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How the SubDomain - - rates across the World Wide Web

Updated on August 30, 2013

Looking at my sub-domain across the web

I've been encouraged by the HubPages management to determine the effectiveness and popularity of one's site in this writing community online.

I usually choose the Google search engine in order to monitor my status as a hubber and how my articles fare online.

What I've found out about my sub-domain's performance across the world wide web (www) either pleased or disgusted me.

The pleasing part is that most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) engines and pro-filers rated the sub-domain as a popular site.

The disgusting part is that some bloggers and internet surfers who also own their web sites use some of my hubs, my photos and videos without proper notice, although some of it did try acknowledging my site by linking it at the front pages of their sites.

What you are about to see consists of series of screenshots from the results of the Google search engine about my main sub-domain.

travel_man1971 on HubPages and some of his popular hubs

What they've been reading at my site

  1. Treatment of Dark Underarms is one of the most-read hubs of this sub-domain.

  2. Who can ever forget the World Record-Breaking Travel of Zapp Family? Perhaps none.

  3. Who is Nick Vujicic will inspire you to be like him about his faith in God and outlook in life.

  4. The treatment of medical personnel in the Philippines with their patients can be simplified with the prevailing situation inside the premise of Pasay City General Hospital.

  5. Vote Automation in the Philippines is a subject still being tackled these days since its implementation in 2010.

  6. Why can't we resist kissing a child is a hub telling readers the benefits of taking care of children and how will it help prolong our lives.

Stirring my attention at Pinterest

Backlinks, links, liking and sharing through Pinterest

If the photo of the hubs you're reading catches your attention, you can easily link it at your site by simply pinning it.

There's a special button designed by HP technicians and program experts that easily helps us in bookmarking or pinning the pictures of the hubs we've been following.

With Pinterest, I can easily share my hubs to other hubbers by pinning pictures that can catch their interest.

Other sites are sharing and linking my hubs.

Please like if you want me to earn.

The benefits of Facebook Pages

I used to make Pages on Facebook where I can link my blogs or hubs with similar topics or themes

Other than that, I like to post photos of my cooking, my friends' dishes and even local store's delicacies that often catch the attention of worldwide viewers and users of this social medium.

I cannot promote and boost my pages, since it also requires budget so that a wider range of online audience will be reached and in result a unique earnings through clicks and likes.

How other sites rated my sub-domain

Top Ten keywords of my site

Trusting my website

The estimated value of my site

Rankings on Google through SEO profiler's review is the 276:th largest website within the world. The website is created in unavailable, owned by unavailable, currently located in UNITED STATES and is running on IP registered by unavailable network. This site not uses Javascript for user interaction. This site uses CSS to manage the site layout. This site is running on the nginx webserver. The server side programming lanquage of the site is unavailable. The main language of the site is unavailable. Google Pagerank is 3 and it's domain is Commercial. estimated worth is $14,465,622.14, with 3623189 estimated visites per day and ad revenue of $10,869.57.

My IP (internet provider) address should be here in the Philipines, but it will always be located in the US since it is a sub-domain of HubPages.

Why other bloggers link my hubs at their sites

How my hub on Cyber Bullying became a PDF file

Funny thing about the difference between blogging and hubbing, the former can be easily converted into a new form, like the PDF or Portable Document Format, while the latter has ts own templates and various capsules for usage on HubPages.

While I am browsing at Google search engine for my hubs, I came across this blogsite, having my whole article on Cyber Bullying converted into a PDF file!

Amazing for the owner of the blog but disgusting for me who made the hub of that topic.

I already reported similar incident regarding my hub on The Dangers Street Foods being Google translated in Indonesia.

The price of my sub-domain

How popular is the sub-domain

The BIG factor that I consider helping my sub-domain to be a popular one on HubPages is the variety of topics that I published here.

Although children are not yet qualified to write on this site (they should be 18 years old), still, they are leaving awesome and thoughtful posts and messages in my hubs.

More than that, local television networks were able or are still benefiting on the topics that I kept on tackling this year.

This sub-domain catapulted from obscurity to popularity here in the Philippines because of my hub about Cyber Bullying.

Aside from that, my most commented hub is about the Natural Treatment for Hair Loss at Home.

What's amazing is the most popular keyword in all of my hubs: selling blood (!).

Note: This hubber is not able to edit his old hubs due to time constraint and constant computer failure. His pledge is to be able to come up with few hubs each month in order to stay recognizable by new hubbers and the veterans, too!

This sub-domain can provide you lots of information. But, please, inform this hubber when you based your blogs from his hubs.

Just like other sites, one must be careful in basing their hubs from other articles.

It takes a lot of consideration to avoid plagiarism online where one can be banned for life on this writing site.

Saving for the Rainy/Winter Days on HubPages


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Mark Johann: Thanks for the compliment. I cannot say that I have a very clean website. I can proudly say that most of my hubs are based from my own experiences in life (my travels, interests, concerns or advocacy).

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @xstatic: Thanks, Sir Jim. This work just popped up in my mind when I found out that some of my hubs are being plagiarized by other bloggers.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @billybuc:Thanks, Sir Bill. It took me a while to do this. I hope others would also do their own watch or review with regards to their sub-domain on HubPages.

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 4 years ago from Italy

      I envy you and I am encouraged now to make more quality hubs for good SEO rankings. Thanks for sharing everything. This is worth a thousand dollars.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Really interesting and well done.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very interesting results....thanks for an in-depth explanation and food for thought.