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How To Increase Traffic By Niche Writing

Updated on October 5, 2012

Over the last month I have experienced a great increase in traffic and earnings. This is mostly because a niche market that allows the circulation of traffic to many of my hubs. I remember a year ago when I was just happy to earn a few cents every month! A lot of people who start our writing online do not realize that it is a very slow process and one does not simply make dramatic earnings overnight. Once you have come to terms with this you can begin to work on writing about things you enjoy writing about, and have a lot of knowledge or personal experience about. This gives your writing not only more value but more enjoyment. Lets get started.

  • I would have made very little online without niche writing

In the early stages of my internet writing I had very little traffic and my only successful traffic came from a little article I wrote on World War 2 guns. Although traffic was small it was consistent Looking back I really wasn't that successful until I started writing about a topic I knew a lot about and not a lot of people had the same specialized knowledge in. I found that the key ingredient in my success was niche writing about a topic I knew a lot about. Lets say you know a lot about breeding or taking care of a certain dog. The write about it and provide specialized information about it and new incite.

  • Niche writing creates a lot more value

Sure you could write about the new iPhone and what you thought about it make a review, but the thing about this is that a lot of people have the iPhone and had the same idea that you had. So unless you can bring something really unique to this you aren't going to find success as far as traffic or search engine optimization goes. However if you write about a topic that you know a lot about and not a lot of others can. Creating traffic is a result of creating valuable information. Valuable information is unique and descriptive. This is the great thing about niche writing.

  • Niche writing comes from the heart

This may sound stupid and cheesy, but niche writing usually comes from a place of really wanting to help others and give them information that you have struggled to learn and master. I find this makes writing a lot more enjoyable and rewarding then mindlessly writing about a trendy topic just to get traffic. I have found that there is no easy way or easy topic that generates a lot of traffic. You have to have good information and really want to help people. Putting in effort is the number 1 factor and the main way to get traffic.

  • Niche writing is a lot less competitive

The internet is a competitive place and a lot of times you will find yourself competing with a lot of other people for traffic. The great thing about niche writing is it is a lot less competitive which makes it generate a lot more traffic a lot easier. Sure other topics might have a lot more people searching for them, but they also have a lot more people competing for this traffic. This makes this traffic a lot harder to maintain and specialized information a lot harder to get.


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    • kittykfree profile image

      Kitty K. Free 5 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I'm all over the place right now because I have a lot of interest, but I want to narrow my scope and become an authority on what I know best. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      u-earn-money 5 years ago

      I like this hub very much because I have written 5 articles about SEO and SEO - related topics here at Hope you visit some of them and put comments, too. Other than SEO, I also believe in Social Network Optimization (SNO).

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      I know that I should have learned all I could before I started on here, its easy to look back and say what if.. this is really good info, and should help a lot of people before they start, voted up nell

    • Dianemae profile image

      Dianemae 5 years ago

      Good hub, thanks, I think I will take your advice.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Of course you must read what is on the internet about the topic. This way you get to see what is lacking. Moreover, it will help you give your own work a unique feel and angle. Many niches have repetitive information from hundreds of writers. One must provide a fresh perspective to a topic.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 5 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      No problem! I hope people find this helpful :)

    • Faithful Daughter profile image

      Evi Lopez 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great tip for writers wanting to increase their earnings. Thanks for sharing!