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How to Write a High Traffic Hub or Blog: Start With the Library, Science or Iowa

Updated on October 21, 2020
Ben Zoltak profile image

Author Ben Zoltak explain strategies for writing content that is appealing, engaging and noticed by people and search engines alike.

What does Iowa or Science have to do with more traffic you ask?

There is a concrete reason why we should look to science and Iowa for high traffic articles on Hubpages, and as far as I know, it doesn't have much to do with Corn, Hawkeyes, or the high numbers of citizens in that state with Graduate degrees, or does it? But before I delve into that, let me defend my creative cannon here first...

I don't recommend aiming for high traffic Hubs or Blog articles if you're just starting out. I recommend writing about what you know best, what you have the most experience with, or what you will research easiest. I believe if you aim to write only high traffic material you won't get much respect or a following of dedicated readers because your words will smell cheap. If you don't believe me, next time you write an article print it out and take a whiff, if it smells like aged cabbage then yes, you have written a stinky piece of verbiage. Write about what you love mostly. If you need to pepper your collection with some high traffic balderdash well so be it. Just don't try serving your readers all ground pepper or they won't come back to your syllabic diner again, know what I mean?

On HubPages there are two ways to find solid traffic articles. The first is the Ideabank, found as a link on the top of your HubPages home page. The second is Google, all sides of Google really, but especially Google Trends. With Ideabank, HubPages has done the work for you! Someone or some semi-intelligent Internet robot has compiled a list of questions oft asked and searched for on Google. Pick one of these, write an article that has a fresh angle or solid research, and you will have a Hub that gets some good traffic. Next is Google Trends, I'll put the link to that below. Google Trends is a heavily fortified Google encampment that you have to pack a weeks provision for, trek through a boreal forest for two weeks to get to, then you have to blast your way in with rocket launchers all the while dispatching guards silently with your bowie knife. Naw just kiddin', just search Google Trends and it's right there in front of you.

Here's where Iowa and Science come in, finally you say!

When is this Ben Zoltak guy going to make his point! Jimminy! I could've stoked my sauna and jumped in the snow five times by now, come on Ben Zoltak! So when you peruse Google Trends you will find commonly search Google words, that is words that are most often plugged into search engines. By writing about these subjects, or less nobly but often more hilariously, including the words in an article, you increase the chances of people bumping into or searching and finding your article.

So last I checked Iowa and Science were hot here in the States! Good news for Iowa! It's not often you here Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie say, "Well everybody, we've been globe trotting for several months now. Seen the Louvre, seen the aborigines of Papua New Guinea, and we saw a Japanese robot dance the fandango. It's been exciting, but we figure we can top it by listening to a Popular Science lecture about the manipulation of Wisconsin white corn DNA as configured with durable mutations from Iowa yellow corn. After that we thought we'd see the Great Wall Of China."

Books surpass the Internet for research every time...

You don't have to wear a snear or a flannel when at the library, but oftentimes, the author does.
You don't have to wear a snear or a flannel when at the library, but oftentimes, the author does.
As you can see, although the Internet can get you one detail on any subject in a heartbeat, the library can get you a plethora of details at your fingertips in a few dedicated minutes...
As you can see, although the Internet can get you one detail on any subject in a heartbeat, the library can get you a plethora of details at your fingertips in a few dedicated minutes...

Last secrets to a high traffic hubs

It would please me to no end to hear Brad Pitt say that, but I won't hold my breath. I hope though, that the last paragraph illustrates to you how these key words from Google Trends can work to your advantage, and how we can all have some fun and learn a few things at the same time.

I'd be remiss to repeat that you need to keep one toe in reality here. To always go back and write about what you love. To begin and end a good writing week at the library. That poor old library, every bully and jock that barely knows how to tie his own shoes still knows how to knock people who spend time amongst the dead trees on shelves. Here's one last secret: the library will monetize your hubs and articles. How? Will the library give you a dollar every time someone checks out a book you researched! NO! What are you living in some fantasy lala land! Come on! Get real. Seriously though, your articles will become renown for their academic and detailed potency, for their accurate point of view.

There is so much more that could be said about the library, Iowa and science. But I suggest you dig through HubPages and find more, that's what I do anyway. Check out this latest article on a related subject by fellow HubPages author Niteriter: Astragalus In A Sidehack. I'll post the link below along with the Google Trends link. Niteriter puts a tasty spin on this subject as well as points you to even more successful HubPage authors. Best of luck! See you in Iowa at the Popular Science convention!


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