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How To Increase Your Author Hubscore

Updated on January 2, 2011

Now that you are a hubber it is time to figure out how to increase your scores. This can be a complicated thing to understand and in some ways harder to change, but you have the power if you are willing to put work into it. You can get closer and closer to a perfect author Hubscore.

Perfect Author Hubscore

The perfect Author Hubscore is 100. I wanted to make a note that this is something not many people can get to or maintain for long periods of time. As I write this there are two authors with 100. I have seen both of these and a few others fluctuate between 98-100. While you should aim for a high Hubscore and feel proud as you get there, you shouldn't feel bad if you aren't 100 or aren't there every day!

How the Author Score is Accumulated

Your author score is based on a huge number of factors. Some of them are easy for you to change and grow, others are a little harder. While this list is just the published list and there may be other factors, knowing these things can help you with increasing your score.

  • Participation. Part of your author score is based on participation which includes all of the following activities: reading and commenting on other hubs, forum activity, flagging content violations, and rating hubs (thumbs up or thumbs down).

  • Your Hubs. Part of your author score is determined from the number of hubs you have, your hubscores, and traffic that you get from those hubs. It is also important to note that how recently you last published also has an effect on your Author score.

  • Your Fans. Your fans also help increase your author score.


You have complete control over your participation in Hubpages. You can read others work, leave comments, participate in the forum, flag anything that is against the rules (when you come across it), and rate hubs. This can easily be done as you prepare to write or finish up writing at Hubpages. Some really easy ways to participate are:

  1. Reading other content. When you decide to answer a request, read the other hubs first. You can comment, rate, and make sure that your content is different. You can also search for similar topics when you have original ideas. Read them, comment, rate, and make sure your content is different.

  2. Forum Activity-If you have a question on Hubpages, ask it in the forum instead of requesting a hub. You can also ask others to review your work and to give you suggestions on improving it.

  3. Flagging-While I don't suggest that you go searching for content that isn't allowed on Hubpages, if you do come acrossed it, then let the administrators know. Not only are you participating this way, but you are also making Hubpages a better place for everyone.

Getting Fans

Your fans can help to make your author score higher. You get fans by writing good content. Often times writing on a wide range of topics can help increase the number of fans you have because they are interested in different things. Write your best and you will get fans.

Your Hubs

No one sets out to get a bad hubscore or to make a bad hub. But with a little extra work you can aim at improving your Author score through your hubs.

  1. Write your best. Make sure that each hub you write is your best. Include a lot of detail about the topic and get in depth with it. While a lot of factors go into your hubscores, this will help you make your best hubs.

  2. Write a lot of hubs. Quality is important, but so is quantity. You aren't going to get the highest of author scores with a few hubs. The more you write, the better your score will get.
  3. Promote your hubs. You can bookmark your hubs and you can also leave links to your hubs where you go including your blogs, your profiles, and other places that aren't spam (be careful to not spam any particular site).

  4. Don't be over promotional of other sites. Hubpages doesn't like you to be overly promotional of other sites. Sure they want you to share your knowledge, but they don't want you to spend all your time here spamming. If you do, you will be penalized which can hurt your author score.

  5. Make sure you write often. You will want to keep writing to get and keep a good author score.

Hubscore Calculation

Because your hubscores are a huge part of your author score it is a good idea to know how your hubscore is calculated.

  • Traffic. One part of your hubscore comes from your traffic. You want a lot of traffic, but you also want a lot of traffic from more then just Hubpages. The percentage of non-hubpage traffic is important!
  • Your hub. Your hub is evaluated on length and uniqueness. You want a piece that is long enough to be indepth. A few sentences is a bad hub. You also want the content within it to be different then other things found on Hubpages and on the web. Hubpages does this so you aren't just copying Wikipedia or another site and making your hub that way.

  • Votes. You will have some people who will vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on your hub. This will effect the hubscore of that article.

  • Author Hubscore. Carefully entwined is the Hubscore for your hubs and your Author Hubscore. Work on getting both of these up can actually help the other!

All That Leaves Me Confused.

It may seem like a lot of information. You can walk away and know that you can improve your author hubscore by participating in Hubpages and writing a lot of high quailty hubs. It also helps to promote your work here on Hubpages (both on Hubpages and around the net) and also making sure you follow all the rules.

Writing Good Hubs

I have said it a million times. No one sits down hoping to write or create something that isn't good. You don't sit down hoping to create a bad hub, I don't either. But sometimes it happens. Everything you come up with isn't going to be a winner. That is just the way life works out. Here are a few tips for writing good hubs.

  • Write what you know. If you stick with things you know or things that you have learned in the past, your hub or article will flow better. If you want to do something you don't know, make sure you do your research and that what you have to say is unique to the Internet.

  • Take your time. Creating hubs takes a little longer then other articles. After all you have the power to piece it together for easy reading.

  • Prepare your readers to skim it. You are on the Internet. A good portion of your readers will skim through and read only the parts that interest them the most. They are in a hurry. Keep paragraphs short, add bullets and numbered lists. Make sure your sections have a title.
  • Make earning money a secondary part of it all. If you are so busy concentrating on how to make money, you will miss out on the people.
  • Use the tools that Hubpages provides. There are a lot of ways to break up a hub and make it easy to read. Use all the tools to your readers benefits!
  • Proof read and spell check. Does your hub sound good and make sense? Is it easy to read? Does it have a lot of errors? Well, find out before you share it with the world!

Other Quick Tips

  1. Don't get stuck on the numbers. Numbers are important, but if you are stuck on them it will be hard to get past them. Remember that not everything you come up with will be a winner!

  2. Write on a wide range of things. Some things will do better here or there, but most important is to write a wide range of things so that you are getting fans, having fun, and that you have something to say.

  3. Be willing to give everything you have. To really do well, you have to give it your all. That takes a lot of work and willingness.

You Can Do It!

You can improve your Author Hubscore. I know you can. I also know that I can. It will take time. Be patient and work hard. You will succeed if you have the right attitude. I know you can!!


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    Larry Parmer 4 years ago from Sydney

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