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How to Earn $1000 a month Writing for Hubpages

Updated on February 3, 2013

I read an interesting hub about how to earn $1000 per month with Hub-pages. Now I have always dreamed about earning a lot of extra money with blogging, but until this day I have not figured out exactly how to do it. The advice given on this hub was very random and not very specific.

For example, some advice from this article was that you have to write for a niche and write very specific titles. I have actually already tried this approach, however, this did not bring much more traffic for me. Some other advice was that you have to put in a lot of research into your hub. I have tried this approach as well and again to no avail.

Now some other piece of advice was that you have to have patience and keep experimenting to see what kinds of topics and articles bring the most traffic. Now I somewhat agree with this advice because I can tell you from personal experience that trying out new topics did bring me some long awaited traffic. However, sadly it was not much traffic at all.

The writer of that hub makes it seem like it is fairly easy to earn one dollar per day with a decent hub. However, I found this to be very far from my reality. In my experience, a topic that always brings views would be romance. People always want to know how to resolve their personal love problems. Although many of these issues cannot be resolved, people just keep trying and keep reading those pages.

The writer suggests using SEO to write popular content. I have no idea what SEO is all about, but from some of the things I read it sounds like a big scam. In conclusion, no one knows for sure how to get super rich and famous on Hub-pages. However, a lot of people sure love to try.


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    • kellyteam profile image

      Willette 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi kosanya. Intetesting hub. I would venture to say the only true way to make money on hubpages is hard work. Produce good quality work and promote your hubs. You have to send traffic your way through social media such as facebook and twitter as well as partcipate in hubpages community. Keep on hubbing. Success will follow.