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Hubbers Must Tend To Their "Gardens"

Updated on January 11, 2014

Watering Plants

Hubbers Need to Tend To Their Hub "Garden"

Just like a garden, Hubbers must tend to their hubs, as if it were a garden.

If your garden has weeds, they must be removed. If a link becomes obsolete, you must remove it or re-link.

If your garden is too dry, you must water it. If your hubs become stale, you can refresh them with new information or add a new hub.

If your garden produces fruit, enjoy the fruits and eat them. If your hubs produce a check, enjoy the reward, and spend (or save) it.

If you have pests in your garden, you must address the pest problem. If your hubs have spam on them, you must remove the spam and tend to your hub.

Rows of Crops

What Farmers Grow

If you are not a farmer, then you may not be aware that farmers grow the crop that is going to be profitable, and what they will be most successful at.

Just like a farmer, Hubbers must write what they think will be read, plus it is something they can contribute to (with a knowledge base), or something they can research and find information on.

Crops that won't make profits will not support a family. Hubs that will not be read will not be profitable for the writer, either.

Crows Interfere With Garden

crows eating hot dogs in garden
crows eating hot dogs in garden | Source

Gardens & Hubs Need Attention

As most successful Hubbers will tell you, to be successful, one must give consistent attention to their hubs as one would a garden.

A person that writes a few hubs and leaves his garden "to the birds" will not get to enjoy the fruits of his garden. The crows will do as they please and leave feces everywhere.

Not cool.

So save your garden before the mess starts, and give it constant attention for maximized pleasure.

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Moles Burrow Holes

a mole
a mole | Source

Own Your Feelings

If you can't "own" your true feelings, then you probably shouldn't be publishing it in a hub.

Some Garden Visitors are Unwelcome Guests

Keep in mind that you will have hecklers and those that do not share your opinions.

Stay respectful, and address their question if it is valid. Questions that are not on the topic of the hub can be removed, as well as commenters that are being rude.

The important thing is: Rude commenters and hecklers may come onto your hub. You can't stop them from reading your hubs, but don't let them intimidate you or hurt your feelings. After all, they just read your hub and don't share your opinions, but they are still your opinions.

Don't let them get under your garden or under your skin!


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    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      Thank you all for positive feedback

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      You have some very valid points. I like your garden to hub analogy. Up and interesting.

    • Joy Autumn profile image

      Joy Autumn 5 years ago from Missouri

      Great advice and analogies! Thank you.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      I like your analogy on hubs and gardens, so true. Yeah, some of my hubs (gardens) were too dry and I just got done watering them. Let's hope they sprout again.

      Great hub. Voted Up and Interesting

    • Nora411 profile image

      Nora411 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Great advice with this hub! Voting useful and sharing !