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Hubs Grow Money, A Detailed Story of My Journey on Hubpages

Updated on December 9, 2016

My Love Of Hubpages

I am not the greatest writer. I don't understand anything about keyword research. So why I am so drawn to Hubpages?

Some people meditate. Some people shop. Heck, some people drink alcohol to release stress. Me, I write here on Hubpages. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to write. Writing is therapeutic and takes my worries away.

There is nothing like a fresh notebook and a newly sharpened pencil. My notebook and pencil keep me company everywhere I go. Writing fits into the pockets of my life. Waiting for girl scouts to be over, sitting in the doctor's office, I take advantage of any spare moment in my life to write. My day consists of working, taking care of my family, and writing. I couldn't be happier!

My Desk - Inspired By Hubpages

How It All Started

My husband had a great job. Our bank account was abundant and our mortgage was quickly getting paid down. While most other mom's were working, I was outside taking my babies for a walk in the fresh air. I couldn't be a luckier and more content mother.

During my lustful days as a stay at home mom I used play around on Hubpages just for kicks. I made a few dollars here and there. Every once in a while I would day dream about how I was technically a "paid" freelance writer.

Things changed.

My husband lost his job. He had to take one for much lower pay. Things were tight, we were barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

A Portable Office For Hubpages

Hubpages Buddies

Have you ever made a good friend on Hubpages?

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Hubpages - It Came to the Rescue During Dark Times

Times were lean. We were fortunate to have enough to pay our necessities every month. Luxuries? Forget about them.

There I was, taking care of the kids, unsuccessfully trying to find work, and managing the house. At that time I had two hubs that became increasingly popular. I was coming close to making a payout each month.

A few months passed by and I started writing some more articles on Hubpages. I just simply loved doing it. The voice inside of me telling me kept telling me that I could make more money on Hubpages.

Good News - The Voice Was Right

As I continued on with my obsession, I started making a payoff each and every month. It was at that point that I was hooked. I was so proud of myself! A payout might not seem like much to those who haven't experienced living on a shoestring to survive. For those of us that have, we know it could go a long way.

One single payout a month transformed my family from feeling desperate to hopeful. My payout made me smile, things weren't so bad after all.

Here are some things that my Hubpages earnings have helped me afford during a tough times. They have truly made a difference in my family's lives from one month to the next.

Hubpages Has Helped Me Afford

Contributing To My Kids College Accounts
A Garden For Our Family To Grow In The Summer
Flowers For My Uncle's Funeral
A Well Deserved Birthday Gift For My Husband
A Custom Made Birthday Cake For My Son
Cooking Classes For My Daughter
Dinner Out For The Four Of Us
Oil Changes Needed For Our CarsTo Run Properly
Haircuts For Our Family
Halloween Costumes
School Pictures
Gas & Tolls Needed For Us To Visit My Parents

My Son's Birthday Cake - Purchased With My Hubpages $

Priceless Support I Have Received From The Hubpages Community

Hubpages has not only helped my family stay afloat financially, it has also helped me deal with everyday issues in my life.

I no longer go to Google first to find out needed information. I look things up on Hubpages. Nine times out of ten I find more personalized and helpful information.

Examples of how my cherished Hubpages community has helped me through life's trials and tribulations -

  • A small business owner read one of my product review hubs. He was impressed and asked me to do one for him. I have been freelancing for him ever since. I make $200 a month at this job!
  • One summer we couldn't afford to take my daughter on vacation. I read a hub about a woman transforming her daughter's bedroom for $200. I copied the woman's idea step by step. Instead of giving my daughter a vacation that summer, I blessed her with a beautiful bedroom to grow up in.
  • After publishing one of my coupon Hubs, a fellow hubber reached out to me for some tips. We instantly hit it off and spent the rest of the summer sharing the deals we discovered. We still not only help each other save money but remain good friends.
  • Last year I found out I needed surgery on my parathyroid. Soon after, I located a Hub about a women who already went through the surgery. I commented on the Hub and the author reached out to me within minutes. She told me out easy it was and how much better she felt. I felt blessed and at ease with her words.

Hubpages Success Stories

I am not the only writer that has shared a Hubpages success story. In fact, there are many. Some author's have found emotional solace while writing Hubpages. One in particular wrote a few hubs about the passing of her sister. In return she was blessed with endless kind words and support from the Hubpages community. She even stated that writing on Hubpages helped her through her grief and speeded up the healing process.

Rumor has it that the most successful Hubpages writers earn from $650 to $3800. It takes a lot of time and diligence but nothing is impossible. The passive income you can create through Hubpages may be either big or small. No matter what your income it is, it's more stable than a paycheck in this economy.

I have written some hubs that have received very little traffic. I also have written some Hubs that receive over 400 views per day. Don't give up, it is possible to make good income on this site!

Top Five Tips From The Best Writer's On Hubpages

Take your time and write quality hubs

Read other hubs and give respectful feedback

Write about things you are passionate about

Promote your hubs on social media

Share your hubs in the Hubpages forums

Your Hubpages Income Can Be Inherited

Wouldn't be awesome if hubs could be passed down to our loved ones? One week ago I got curious and decided to e-mail Hubpages and find out the answer to my question. Here's what the outcome was -

My Question -

Hi Hubpages Customer Service,

I was just wondering - What happens if I pass away? Can my hubs still make money for my children or would they have to close the account.

I just wanted to know if they would have the rights to my hubs. Will they be able to earn money from them still.

I love Hubpages, it has changed my life for the better!


Answer From Hubpages -

Hi Amy,

You will absolutely be able to pass your account on to your loved ones. In fact, HP considers writing a very beautiful and important legacy and we fully support passing accounts on to family or friends at the time of your passing. Here's what you'll need to make sure the intended beneficiary has:

  1. Your HubPages username and password
  2. Access to the email account you have associated with HubPages
  3. The answers to your security questions

Should you be discussing this issue with your loved ones, you should also let them know that in the event of your passing, they will need to remove your PayPal account from the HubPages account and associate their own instead. As long as they have the 3 things listed above, they are welcome to email us for help with this step and we will be able to help them associate a new PayPal account in order to continue earning from your work. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else we can help with.
Team HubPages

Pretty awesome right? Both your hubs and your hubpages earnings can be passed on to your children or loved ones. Even if you pass, your kids can be blessed with this passive income every month.

My Final Words

Hubpages has helped make my life happier in many different ways. I am never giving up on it. I pray that Hubpages will be around for a long time, especially with the niche sites now in tact.

It has been hard for me to find full time work after being a stay at home mom for eight years. In the end, part time suited me best. The good news? Hubpages makes it possible for me to work part time. On the days I am not working, I write my hubs.

Hubpages has given me more control over my life. In the summer when my kids are home from school, I wake up extra early to squeeze in my writing. It also gives me the flexibility I need to visit my dad in the nursing home more often.

My earnings are growing and growing each month. They might not be as impressive as many other's but they are contributing to a brighter financial future for my family.

Every minute I spend writing my hubs is worth the time and effort. Let's face it, Hubpages is fun. Why not take advantage of this great resource?

How To Write & Make Money on Hubpages


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