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Hubber-to-Hubber: One-on-One With Mystixsprings

Updated on May 12, 2014

Beading Isn't Just a Hobby It's Also An Art

Beaded Evening Bag
Beaded Evening Bag | Source
Vintage Gold Beaded Bag
Vintage Gold Beaded Bag | Source
Beaded Bags
Beaded Bags | Source

Wise Words From an Up-and-Coming Writer and Bead Artist

I had the pleasure of meeting Mystixsprings one day and she told me she was a bead artist and encouraged me to read some of her hubs on hub pages. After reading them, and seeing her work, I knew I had to interview this influential and industrious crafts person. Besides beading she's also a writer who's written a series for hubpages and is publishing a novel on Create-A-Space called "Swirl".

V.M.: How long have you been writing?

M.S.: As long as I can remember. When I was younger I wrote short stories and poems, then when I was in middle school, I contributed to the school paper.

V.M.: What inspired you to write?

M.S.: I've always read a lot. My mother said she first taught me when I was around 2. Do you know what my favorite thing to read was? Newspaper headlines! I read them everyday. Later in junior high I read Harold Robbins' novels and the "Salconhurst" series.

V.M.: When did you start writing for HubPages?

M.S.; About two years ago. I wanted to use it to drive traffic to a novel, "Swirl", that I'm publishing on Create-A-Space.

V.M.: What have you written for HubPages?

M.S.: I started out writing short stories ("Trevor" series), then I noticed a lot of "how-to" articles on HubPages, so I decided to publish my beaded project pieces. Besides those, I've also written an article about henna for the hair and a travel piece, " What To Do When It's 115 Degrees Outside."

V.M.: When did you write your first bead article?

M.S.: Last year. My first one was "How To Make A Beaded Clutch Purse." This year, I just published another one too, "Pearl Twist Bracelet."

V.M.: When did you start beading?

M.S.: In 1993, after I moved to Long Beach, California. I saw a beaded amulet bag in the display window of a "Tandy Leather Store" on Atlantic Boulevard, and I liked it, so I went in and inquired about it. I asked the employees of the store, "How is that made and can you teach me how to make it?" Eventually I got a one-on-one teacher and paid her $10 for lessons.

V.M.: How do you write your bead articles?

M.S.: I try to make the illustrations as simple as possible and explain the stitches so that anyone can get it.

V.M.: What advice do you have for new writers to HubPages?

M.S.:They should go into the forums and see what featured writers write then familiarize themselves with how the site wants them to write. Most importantly they should also read articles by fellow hubbers.

V.M.: What plans do you have for the future?

M.S.: I'm in the process of building up a niche store on "Artfire" right now which I hope will attract customers to my beadwork.

Hubs By Mystixsprings:

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5) The Big Rack

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