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Free Webpage Page Dividers and Animated Cliparts

Updated on October 24, 2015
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Peachpurple writes review products and apps. Likes to test and share opinions with readers.

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Why you should use graphic divider

  • Like any hubbers and bloggers, I had asked the same question in the hubpages forum too,” How to get red bold lines in your hubs?”
  • Sometimes hubbers called these lines "Graphic Page Dividers or Page Dividers",whereas we novice hubbers called them "red bold lines".
  • Some of the articles published in Infobarrel, Blogspot and Hubpages , displayed the contents in presentable way, text separated into a few sections or paragraphs, well spaced and neatly arranged with cute clip arts borders in a straight vertical line, animated clip arts or creative yet colorful grid lines and motive patterns.
  • I believed that most hubbers and bloggers have the same problem with reading a full page text articles especially those articles which exclude sub-headings and paragraph spacing.
  • It is hard for a viewer to read articles online with so much text at a time.
  • Initially,a viewer might develop an interest to read the first and second paragraph of an article but by the time he reach the third paragraph, he will feel bored, eyes began to feel tired and gets impatient as he can’t see any page dividers or sub-heading that indicates a pause section.
  • He may feel that the article is getting him nowhere, irritated and stops reading promptly.

Benefits Of Using Page Dividers

Therefore, when writing an article or submit a post online, regardless of which revenue sharing websites; hubpages, Infobarrel or Blogspot, it is advisable to add Page Dividers such as clipart borders, animated cliparts, animated borders, grid lines or pattern design borders to separate your text into a more organize paragraphs.

  • The benefits of inserting Page Dividers are to encourage viewers to stay on your hub, read your different articles that you had published online and leave some helpful comments to help you improve your online writing skill.
  • In addition, when you managed to keep the viewer interested to carry on reading your articles, he may cast their vote on how well written are your articles.
  • Page dividers help to separate your text from clumping together as if you are reading a novel. Y
  • You may notice lots of hubbers and bloggers include cute clipart borders page divider in their recipe websites, hubpages which helps to generate some page views, increase hubscore and earn higher earnings.
  • Make your articles easy to read like you are reading a daily newspaper or your favorite magazine.
  • Attract your viewers to read your wonderful articles which are easily readable, presentable, enhance your hub or blog background more entertaining with animated clip arts and enjoyable to stay on the page.
  • Your viewers may link your page to other readers or their own websites. Nevertheless, page dividers help to increase your web page, hub, blog's traffic , Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, Ebay and Hub Earnings in no time.

Recommended 3 Free page Divider

Hence, I hooked into the Internet and typed 3 words - Free page Dividers into the Google Search Engine ( ). In less then 1/2 a second, Google flicked through the pages with so many free Page Dividers websites to choose from.

I was spoilt with these given choices. After I had tried out several free Page Dividers websites, I finally found 3 websites online which provide beautiful page dividers and cute clipart borders that are easy to use in blog, hubpage or any revenue sharing writing sites.

In order to use these free page dividers or clipart borders, do follow the rules of each websites.


Samples to choose

Garden Clipart Border: Snails
Garden Clipart Border: Snails | Source
Cupcakes Clipart Borders
Cupcakes Clipart Borders | Source
Flip flops Picture Frame
Flip flops Picture Frame | Source

How to use Page Dividers

1 ) Free Cliparts, Coloring pages and Crafts

This website uses small and large version of page dividers, clipart borders ranging from cute cartoon images such as snail border or pencil border from small to big in a vertical row. These cute cartoon images are suitable for card making, recipe and toddler websites, blogs or hubpages.

If you want Picture Frame Borders, you are on the right track. You could choose different prints frames, flip flop border frames, Thanksgiving Turkey Borders and many more for decorating ScrapBook pages, Paper and Crafts articles. is easy to use and consists of many sample for you to choose from.

Let's say you have started a new hub in hubpages and written your text in the 1st paragraph, In order to insert the page divider before you carry on writing your 2nd paragraph, here are the easy to follow steps:

• Add photo capsule

• Open another new website and search for

• Click on the clipart border that you like ( for example, I chose the snail border )

• Point your mouse on the snail border.

• Right click your mouse and select "Copy image URL"

• Next, go back to your hubpage photo capsule

• In the photo capsule, choose "Select import" on your left hand side.

• Move your mouse cursor to "URL box"

• Right click your mouse and select "Paste"

• The snail border image URL is located in the 1st URL box.

• Select "Import" at the bottom of the box. Wait for th image to appear in a square box on your right hand side.

• You can shoose "Full width, 1/2 width or quarter width"

• "Full width" is the original size which might be too big for a border. "1/2 width" is the medium size border which is the right size I wanted for my page divider. "Quarter width" is the shorter and smaller size border.

• Press "Save" and the medium border will appear on your article.

• If you don't like the clipart, remove it by clicking " X " at the image box and it will be deleted.

• Choose another border clipart and repeat the same steps.


2) Inward Gradient Lines

this website gives you various of grid samples of different colors ranging from gold, green, pink, cyan, blue or purple strips which each of them has the mixture of metallic colors. Here are the easy to follow steps:

• Move the mouse cursor to your favorite color. For example, I chose gold.

• In the right hand side box, press "More" under the Details column for more options.

• It will bring you to another page with more gold Inward Gradient Lines samples, thick and long gridlines, short thin gridlines and short thick gridlines.

• I chose width 620, height 10. Move your mouse cursor to " in00105.jpg "

• Right click your mouse and choose "Copy"

• Go to hubpage photo capsule, choose "Import".

• Move cursor to the "URL box"

• Right click and "Paste"

• Select "Import" and wait for the image to appear.

• Choose "Full width", "Half width" or "Quarter width"

• Press "Save"

Samples to choose

ABC | Source
Chain | Source
Dad's day
Dad's day | Source

3) Webweaver's Free Clipart

This website requires you to download the clipart borders or gridlines that you want into your hardisk and upload to your websites, blogs or hubpages. Do not use the "Copy image URL" because the creator has indicated a note written like this:"I ask that you not link directly to the graphics. If you like this clipart, please link to us and tell your friends.Thanks!"

There are various Webpage Dividers to choose from. They have Egyptian Lines, Dragon Lines, Baby Page Dividers, School Bars, Christmas Dividers and Miscellaneous Animated Dividers.

In addition, if you are looking for cartoon images for Father's Day, you could find some adorable cute animated and still pictures to celebrate this special day. Besides Father's Day theme, there are other themes to choose such as Celebrations, Historical Cliparts, Animals and Nature, Entertainment, Misc and Background.

Remember that these cliparts can be downloaded and use for FREE for any non-commercial use. Have fun !

Here are the easy to follow steps:

• Select the clipart border that you like. Point your mouse cursor on the clipart border and right click to select " Save Image As" and it will download into your hardisk.

• Normally, it will save in your hardisk " C:\mydocument\download " directory.

• Go to hubpage photo capsule.

• Choose "Upload"

• Choose "From computer" and browse the directory " C:\mydocument\download"

• Choose the clipart that you just saved.

• Press "Open" and wait for the image to appear.

• Select "Full width, half width or quarter width"

• Press "Save"

© 2012 peachy


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