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Hubpages vs Bubblews: Where Can You Earn More Money

Updated on December 30, 2014

Bubblews And Hubpages

Hubpages and Bubblews have their own sets of pros and cons, but both sites are great websites to be apart of. If you are wondering which one of these sites are likely the better option in regards to earning money with, then you will want to continue reading the rest of this Hub, as it will go into a lot of details about Bubblews and Hubpages. Enjoy this Hub and good luck if you decide to write for one or both of these sites.

Brief Bubblews Overview

What Is Bubblews

Bubblews is a social media blogging platform that shares its revenues with its members. Members publishes posts of at least 400 characters, and then visitors to those posts can like comment and share posts.

As of now, Bubblews only allows members to make money via their revenue sharing program. As of now you cannot make money via affiliate marketing or by placing your own ads or anything of that nature.

Bubblews is still relatively a newer site, as it is only almost 3 years old. Overall, it is a great site to belong to and it has many pros to belonging to it.

Brief Overview Of Hubpages

What Is Hubpages

Hubpages is a content publishing platform that allows people to signup and publish content in the form of Hubs. Hubpages also shares its ad revenues with its members, and it allows them to use their own Google Adsense accounts. This is something that Bubblews doesn't allow its members to do, at least at this current time.

Hubpages allows you to earn money via their Hubpages Ad Sharing Program, your own Google Adsense ads, as well as an affiliate for Amazon and so forth.

Hubpages has been around for more than 5 years. Hubpages is also one of the most popular websites in the world and has many pros and great things that can be said about it.

Hubpages vs Bubblews: Where Are You Likely To Earn More Money

By now you are probably wondering where can you earn more money. Even though Bubblews is a good site and you can earn some decent cash, in the long-run, Hubpages is where you will likely earn the most money out of the two.

Hubpages offers you more tools to make your Hubs/articles look as best as possible. Bubblews allows you to throw up a post, but you can't really do much in terms of designs and adding capsules and have the chance at making some money as an affiliate, whereas Hubpages does.

Realistically, you can probably earn $50-$75 per month using Bubblews, but far more using Hubpages, but you will want to promote your Hubs and make them as attractive to the search engines and people on social media sites as you can. Sure, you can promote your posts on Bubblews to social media contacts, but you can't really tell who is viewing your articles, because as of now you cannot even tell how many views each of your posts are getting. Here on Hubpages you can.

We're not saying Bubblews is a bad site, because we love it and we think it rocks. However, in the long scheme of things, it is Hubpages that is the better site to focus on if you want to generate some extra income.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Hubpages is the site you will want to concentrate on if your goal is to make money. Bubblews is a legit website and they do pay you if you haven't broken any of their rules, but when it comes down to where you can make the most money, Hubpages is the better option out of the two.


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