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HubPages or Blogs?

Updated on November 15, 2021
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Blogger, freelancer, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.


Writing Online System

Do you employ a writing system with your online efforts? Maybe it goes further than online? I guess there is a world outside the Internet from what I've heard.

Even if unaware of it, most writers likely have an online writing system if writing anywhere at all. It makes sense that refining this system to maximize efforts will accelerate your online writing success.

The system I've built has changed over the last 6 months I've been writing online. Slowly it has improved and I've noticed some positive results. There is no scam involved here, just a systematic approach to garnering the best results from our efforts.

When refining this system (if you are a blogger and work at revenue sharing sites like HubPages) then you will likely come to this question. What platform do we make the center for our online writing efforts? Maybe you would like to join me as I explore this thought further.


The Merits of Both

HubPages and sites like it (Wizzley, Seekyt, Writedge) are quality places to write and they get their own traffic from being ranked high in the search engines. HubPages, especially, is one of the premier destinations for article writing revenue sharing sites. I have embraced HP and made a good effort here with 18 hubs so far.

With HP we can make money per view and through affiliate marketing with Amazon. This means there is a solid amount you will make with every view here. With a blog monetized with Adsense, for instance, this isn't as sure. You just don't know how much you'll make when relying on Adsense alone. Basically, we can assume that there will be an average amount made every thousand views either way.

Blogging provides more freedom and control over our writings. It is a platform that we can design and create to our liking. It is also a place where people can connect with us on many different platforms across the Internet. This makes blogging appealing to many people who like to be creative and see their creations take root and grow.

Yet, blogs are harder to get traffic to, especially, in the beginning when they hardly get any traffic at all. A blogger really has to work hard promoting and learning methods to get traffic back to their blog, eventually giving it authority in the search engines to garner organic search engine traffic. This can be the stumbling block for many people trying to blog. The learning process does take effort and time and has little to do with writing itself.

A place like HubPages allows writers to not worry about the creation and maintenance of the site writing on. Although, in the long run, learning how to create and manage a blog may result in more traffic and money than HP can bring. So the potential for blogging is likely greater than HP is in terms of growth.

Both platforms have their merits and both should be included in our writing efforts, but, personally, I lean towards making my blogs the center of my writing online system.


Where is your on-line writing center?

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Why I Choose my Blogs as the Center

In the end, after careful analysis, I had to conclude that my blogs are where I want to make my online writing center. The benefits of having more freedom and control over my writings and the potential to make more money in the long run helped me make this choice.

Of course, I'm going to still write on HP and Wizzley for as long as I can, and I will try to provide quality unique articles in the process. These revenue-sharing sites are quality platforms that benefit my writing efforts in many ways. Also, they are just enjoyable to use and interact with. They also provide good back-links and a separate extra income to add to what I make with my blogs.

Although my two blogs as of now don't get a ton of traffic, I have hopes they'll continue to grow and that I'll continue to learn new methods to apply, thus, making them better. As of now, the system I'm using is working to gain a good amount of traffic and the prospects seem to improve as my platforms grow. It's a holistic effort that takes a leap of faith to rely on, but when it comes down to it blogging is where my heart is.

This may not be the right choice for everyone, as we all have different systems we are using to make our writing efforts have the impact and growth we desire. I just wanted to share these thoughts with you to hopefully help you refine your online writing system.

© 2014 Robbie Newport


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