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How to Write Quality Articles That Will Earn You a Passive Income

Updated on June 16, 2021

An Introduction To Writing with Hubpages

The art of writing high quality articles is quite simple. You must first outline your niche strategy. What subjects are you skilled in writing about? Can you build an audience with your topic or expertise?

The best way to become a successful writer is to adopt an awesome strategy that will give you guaranteed results. HP is a platform where you can create a passive income for yourself if you apply the right marketing tools to your articles.

The difference between HP and other writing websites is its dynamics. Writers can really learn the basics of writing with the many built in tools the website offers its bloggers. New writers can choose various capsules to add to their work such as bullet points, charts, polls, YouTube, ingredients lists and product promotional programs such as Amazon and EBay. It is what makes HP the best platform for new amateur or professional writers.

The most important thing you must be mindful of is evergreen content which is content that is search friendly and consist of more than 1000 words. Writing over a thousand words may seem daunting but it will eventually pay off with search engine results.

The most successful articles in Google search engine trends are articles with a average word count of 1500 to 3000 words. It is why these kinds of articles are dubbed evergreen content because of their earning power and longevity.

Beginning Process- Work Smarter

Writing a 1000 words can really create a platform for ramblings and poor organization of your hub: to avoid such hardships write how to lists such as how to fix a car window, how to apply makeup etc. These kind of articles take less time and work. If you break down your article into ten small sections with subtitles, you will only need to write a 100 words per capsule meaning you will hit your mark in no time.

The art of list making is a proven method in writing evergreen content. It is the best way to create a thousand plus word article that may get a hub-pro selection while also winning in Google search results.

The hub-pro selection allows writers to have their work professionally edited by the website. Individuals who are selected generally fair far better in search engine results. It is a goal many writers hope to reach.

The subjects you choose to write about can make or break your chances of earning a decent income. It is best to choose subjects that are always popular meaning the public is always searching for your topic of choice.

If you're not a fan of how to lists. Write about subjects your passionate about or ones promoting a product such as movies, a perfume list, gardening, history, culture, politics, sports, healthy eating, kid toys etc. Remember, the topics you can choose from are truly endless.

Proof Read and Edit Work

Proof reading is another extremely important element in becoming a successful blogger. If your work is full of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure it will not fair well on Hubpages or any other writing platform. I honestly understand this very well. It is an area in which I am trying to improve in every time I post a article.

A stellar article that is search friendly must meet strict grammar guidelines. If you're struggling in this area keep working to improve as I am.

Bloggers must understand the importance of great mistake free content. The more proficiency you have in modifying and improving your work, the better you will do in building a audience around your writing. You want to avoid people hitting the back bottom when clicking on your Hub.

Many search engines have tools to evaluate how long a reader may spend on a particular website. It is why you must write good and engaging content in order to make money and to maintain an consistent viewing audience.

Why Social Media

If you're new to blogging you probably have no idea how important social media is in helping you earn money online.

The number one thing that is needed to be a successful writer is an audience, without one you can't earn a decent monthly income.

Social media can give you a head start in this area especially sites such as Facebook and Twitter: posting to these sites can bring you the initial amount of traffic needed for you to get started with your affiliate programs. Your articles must gain some initial traffic before your affiliate programs can be approved. If you wait it out it can take up to six months or longer to see decent traffic trends on one or more of your articles.

The best way to use social marketing to your advantage is to start a Facebook page or contact others who may have one such as old classmates, co-workers, friends and family. They may be willing to post a link to your articles on their page as well some of their followers.

The social networking site will bring you great success and will help you get viral or at least decent traffic to your articles. The average Facebook page consist of usually one hundred to two hundred followers or friends. It is quite simple to do the math here. The more links you get on Facebook the more money you will earn blogging.

Unfortunately, I'm not social media savvy so it's not a strategy that I'm currently using. I honestly don't have many friends that will be willing to help me out but if you know someone with a Facebook or Twitter page definitely ask them to assist you. They may be more generous in lending you some amazing social networking views.

As a note, I have been a blogger for ten years now. I started with HP in 2009 but I had to recently delete my account and start over in August of 2018. With my past account, I was able to gain a decent following and was viewed over a million times. I also earned some cool awards during my ten years with the website. I regret starting over but I felt I had no choice. My old account was hacked.

My article today is designed to help others. I want to share what I have learned over the nine years I have spent with the website. I hope it benefits you in your quest to become a successful writer. Please, feel free to follow my new account if you enjoy reading my work. Now let's get back to learning how to make money blogging.

Set Small Budget Goals and Reach it.

The best way to earn money blogging is to set a budget that is best for your financial situation. Many new writers believe they must pay large sums of money to promote their work however, this is far from the truth. Google Ad-Words and Ad-sense allows you to be your own boss. You must learn how to use both programs effectively so you're not wasting your time and money.

My advice would be to start with a small investment or budget and increase it over time to reach financial goals. My suggestion would be to target overseas markets such as Africa because it will cost you less money if you have a very small budget to work with when starting an Ad words campaign.

You can start a Ad words campaign for 2.00 dollars a day and get about 300 to 2000 views per day. Africa markets is ten times more cheaper than the United States. You can reach the top of Google in Africa for 1 to 5 cents per click.

I also recommend using the keyword planner in ad words so you can see how much your entire campaign will cost monthly. The keyword planner allows you to view estimates based on the key words you use and the maximum dollar or cent rate you enter or willing to pay per click. The tool is very helpful for those who want to watch their spending amounts each month.

The main program for bloggers is Ad sense. It is free to use. I am currently using Ad words because I haven't yet been approved for adsense with my new account. I believe new bloggers can start with Ad Words and earn a decent income if you haven't yet been approved for the second program. I am using this strategy at the moment. Let me know what program works better for you in the comment section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Please vote in my online poll as well. Thanks again for stopping by.

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