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How to Make Money Writing for Hubpages

Updated on July 2, 2016

Making Money Writing for Hubpages

Hubpages allows you to make money with your writing in several ways. You can use Adsense, Amazon affiliates, or you can use their new ad program and get paid by PayPal. Hubpages is a comprehensive writing site that awards good writers with revenue share. You'll need to produce the best content that you can on Hubpages and once you do it will pay off with money in your pocket. If you want to begin writing online then Hubpages is for you. Here's how to begin writing for Hubpages.

Writing for Hubpages the Basics

Make Money with Your Articles

Anyone can write for Hubpagesbut your first few articles will go under review. This is to ensure the quality of the site and to make sure your articles are up to standard.Hubpages won't accept spam articles so don't even bother trying to write those. The site is easy to write for once you have your first few articles approved. Make sure you join the forums as there are great writers there that will help you get up to speed with writing for Hubpages. You can add images, Amazon, videos, bibliographies, and other great content to make your articles stand out on the site.

Adsense and the Ad Program

You can sign up for Adsense or use you current account to make money via Adsense on Hubpages. The ads that are show usually are high performing and you'll get a good return if your articles have the traffic necessary to get the clicks on your articles. Adsense isn't the only option because Hubpages has just introduced their ad program where you'll get money transferred directly into your PayPal account once you make $50.00. It's important to never click on your own advertisements as the ads on Hubpages follow the same rules as Adsense ads. You get 75% of the revenue from impressions with the ad program. You will need a PayPal account to get paid, if you don't have one you can still do straight Adsense.

Amazon Affiliates

Make Money with Amazon on Hubpages

Hubpagesalso allows you to use Amazon on the site and splits the revenue with you. You will need 200 words for each Amazon box you use. This is to ensure the site isn't huge blocks of Amazon spam products and no content. Try to work the content into your articles so it's natural. The more information your provide the better the chance it will be for you to get a sale on Amazon.

Monthly Contest

Make Money From the Contest

Hubpages also allows you earn each month from the monthly contest. You can compete with each writer to create the most content and get a cash prize at the end of the month for your efforts. You'll increase your revenue share if you do so you have an incentive to write a lot of content for the site.

No Limit To Earnings

Write and Earn

There's no limit to the amount of money you can make for Hubpages but like most writing sites you'll need to create a lot of content before you see and real results with the site. make sure your content is as good as you can make it and you'll see real success with your writing and a sustained passive income writing for Hubpages.


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