. But sometimes it's hard to write like that.

So, after you have written your hub, go through and read it over again. Look for places where you can include your keywords more. Find one or two places and put those keywords in bold

Get Some Worthwhile Tags

I LOVE the tag suggestion tool. After I pick a few basics such as health, hubpages, tips, etc. I want to get in my keywords that are specific to my hub. A few single words and then I want at least 5 keyword phrases related to my hub.

Take a look at the tags I chose for this hub to get an idea on what you can include.

Leave out tag suggestions that don't make sense for your hub. Hubpages suggests I use "first text capsule" as a tag for this hub, but I am looking for tag keywords and keyword phrases that I think people are going to be searching for in search engines

Create An Attention Grabbing Summary Text

At the top of your hub when you are in editing mode there is a box. This is where you change catagories and make status, ads, and photo changes. What you may not know is that at the top of this box is a tab called summary text.

It is important that with each hub, you create a summary text to sum up the hub topic into a few sentances. Hubpages automatically will grab the first few sentances from you hub and put it in the summary text box. This is helpful, but often times your first few sentances will be vague as to what the subject of the hub is about.

The summary text box is very important because it is the few short sentances that will show below the title in search engines. In order to grab the attention of search engine traffic, you will want a summary text that lets the search engine traffic know that they will find the information they are looking for in your hub article.

Promote Your Hub To Get Backlinks

In a earlier hub I wrote some great tips that will help you get some backlinks. Backlinks are links coming from other sites that are linking back to your hubpages. These are important in the eyes of a search engine because it tells the search engine that your page is important and other people think so too.

Thus, backlinks will increase Adsense earnings because they are getting you higher placement in the search engine and thus bringin targeted website traffic. Your can read these tips at Awesome Tips To Backlinks For High Search Engine Ranking And Targeted Website Traffic

Combining your on page SEO with off page SEO is going to get your hubs boosted to higher rankings in search engines and seen by more targeted website traffic, thus inproving your adsense earnings.


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