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HubPages Community And Beyond!

Updated on January 9, 2011

With Community Membership comes Responsibilities


Lead Out loud

What goes around comes around in any community including HubPages

HubPages is a community developed for people to share ideas and expand awareness. The inevitable result of writing high quality content on subjects you feel passionately about is that you become a prolific writer, fluent in self expression with the ability to articulate ideas that may have never otherwise seen the light of day. It makes you clarify your ideas and opinions about matters dear to your heart and you become an authority on them. You become a more confident person and you attract likeminded people. The end result of holding fast to your lofty ideals serves to develop character and your reputation. Money follows reputation and not the other way around. We receive what we attract and we attract what we ourselves are. If in the main your motivation to write your hub is to develop a good reputation and keep your material relevant then what do you think will inevitably come to you?

Awareness of your Community

The world is a community, your country is a community, your town is a community, your family is a community and your own body is a community. What do you think would happen if your arm decided that it needed more blood than your brain? What if any one part of your body decided it was more important than any other and started to accumulate more and more blood leaving other parts of the body lacking in blood? These are silly questions because we don’t have any conscious control over the flow of blood. Our subconscious controls the flow of blood among millions of other complex tasks that enable us to get on with our lives. The perfect functioning of our own bodies is the role model for us to live a harmonious life in all the communities we inhabit. The problem is that many of us do not live in perfect harmony in our respective communities. We fail to see that we are each as important as each other and we depend on each other to perform our respective roles to the best of our ability in order to maintain peace, happiness, health and wealth not just for ourselves but the community we serve.

Your Community Needs More Heroes

Growing up in HubPages Community

As children we tend not to think too deeply about who we really are and our place in the cosmos, we spend our time playing. As we get older we start becoming aware of our place in the community and our responsibilities. Our attitude however is largely influenced by our upbringing and the authority figures who had the most influence on our values from the age of 0 to 5 years. It is during those impressionable years that the blueprint for our characters is created. We then stumble along through learning from our mistakes and if we are lucky enough to have the support of a caring loving family environment then we mature and take our places in the community contributing to the welfare of all and leading satisfying fulfilling lives.

I am relatively new to HubPages and liken my attitude when I first started in HubPages to a child playing. I knew nothing about blogging and was completely oblivious to all the rules and regulations that came with signing up as a member. I enjoyed the experience of being able to express my ideas and felt very proud of what I wrote. I hadn’t however taken the time to read the rules of the community I had joined. In the very first week I had committed most of the crimes and even got myself banned from forums so I no longer had the privilege to post my opinions on any HubPage forums. I didn’t know what spamming meant and I was posting the url to my first hub on every related forum I could find. I can now appreciate how annoying that must have been for other hubbers. It was a steep learning curve and I consider myself very lucky not to have had my membership revoked. In fact HubPages behaved like a enlightened parent should. It gave me room to make mistakes but warned me when I did so. At all times it was my choice to learn the lessons in order to become a responsible contributor to this wonderful community. My forum privileges have since been reinstated.


Ask not ...

Ask not what your community can do for you...

I have since learned that HubPages also provides its members with the facility to make money. I don’t fully understand this yet and to date I haven’t made a single penny from writing hubs. I have, however, gained wealth in so many other areas of my life from the experience afforded me by the HubPages community not least of which is the opportunity to create. I am confident that eventually money will come as a result of what I write but more as a consequence of my attitude to serve my community rather that to use it strictly for personal gain. I feel that the message of HubPages is inherently moral and that we can all benefit from the experience by holding fast to the basic principle of success in any community and that is to serve it as best we can knowing that what we give out will come back to us tenfold.

The Perils and Opportunities of Reality [Paperback]


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Nathan 

      6 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you Randy. Yes of course you are right regarding how we can consciously also control the flow of blood just as we can have conscious control over all of our body functions like breathing at the same time but for us to attempt to do so would be difficult. The subconscious can do it all without us paying any conscious attention to what consciously requires our full attention. Consciously controlling all our bodily functions would leave no time for us to get on with our daily tasks and that is the sense in which I used the blood analogy.

    • Randy M. profile image

      Randy McLaughlin 

      6 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

      Good article reminding us of the corporate responsibility we have to our virtual community, HubPages.

      However, I beg to differ regarding the ability to control the flow of blood. One can increase the amount of blood to an area of the body by simply concentrating on it. Yogis can do it and qigong practitioners can do it. It has been scientifically measured. You could do it yourself with a little practice. (I am a qigong practitioner)

      Although the blood analogy doesn't work for me, the community is connected, albeit fluidly with the coming and going of participants, and it is appropriate to respect its boundaries and help other people grow within it.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you Money Glitch for your kind and much appreciated comments. Success to you too!

    • Money Glitch profile image

      Money Glitch 

      7 years ago from Texas

      Nice hub and you are right that what goes around does come around! :) Congrats on being selected as a HubNugget nominee and much success to you. :)

    • Spirit Whisperer profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you ripplemaker for your support and the information you provided in your hub about Hubnuggets as I did not know what it meant. For a moment there I thought the winner would be flown to Hawaii all expenses paid! And thank you Jefsaid for your comment.

    • Jefsaid profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      As a relatively new Hubber it's great to hear other people's experience. I certainly needed an exchange of emails with the moderator at the outset to put me straight on a few things.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I love the Hubpages community as I have truly grown through out the years I have been here! I thank you Hubpages. Thumbs up for writing all the wonderful things about this community. :)

      Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination! Follow this link and it'll show you what the Hubnuggets is all about :


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