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How To Improve The Hubscore Algorithm

Updated on December 3, 2016


The current hubscores of HubPages are inadequate for appraising the quality of a hub. I have a list of suggestions that may help.

- Dec. 2016

My List...

  • Don't rely on word count alone. It should be based on genre. For example, a poem will not have the same word count as a fictional story. A recipe will have less words than a non-fiction piece.
  • The mechanics of the piece should be rated including correct grammer and spelling and punctuations.
  • The traffic of the hub over a period of time. The average views per week is a good indicator.
  • The number of comments if any submitted by readers should count as a plus.
  • The duration of the reader when reading the hub. The more time spent on the page, the more impact or interest is generated.
  • The layout and quality and relevance of the images should also be considered.
  • The choice of the Title is very important for SEO optimization.
  • The accuracy of the content for non-fictional piece or the creativity or novelness of fictional stories.
  • The "ease of reading" is a measure of how easy is the read. The style of communication using words and pictures and links...
  • The number of back links that others have created to the hub in question.


The Hubscore, if it is to be useful for anyone, should reflect the quality of the hub. The quality factor is a subjective measure. It is also dependent on the genre. I have summarized some attributes that I think should be included to calculate the Hubscore.


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