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Writing Content Online

Updated on February 7, 2013
Writing Content
Writing Content | Source

What is a Niche Topic Article

Grouping Articles

The art of writing a series of intertwined articles (Niche Group articles) can and does bring a great deal of success to online writers regularly. My goal today is to give you the needed formula for finding this success when writing your own Niche Topic Group Articles. First let's introduce the definition:

Niche Topic Group Articles

Online Niche Group Articles are a successful way to write on a uniquely precise searched for subject. They allow the author to give in-depth information on refined niche topics found inside the same broader more popular subject. In essence, by creating a number of related (and linkable) articles, the author can actually capture an entire niche topic, dominating it within the search population. And for online writers, this pure search engine optimization (SEO) gold!

Writing Niche Cluster Articles takes dedication and research, so get use to Typing in the glow of your computer Screen!
Writing Niche Cluster Articles takes dedication and research, so get use to Typing in the glow of your computer Screen! | Source

Articles That Work


I have created a few successful online group articles on a diverse range of topics. One of the more successful groups is about "Raising earthworms for easy money" which contains a number of topics that introduce the reader to the world of earthworm farming. This article attempts to breed interest into the reader about the world of worms. In essence, the original article was designed to trigger the reader to desire more information about worms.

I Love Earthworms Graphic
I Love Earthworms Graphic | Source

With the intent to stimulate the reader's interest;

Article Titles That Work

All 5 articles of the listed articles were written within the earthworm series, and linked together. While the original article gave a great amount of information in a general sense, the Niche Topic Group Articles or "series" has the job of going a step further by getting to the meat of the even more refined niche topics within the subject of earthworms. The bigger subject or topic of earthworms, becomes a number of smaller components within the world of worm knowledge. Making the group of articles more about a lesson in becoming an expert on a topic, rather than a novice.

3 Key Notes About Creating Groups

  1. A Group should contain at least four articles of good quality and original content.
  2. Start with a main topic, then break it down into smaller refined ideas.
  3. Continue to refine the niche topics until each becomes its own interesting article.

Why Write Group Articles

Grouping Your Articles

By grouping articles, the reader gets information about the smaller components within the worm farming business. While some may feel that earthworms are a rather niche topic by themselves, the long tail within the already niche topic of the mysterious earthworm, can at times, seem infinite. Which is exactly what writers crave when creating a fascinating topic for an online article series.

Group Article Formula

As with successful individual articles, the search for the perfect online article group is one born from developing an outline, conducting research, and creating the best string of words. This means you have to devote yourself to creating the best original content for each of the elements within your group. Here is a tried and true four step method to help you create a great original group of articles (follow the steps in order for best results).

Write a Stellar Article

In January 2012, the wonderful HubPages team presented a very helpful "checklist" for writing an article that is more likely to bring you traffic as well as a few bucks. I am providing you with the link so you can go directly to their page and discover this outstanding research information. In my opinion, these are priceless research results that the HP team is gracious enough to share with the community. You don't want to be the only one who misses it!

Here is the direct link:

The HubPages Golden Standard: Elements of a Stellar hub

4 Step Content Formula

Four Steps To Quality Content

  1. Tell the reader what you are going to write about. You just can't beat a great attention grabbing introduction.
  2. Validate your knowledge about the topic in the first paragraph. Keep information flowing in short paragraphs while delivered in smooth sentences. Use numbers or bullet points if it makes the topics easier to comprehend.
  3. Remind your reader what you just said. Mirroring your own words or rephrasing the sentence can ingrain your meaning and increase the readers interest. Bring the work all together at the end.
  4. Tell your reader what they should do now. What do you want the reader to do with this new knowledge? Be direct and never assume your reader knows what to do next. Make it worth their time to take the action you suggest.

Starting your online series today may bring you a nice passive income right through the front of your computer screen!
Starting your online series today may bring you a nice passive income right through the front of your computer screen! | Source

Start Niche Topic Group Articles

Today is the best day to start your own "Niche Topic Group Articles." Follow the tips placed within this article step by step. Write a general interest article, then write new articles about some of the interesting things within your main subject. Be sure to link the articles together so your reader finds it easy to continue with your series.

To conclude, research for a great long tail topic, use good keywords, write niche topic articles about your main subject, and link the articles to one another. With this combination you may just find that writing online articles in a "Group Format" will increase your reader base, as well as the number of digits in your checking account! Now go start writing!

How to Turn Articles into Bucks!

Do You Write Right?

Do you write your articles in a group ?

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  • Green Lotus profile image

    Hillary 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Thanks! Very helpful. Some of us need this kind of affirming information!

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    Debby Bruck 5 years ago

    Very good. Voted useful

  • HikeGuy profile image

    Bryce 5 years ago from Northern California Coast

    Good presentation. I enjoy writing in series -- just as you say, it allows for an in-depth presentation. It also fits better with the average online reader's attention span. I enjoyed your pointers and clear examples. Thanks.

  • Rebecca E. profile image

    Rebecca E. 6 years ago from Canada

    I agree with you on every point, I found myself at one point going-- well yes-- and then going but I don't use bullet points!

  • htodd profile image

    htodd 6 years ago from United States

    Thanks ...Great post

  • BlissfulWriter profile image

    BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

    I definitely like your four steps formula for a successful online article.

  • K9keystrokes profile image

    India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

    fucsia~Thank you for your comments. I hope the information on writing article series helps you!


  • fucsia profile image

    fucsia 6 years ago

    This is a very useful advice, that I should follow. Thanks for sharing.