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Hubpages Stands Out Taller Than The Rest!

Updated on March 21, 2016

Sunset means that the sun will rise again


How Can Hubpages Stand Out

Actually Hubpages has to lead in producing high quality work that should be admirable in all the world. Other writing sites should borrow a leaf from Hubpages. One should be proud of being associated with Hubpages. Hubpages should be a household name. One should hold the site with awe and very high esteem. We should be treated with admiration just for being in Hubpages. How about Hubblers being provided with business cards,identity cards and other identification papers just to prove the point.

Hub pages should lead in enumerating its authors. The payment should be just right and timely. The Hubblers should be the most respected and feared blogging society on the internet. There should be a system which actually shows what one earns per hub written. In Bubblews for example, one sees how his income grows by the hour. Hubpages should do more than that,

Hubpages should attract more advertisers who will be happy to get their worth as per he advertisements they make. Some of the rules may be made more accommodating to increase sales.

Hubpages should put down properly laid down rules on how to use Amazon. Ebay, Google,Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and others. Some Newbies like us may not know how to use them.Knowledge is power and one who gives knowledge often equips the receiver of the knowledge.

Hubpages should introduce a better way of how the Hubblers interect after connecting with each other. The system exists but in my opinion it is not very effective.Hubblers interaction will make them know each other and also be able to learn from each other.

Unpublished hubs should be able to be viewed with other Hubblers as ameans of advertising them. They should not just be viewed by the writer only. Other hubblers should be allowed to comment on them so as to gauge whether it is publishable material or not.

The machines sometimes do not work properly. At times when one wants to type,the machines refuse typing citing aligning problems. There are times I have typed and the machines have refused to take the recorded material.

Some of these challenges are minor and if addressed they may improve the site and make it better than it is.Publications of hubs should also be done based on the power of the hub.Any mistake in the hub should be addressed individually so as to improve even the author and his work. Long live Hubpages! Long live Hubblers!

An Experience Worth Mentioning

My experience here on Hubpages usually brought me to tears. As much as I wanted to publish even a single hub was met with rejection.I frequently wondered how people ever manage to get published here. Which magic did they perform? How did they manage to boast of publishing more than ten articles? I was a beaten man. Was I not an author who contributed much onthe other sites?

As if this was not was not enough there were advertising agents like Google Adsence which always had you in check. They wanted enough material to be published in order for them to be able to even touch your work with a ten foot pole. It was very frustrating. My experience actually sharpened up and gave me a sense of striving to succeed beating all odds.

All my articles were either rejected to be substandard or one or the other things were not right. I had to redo the work every now and then. To be honest the word 'quit' started to keep on popping into my mind. Before it was not in my dictionary. I never looked at it leave alone imagining the word. Yet in Hubpages it frequently appeared in my memory. What was I to do? My ego was wounded! It was a case that I had never experienced before. It was a new experience. I coined the adage that, 'Ones learning experience only ends with their death'. I was not dead yet. Therefore I kept on learning.

In Bubblews one was encouraged to to acknowledge the source of your photographs. I therefore decided to be using my own photos though they were of poor quality. I found out that in Hubpages the photographs were to be of high quality. Here was another hurdle! It was a challenge that I needed to pass. I am still struggling with this though;yet I know that I will soon overcome. Challenges are just hurdles that one needs to jump in order to advance to another level. A ladder normally has steps that one needs to take in order to go a step higher. We do need never to stop at the first step but keep on moving. We have to know that we do not move downwards but upwards.

Now since Hubpages have systems put into place to ensure they produce high quality work,it has to stand up high among the other sites.

Fruits Are in Season



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    • stbrians profile image

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 2 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      @mary615 Yeah I asked to use it while in Bubblews. It was a great challenge but now I find it very cheap as I have matured here. It is only GoogleAd Sense have not given me an O.k and so have not yet earned here

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 2 years ago from Florida

      Yes, writing on HP is a challenge! I've tried other sites, but I always come back to HP. Photos were a challenge to me, too till I bought a cheap digital camera. There are many sites to go for photos we may use. I couldn't help but notice the photo you used has Thelma Alberts watermark.