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Hubbers You Must Follow on Hubpages to Become Successful Making Money Online

Updated on February 15, 2011

Welcome To Hubpages!

Welcome to Hubpages! Why not JOIN Hubpages now if you haven't already done so? If you have already joined Hubpages and have got started with writing articles, (everyone at Hubpages call articles 'hubs'), then well done and i wish you all the best at writing and publishing articles online to make money with Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate Programme or Ebay. Trust me, it is easy only if you put the time, effort and patience into it!

The first thing i would like to say to new hubbers is that gaining followers comes naturally, and is not the be all and end all at Hubpages. Remember this and keep your head down, keep working hard on your hubs and reap the benefits of writing what you know about.

In this hub i will list a few hubbers who should be followed by anyone looking to earn money online using Hubpages, to learn and understand from the advice they provide to the new and present hubbers. You will gain valuable knowledge on how to promote your hubs, how to increase traffic through backlinks and most of all, why Hubpages is THE best place to write on the internet.

You will notice if you go to the forums or search for hubbers on the top of this screen that all hubbers, old and new have followers. Some have followers in hundreds, some in thousands and some just a few.

The question is, does having lots of followers mean anything? Well, of course it does! It means that your followers enjoy your online writing skills and the information you provide is useful to them with regards to making money online, keyword research, backlinking, layout of hubs etc. Your followers who enable receiving email updates of your new hubs, they receive it and most of them read your new hub. This obviously adds to your traffic, if only internal! (If you are quite new to Hubpages then you may be wondering what all these mean! This is one reason why i have written this hub, so that this hub will help you research these terms with established hubbers listed below with links to their excellent hubs). Don't forget, these hubbers have been there, done it and still doing it.

They didn't have to share their knowledge and skills with other Hubpages users, but because Hubpages is the best place ever to write articles and make money online with the best internet community anywhere, hubbers help one another out without expecting anything back from other people.

Anyone can be successful here if they can motivate themselves, carry out keyword research, use the correct resources to increase traffic to their hubs and exchange knowledge with one another in the forums and also through answering and asking questions.

Follow Excellent Hubbers
Follow Excellent Hubbers

Why Should You Follow Another Hubber?

Everyone has their reasons for following other hubbers on Hubpages, and sometimes it can just be because they are getting followed by them, thus returning the favour, if that's what you want to call it.

I am writing this hub just to discuss the importance of following good quality and experienced hubbers who are earning a good amount of Dollars/Pounds/Yen etc... monthly or quarterly.

We all need to know about backlinks, backlinking, writing quality hubs, length of hubs...

There is some serious money to be made on Hubpages if you know what you are doing or you are willing to gain the knowledge provided for free by expert hubbers who are making thousands of Dollars in residual income just from writing about things they know and enjoy.

A hubber who recently hit the 2 million views of their hubs within nearly 3 years has only 21 hubs at the time of me writing this. Another hubber who i really respect has over 600 hubs, and he reached the 1 million hubs view within only 9 months of joining Hubpages! These are fantastic achievements, and hubbers like these should be followed for the simple reason of understanding what methods they use and what advice they offer from reading the forum posts or hubs they write about Hupages.

There is a hubber who has over 9,000,000 page views in under 3 years! This hubber is unique, and just think about how much income this hubber must be earning every month with little effort! This hubber is listed below with a link to one of their articles. I'll let you find this unique hubber yourself!

The Hubbers You Must Follow...

This is a small list of hubbers you must follow if would like information or advice on becoming successful at Hubpages by writing online articles and making money online. These hubbers are well established and very successful on Hubpages who understand SEO, backlinking, writing quality content online and many more things which you should find out for yourself, who are making a very good residual income from their online writings.

My favourite and first ever hubber i came accross was Mark Knowles who is a legend on Huboages! I think so anyway! I found Hubpages by researching information about blogging, and guess what? His hub was at the top of the search results and i clicked it and the rest is history!

Click on the names below to direct you to their informative hubs about making money on Hubpages, backlinking, producing quality content, keyword research etc...

(Of course there are many more hubbers who are experts here, but these are the ones who i have come accross with the best and most helpful, easy to understand informative hubs which will help any hubber, old and new, to become successful making money online with affiliates like Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera Text Links. Apologise to hubbers not listed here, but my respect and best wishes go out to all the other hubbers who are successful here and earning a lot of dough, working hard populating the world wide web with quality online content. Thank you for sharing your secrets with the rest of us.)

The names of the hubbers below are linked in to some of their hubs related to Hubpages and making money online with Hubpages, so try to read them all or bookmark them. I have certainly learnt a lot from them and i have yet to get started with Amazon affiliate programme!

Why not bookmark this hub for future reference?

Mark Knowles












Visit their profiles if you get the chance to, you learn a few things about them which may motivate you here on Hubpages. Remember they didn't become successful suddenly. They, like the rest of us are trying to do, had to work really hard and put a lot of time and effort into it to become successful at making money online by writing articles.

If they could do it, why can't you???


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