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How to get maximum traffic to your website? How to make your site feature in search engine results?

Updated on February 19, 2016

How to get maximum traffic to your website? How to make your site feature in search engine results?

It’s every website owner’s desire to get the maximum amount of traffic to his/her website or blog. But many people lack understanding of how to get this done. Lots of people choose to enroll for Paid programs like Adwords in order to get their site advertised. I am here to get you through the different ways through which you could increase your website traffic and make your site appear in Search engine results. The first and foremost thing I insist is to make your site high in quality and rich in content. This will automatically make search engines pick up your site. Apart from this, one must know about Search engine optimization (SEO) to understand how search engines identify your site among millions of others.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is a method involving various strategies and techniques to make search engines like Google pick up your site in their results. Everybody knows that Google is the top search engine in the world and nearly 70-80% of people prefer Google. If your site features within the top 10 Google search results, you are sure to get thousands of visitors. Of course there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing but their reach is not as great as Google. Therefore it’s essential to optimize your Website for Google in order to obtain a high ranking placement in the search results. SEO can be done by making the website architecture visitor-friendly, including related keywords and keeping the title crisp and relevant.

Keywords: Search engines pick up your site mostly using the keywords that you use in the content. For example, if you are going to write a blog on Dieting, you must include important keywords that are related and connected and those that people will search for. People may also search for topics like ‘Crash Diet’, ‘Side effects of Dieting, ‘Exercise and dieting’ etc but these are also related to dieting. At the same time, do not include keywords just for the sake of getting search engine rating. Your website will appear shoddy and low in quality and people may not prefer to read your content.

Quality is most important: As I stressed above, quality is the foremost requirement to obtain a better SEO rank. Your content must be original, in-depth, useful and appealing to the visitor. If your content contains copied or sub-standard material, the traffic generated will also be less. Quite often, sites will get huge traffic initially and then traffic will dip to a negligible level. The reason is that the content may be outdated or poor. Therefore, spend time to create good quality content. It will pay good results in the long term

Use Free community website platforms: You can use free community website platforms like Hubpages, Squidoo etc to get more traffic to your site. These platforms are user generated content sites similar to Blogger and there is no need to write code. These guys will do the web hosting job for you. They also provide many added features and all you need to do is just write the content. Sites created with these platforms feature well in search engine results. You could earn through affiliate programs like amazon, eBay etc through these platforms.

Use Social networking sites: Make use of social networking sites like Facebook, quora, Twitter, linkedin etc etc to bring people to visit your website. You can welcome your friends and followers to view your sites. However, one must not do too much marketing through this medium.

Commenting on other sites: Regularly visiting other sites and commenting on related topics will bring like-minded users to your sites. Your site will get followers. They will in turn comment on your sites. The more you participate in a community, the more visibility you will get for your websites

Optimize website for mobile phone: Today most people prefer to browse the internet through their smartphones rather than desktops. Mobilephone users will also prefer readily readable, concise and attractive content. Else they will switch to another site. Therefore you need to customize your website content for mobile phones. Make sure that the site layout suits phone phone users. You must remove unwanted modules and make sure that the content is readily readable and links are clickable. You could also add ‘Plug Ins’ in your site. You could use ‘customize your website software’ for this purpose. CMS (content management system) software could also be used. These are mostly open source and readily available online.


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