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How to Earn Money Using Google AdSense for the Long Term and Avoid Being Banned

Updated on July 16, 2013
Make Money with AdSense
Make Money with AdSense | Source

Harald Schendera - Making money online has always been a trending topic. I mean, who doesn't want to earn hundreds of dollars each month using the power of the internet, right?

The internet lifestyle has surely lured in hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs, all aspiring for one goal: Earning a stable and huge income online. One effective method that is already proven to create a steady income stream for many people is making money with Google AdSense.

Anyone can earn a lot of money online using this method. But it is not without hurdles and challenges. The concept is generally simple to understand, here is how it works:

You need to create a blog and post interesting and engaging content. You can try different tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media so search engines will start noticing your blog and rank its pages high in the search results.

If you can write really good content in your blog post, this can generate a significant amount of website traffic, and you can start to install ad placements in your blog from Google AdSense.

AdSense Is Quite Challenging

Now every time somebody clicks on the Google ads in your blog, your AdSense earnings will start to grow. Sounds simple. In reality, earning using AdSense is quite challenging, and many bloggers fall flat on their faces. They began with an optimistic attitude of earning and ended up frustrated with no revenue in their accounts!

The reason is quite obvious: With thousands of other blogs and websites competing for page one for keywords in their chosen niche, many find it very difficult to rank their websites just to get enough traffic and receive a decent income out of Google AdSense.

This is where the problem starts: Some people - those who follow a get-rich-quick approach in their blogging - perform dirty tactics in the search engines to trick Google and bump up their AdSense income.

The first thing you must understand if you are really serious about making money online using AdSense for the long term is that Google is not stupid. You can’t do some of those infamous black hat tactics you might have already read or heard about and stay in business for long.

Sure, you may get away with it for a while, but experience has taught us that the almighty Google will eventually crack down on these nasty and illegal tactics, and you will get banned completely.

Start Earning Money with AdSense

To start earning real money using AdSense for the long term, you must be ready the do the following things:

  1. Create an authoritative blog or niche website and avoid auto blogs as much as possible. Google is cracking down on these blogs that get their content from RSS feeds or spun content
  2. Write very good and engaging articles that are written not because of search engines, but are written for real human readers
  3. Be sure to strictly follow Google guidelines and avoid creating social networks that are meant to click each other’s ads. Google can trace the IP addresses and ban your account completely
  4. Remember, there are no short cuts to these steps, and sidetracking will only get you banned or your account restricted

The most important thing: Make sure that your blog will not be banned by Google and your AdSense account restricted. If you plan to do SEO for your main keyword, be sure you do not over-optimize your blog. The latest Penguin and Panda updates will surely drop your blog from the search rankings, and you will get no traffic whatsoever.

Earning money using AdSense can be very fulfilling. Many have been successful with their blogs. Earning per click even while you are asleep is nice, right?

You too can earn a hefty income per month using this method, but you must remember to follow the rules. Start following the right steps today, start creating your niche website. Write cool and engaging content. And you willl see AdSense earnings pour in for months to come.

Tips for the best ad placement


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    • My Moments profile image

      My Moments 

      5 years ago

      Linda, My account with Adsense was just deactivated due to some activity that was against policy. Since I received a blanket, no specific reason cited, I have no idea how to respond. My website has been up for two months and I have made $15. Doesn't seem like a lot of activity to me.

    • LindaSmith1 profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Unfortunately, I ran into an issue with Adsense when they shut me down due to some issues with clicks on ads.

      I don't click on my own ads. I have nobody to do it for me, or even in my household.

      We cannot and should not be held responsible for what the public does when they see our sites and blogs.


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