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How to Conquer the 30 Day Hub Challenge (in Half the Time)

Updated on August 25, 2011

The 30 Hubs in 30 Days was brought on to challenge Hubpage writers to see if they were able to create thirty, unique hubs within a month.

Before I knew it, I had completed the challenge in half the time and I have to admit, I'm not "wizard" when it comes to writing - I simply found things that I enjoyed talking about and made myself write something new every day (which lead me to do multiple hubs in a single sitting).

What I'd like to share, with you, is how you too can complete the 30 hubs in 30 day challenge but in half the time.

My Current Standing

After 3 weeks of being a Hubpages member, I hit my 50th hub which puts me way ahead of the 30 day challenge. This isn't to boast but to let you see that it is very possible to complete what I'm about to tell you in the next few sections.

In reality, I believe I could have completed the 100 Hubs in 30 Day challenge as well but I did not want to push myself beyond my limits at this time (although I've challenged myself to 1000 articles in 100 days last year which went pretty successful).

However, this isn't about me but what you could learn that will greatly help you with the speed of your writing on Hubpages.

1. Speed up your Writing through Practice

Typing is a skill you must learn; most people have the basics down pat but the only way that you'll be able to speed up your writing is to write so frequently enough that most words almost become systematic in your mind - you don't really think about them as you're typing them, it's more like they naturally flow onto the screen.

I recommend picking up a book or doing a few online games or courses that push your typing beyond its limits. The basic programs only really show you how to type but there are many programs and games that throw words at you to put yourself into a "speed writing mode" - check them out and practice with them.

2. Create a 'Template'

Create some kind of 'template' for your writing.

For example, I already knew that I would have:

  • An intro
  • Three major points on writing
  • A conclusion

While writing, I threw in an additional section for kicks but for the most part it was structured in a way that I could easily go through the article without needed to really stop and go.

Break up your own writing into how you see chapters in a book. Decide on the points you wish to cover, write them and then craft the introduction and conclusion afterward to help reinforce your points.

3. Always have (Related) Ideas

Do this: Come up with about 3 - 5 things that you really enjoy talking about such as computers, make-up, travel, the web and whatever else peaks your interested. Then, start writing down ideas that you have about these topics that you believe you could easily talk about.

After you've come up with a list, begin to brainstorm related topics that will naturally talk about other aspects of the subject without needing to spend a whole lot of time researching.

For example, if you were to write about computers you could do:

Computer Review -> Computer Mouse Review -> Computer Game Review -> ETC.

As you can see, each of these topics relate to one another that you could easily write about if you based them around what you already own or have experience in. (That's what a lot of my writing is based on).

You'll find that a single topic can spawn dozens of related hub ideas which you could hammer out in no time at all.

A Bit of Motivation

Don't look at the 30 hubs in 30 days as some daunting project. Break down the hub challenge into what works for you such as doing 1 hub a day, 3 hubs every few days or 10 on a Sunday afternoon.

In reality, you CAN do this if you put in the time; once you've completed it, you'll start to see the rewards that comes with having your account full of great information.

Now ... get to it!

Completed the 30 Hub Challenge? Share your tips below.

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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      These are great ideas. I have taken and was able to write 30 hubs in less than 30 days as well. To add to the challenge, I am now working on writing 100 hubs in 30 days.