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Updated on June 8, 2013

I've been on HubPages for a while now, and had a moderate success in terms of views and money. However, after some thought, I've now set up a Twitter profile for what I feel are the best Hubs on here. Obviously, since it's new, there's very little followers just now. However, that's where you guys come in!

Every Saturday, I'll accept your three best Hubs that you submit to me and promote them on my Twitter feed on the premise that you follow the profile and then send me the links. Please note that I'll only accept 10 different accounts each Saturday.

The thing with this is that even with a low number of followers, by just creating the links to your Hubs, it's instantly making them more popular in the eyes of Google since backlinks are being made from a high quality site like Twitter. This is a 100% free method and simply being used to help you get more traffic and thus money in your account. It can also be used to boost your brand awareness if you use HubPages for commercial reasons.

The great thing is that the more users that get behind this, the bigger your viewing figures can be, especially to new people following the profile. There's a lot of services out there suggesting you promote your links via dubious methods, but by doing this non-automated process, you're guaranteed that the links are sound. Also, they'll always remain on Twitter so your hubs stance on the search engine results will be stable, or even become better depending on how many people come and share your links.

Of course, if people really like your Hubs, they can even retweet the links to all of their followers. This can create a great snowball effect to drive traffic to your hubs and help you to reach the number one spot on Google based on your keywords!

Another great thing about using Twitter is that with the # usage, it can help make a certain phrase go viral. I.e. #greathub (and then your link). This is something which isn't utilised on Facebook to build a viral effect. Also, Twitter is much more stable on smartphones than Facebook, so you'll also get the added effect of having a lot of mobile interest which can again boost your Google rankings.


Getting started

If you want to be part of this, you can follow me on twitter at @HubPicks and submit your Hubs and username to me here via a PM.Once I've looked at the submissions I've received, I'll pick out the best 30 of that week and submit the links to Twitter. At this stage, if yours has been picked, I'll send you a message to let you know you've been successful.

I won't be using this account at all to promote my own Hubs, this is simply to help other people make their break on HubPages and start a great writing career by getting some much needed exposure.


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    • Crystalhubbard profile image

      Crystal Hubbard 3 years ago from Tulsa,Ok

      Wanted to say I will be doing this hope I'm picked I need views b as just started out.