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Mystery Theater HubNugget Style - the Case of the Missing KoffeeKlatch Gals

Updated on September 14, 2015

The stage is set

It was that time again - Jason and Maddie had chosen the writing categories for the week to showcase HubPages newest writers, but no one from the HubNugget team had put their name in to write the hub.

"Any luck yet?" Simone asked, as she flopped into the chair across from Jason.

"Not a peep." He answered. "This is most unusual. The week is almost up, the nominees haven't been chosen yet, and no one has claimed the hub. I don't know what's going on, but this just isn't normal!"

"Maybe Maddie and I should swing by the clubhouse and find out what's going on." Simone said.

"Excellent idea, Simone, I'll leave you and Maddie to sort this out."

Where is everyone?

Road trip!

Maddie and Simone packed up their gear and headed to the clubhouse. It was a glorious day for a road trip and both of them were looking forward to getting out of the office.

After four songs and two games of 'Eye Spy', they arrived at their destination, but the clubhouse looked deserted. No cars lined the parking lot, and only one small light shone from the kitchen window.

"It doesn't look like anyone is here," Maddie said. She unlocked the door and turned on the lights. The living room was empty, and tossed like a hurricane had swept through the place.

"My goodness, what a mess!" Simone said. "I'll straighten up while you phone the team and find out what's going on."

Maddie grabbed the phone and started going down the list of names - RedElf, no answer, Enelle, no answer, ladyjane1, no answer. Finally, on the fourth try, Patty answered.

"Hi Patty, this is Maddie. Say, do you know whose turn it is to write the Nugget hub this week?" She asked.

"I just published mine, so it isn't me. I think it's RedElf's turn isn't it?"

"I thought she published the week before. Do you have the order list there? I can't seem to find it," Maddie said.

"Here it is. Just a minute. ladyjane1, Enelle, RedElf, me, then Gals. So it's Gals turn to write the hub." Patty said.

"Thanks Patty. Talk to you later." Maddie said and hung up. She found Simone tidying the kitchen and told her the news.

"Great - we'll just give Gals a call and see if she needs a hand with the hub. It's always fun helping with the nominations, and everybody is just so busy lately.

Where is Gals?

Phone calls, emails and texts, oh my...

After several attempts to reach Gals failed, Simone decided it was time to assemble the rest of the team.

"Ladies, we need the Baker Street Irregulars, or Originals or whatever their names are! This is an emergency! Gals is missing! She hasn't answered her emails, or phone calls or texts! We have to find her!" Simone said.

"I'll warm up the plane," Patty said, gathering her keys. "We can be there in half an hour...sooner with a good tail wind!"

"Be where?" RedElf asked

"Why Gals house, of course." Patty replied.

"But what if she is visiting family?" Enelle asked. "Shouldn't we check that out too?"

"Good idea, Enelle," ripplemaker said. "I think we should spilt up. We can cover more ground, er...air, that way. I'll warm up the Ripplemachine!"

"I can have the Gagaglider on the tarmac in ten minutes," ladyjane1 announced.

"Awesome! Let's get a move on ladies!" Simone said, leading the way. "ladyjane and I will head over to Gals' sisters' house, Patty, you and RedElf check out Gals' place, and ripplemaker and Enelle will go to Gals' mother's house. Somebody has to know where she is!"

"Wait a minute," said RedElf. "Maddie sent me a text - someone's sent her a list of six HubNuggets Nominees!"

Which one of this week's Games, Toys, and Hobbies nominees is your favorite?

  • 18% How To Make Your Own Travel Souvenir
  • 21% Chess Visual Tutorial: Opening Strategy
  • 24% Can Videogames be Art? (Part One: BioShock)
  • 8% Is Lego Selling Out Little Girls?
  • 24% Clever Ideas For Simple, Everyday Things!
  • 5% Finding Vintage Toys
38 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Flying off in all directions

The team was in the air within minutes of reading and voting, zooming off to the far corners of the globe - well, zooming off to the homes of Gals, her mother, and her sister.

Patty and RedElf, called from Gals' place. "There's no sign of her here. Any luck at your end, Maddie?"

"No, but the weirdest thing just happened. Another batch of nominees just popped up."

"Well, you go ahead and check them out while we take another look around."

Which one of this week's Entertainment and Media nominees is your favorite?

  • 21% For the Love of Directing Musical Theatre
  • 15% Reasons Why Hate Is Time Wasted
  • 32% 5 Signs That I'm Getting Old
  • 9% Topics I don't care to discuss in 2012
  • 12% Five (In)Famous Commerical Spokespeople--Whatever Happened To Them?
  • 12% Pictures of the most unusual and unique bridges around the world. Images of beautiful and weird bridge designs.
34 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Curiouser and curiouser

Maddie had no sooner finished reading the first batch of nominees and voting for her favorite than the phone rang again.

"Hi, Maddie," said ripplemaker. "Enelle and I have struck out here. Gals' mother hasn't seen her all week."

Just then, Maddie's computer chimed. "Hang on a sec, guys," said Maddie. "I've got mail." Maddie checked her inbox. The new email had an intriguing subject line: <An important message from an absent friend>

Maddie hesitated. What if it was a virus - or, worse, a spammer? "...and what if it's more HubNugget nominees?" whispered a little voice in her head. Maddie opened the email. "Oh, my!" It contained a list of six more nominees for the weekly HubNuggets Contest.

"That's too weird, Maddie!" ripplemaker and Enelle were just as mystified as Maddie. "Do you think KoffeeKlatch Gals could be sending you the nominees?"

"I'm trying to track the I.P. address, but I've had no luck so far!"

"Well, you'd better check out the nominees while we figure out our next step."

Which one of this week's Food and Cooking nominees is your favorite?

  • 27% Organic Chocolate VS. Regular Chocolate
  • 8% A Lazy Person Attempts to use the ThinkGeek Personal Pie Factory to Make Tiny Pies
  • 13% Vegetarian Arroz con Gandules: A Modern Take on Puerto Rican Rice and Beans
  • 5% BAGEL RECIPE - How to make Bagels with these easy, step-by-step instructions
  • 36% Butter Caramels with Himalayan Pink Salt Recipe
  • 11% Fame, Fortune and Chopped up Spinach: How to be King of Smoothies
142 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Africa - here we come!


Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse

The mood at the clubhouse was somber. ladyjane1 and Simone had nothing to add - Gals' sister had no idea where Gals was either. No one had found any sign of KoffeeKlatch Gals, and the whole team was worried.

"There must be something we've overlooked - some clue we've missed."

"Do you think these brochures mean anything?" ripplemaker held out several colorful "Travel Africa" pamphlets. "I found them under this safari hat."

"Safari hat? Africa?" Patty grabbed the hat and tossed it to Enelle.

The kitty gravely removed her trademark chapeau and donned the safari hat, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "You know what this means, don't you?" she asked.

"Road trip!" chorused the team.

...tune in next week, same time, same Hubnugget channel... Will the team find Gals? Will the team find Africa? Find out in the next installment of Mystery Theater HubNugget Style


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