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How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Title for Your Article

Updated on May 12, 2012

One thing is to write a very informative article and another is to have your prospective reader or visitor to be moved to click the title and read what you have in there. This is where a good title does its job. When you go to a forum, you would notice that it is the posts that have eye-catching titles that earn the most views. And it will just be an icing on the cake if the content of the post is good too.

When your blog manages to reach the first page of a search engine, it is good as you receive clicks and visits. But you have to realize that you can get a lot more of those clicks, if and only if you can refine that title you have. You probably could have a good enough title but if not, you need to utilize these tips I have stated below. If you have some blogs or hubs that you think needs to have a better title, why don’t you use some of these proven techniques to refine your blog titles.

Good titles make you stand out from your competitors in the field. Remember that it is the titles that will be displayed first to potential readers. So if Mr. A has almost the same content as Mr. B, it is the title with the most attractive headline between them that receives better clicks.

The first two I will be listing are very popular but always works like magic.



1. How to.........

It means that you have an explanation on doing something. It is so popular that even some community sites have categories for it. People visit this category a lot.


How to jump higher than Michael Jordan

How to make sweet yoghurt.

2. (Number) methods/ways to ...............

This alerts the prospective readers that you have more alternatives to achieving something.


9 ways to trap a rat

5 methods to achieving white teeth

3. Who Else Wants............?

It usually indicates that other people must have benefited from what you have to offer in the past. And that you want others to benefit from it too.


Who Else Wants This Free Software?

Who Else Wants an Expert Advice on Home Loan?

4. The Secret of .............

This title keeps the prospective reader in suspense. Everybody loves to know secrets.


The Secrets of Eating Garlic Regularly

The Secrets of Brazilian Women's Beauty.

5. ................

You want to be told how you can do something like a pro or legend.


Play Guitar like Carlos Santana

Speak like Abraham Lincoln

6. Get Rid of ........... Once and For All

Mostly the article promises to inform the reader of ways to eliminate something. Everybody will be tempted to have a look at what you have to say.


Get Rid of Your Smoking Habits Once and For All

Get Rid of Bald Head Once and For All

7. Here’s a Quick Way to ..........

We all love quick ways to do things. Nobody has abundant time to spare.


Here’s a Quick Way to Write Articles.

Here’s a Quick Way to Win Friends.


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    • cmahan profile image

      Chrystal Mahan 6 years ago from Michigan

      For me, writing titles is worse than writing content. Thanks for the tips!

    • jhendor profile image

      jhendor 7 years ago

      thanks for voting up. I appreciate that you enjoyed reading this piece.

    • tysanders profile image

      tysanders 7 years ago from Atlanta, Ga

      Great suggestions. Voted up.

    • jhendor profile image

      jhendor 7 years ago

      Yes you are very right. Its either way, mixed or not. The deal is to still craft the title in such a way that it pulls readers.

      Thanks for the comment

    • TopOfTheFirstPage profile image

      TopOfTheFirstPage 7 years ago

      Some of these can be mixed and matched, too, such as "How to Write Articles Fast" (1 and 7) or "6 Secrets of Brazilian Women's Beauty" (2 and 4). Good suggestions.