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How to maximize adsense revenue through the use of keyword tools

Updated on July 31, 2009

To maximize your adsense revenues on blog and hubpages, you must first understand the advertising jargons. When i first started with Google Adsense, i did not pay attention to these terminologies and created lots of blogs and drive traffic to my websites. To be successful with Adsense, it is very important to understand and continously tweak your pages to obtain the desired results. Here are a concise explanation of the most used terms

  1. CTR. CTR stands for Click through Rate. Simply put, it is the number of views your ads have received divded by the no of clicks. You will agree that the higher the CTS, the better. If you are using Google Adsense, the acceptance CTR is between 10-15%. A good CTR will give you an idea how well your ads are performing
  2. CPC. CPC stands for Cost per click. It indicates how much the ads-network is paying per click. CPC varies from $0.01 to $3-5 depending on the ads network.
  3. CPM. CPM stands for Click per thousand impressions. The ads-network pays the publishers when their ads per impressions. For example, 1000 impressions, whether unique or not can cost $10 if the CPM is $10.

Therefore, to maximize adsense revenues, you need to have a good CTR and aim at high CPC. CTR depends on various factors which i am going to list below :

  1. Ads Placement. If your ads are strategically placed on your website, it is more likely for them to get clicked by your visitors. Google Adsense defines a couple of Hot Spots,also known as Heat Maps which depicts the best locations to place ads. See
  2. Ads Relevancy. If the ads are relevant to the content of your website, the ads have a higher chance of being clicked. For example, if my blog is about Skins Care, and the ads displayed is about skins creams, your visitors will click on the ads than if the ads were related to say for example, insurance. Ads irrelevancy occurs mainly due to poor keywords in your content. To get targeted ads, Google Adsense offers section targetting, It is a small script which will bring targeted ads on your pages. Just place your content between<!-- google_ad_section_start --> your content here<!-- google_ad_section_end --> and see the results in few hours. If still you are unsatisfied about ads, you may filter them out with Google Competitive Filter. Caution not to filter relevant ads as well with Competitive filter. Recently, all my web pages were being bombarded by EVONY games ads and i had to filter at least 15 websites.
  3. Keywords.Last but not least, Choose your keywords very carefully. This is the most important step. Not only will uniqueness bring traffic to your website, but highly relevant ads will also appear.

How to choose the best keywords having high CTR and CPC?

There are lots of software which claims to find the best keywords for your website like Keywords Elite etc. I have not personally used them but i have found success with Google Keyword Tool. I will reveal to you how to effectively use the tool.

Say for example, you want to build a website around cancer. Go to Google Adwords Keywords Tools on and look for Keywords Ideas. Choose Estimated Average CPC and you will obtain all keywords with their average cost per click.

The 3 columns namely Estimated Average CPC, Advertiser Competition and Monthly Search Volume are very important. To find the right keywords, you need to look for those having high advertiser competition in order to obtain a good CTR as well as a high CPC and where the monthly volume search low.


Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find the most competive keywords. Once you are done with that, perform Search Engine Optimization and Ads Placement


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    • krbalram profile image

      rahul 2 years ago from Bangalore

      interesting post ,keyword and ads placement is important

    • profile image

      sallu 6 years ago

      CPM $0.01 means what ?? am i getting, 0.01 x 1000 = $10 for 1000 impressions, or jst $0.01 ??

      do ans me ..

    • nklivester profile image

      nklivester 7 years ago from Kharagpur

      very informative and useful hub...