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Nine Energy and Stamina Tips for the Writer

Updated on March 19, 2021
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The brain guides most of our behaviors. Author, Audrey Hunt, introduces us to the top three essential needs for the brain.


Try This Exercise For a Quick Burst of Energy

You're probably sitting down right now. To give yourself a quick burst of energy, simply go to a standing position and then sit down again. Do this three times in a row. I want your attention as you read this article.

9 Tips for Increasing Your Writing Energy

So, what kinds of things can we do to maintain the energy we need for writing? The following suggestions really do work and make a huge difference:

  • Get up and move around. Sitting for extended periods of time tires the mind. Make it a habit to walk away from your desk every now and then ( at least once every hour.) If you suffer from back problems, make it every 20 minutes.
  • Do some stretches. Even light, gentle stretching is helpful. And if you're older or have a problem getting down on the floor you can stretch right in your chair. Circulation improves when stretching.
  • Take a 10-minute walk 2 or 3 times a day. This clears the mind and will give you more energy.
  • Do a load of laundry, vacuum or any other household chore. The idea is to get the blood circulating through your body.
  • Drink plenty of water. Energy depletion and increased fatigue can be a sign that you aren't drinking enough water. Dehydration will make you fatigued and irritable.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Take time to prepare some nutritional foods for snacks. Sliced juicy apples, sliced cucumber and celery sticks with a little peanut butter, a hand full of nuts or a cup of yogurt with fresh fruit will give you energy throughout your writing sessions.
  • Deep Breathing. You must consciously breathe from the diaphragm ( abdomen). Expanding around the waistline as you inhale, and back in to exhale. Inhale for 5 seconds and hold for 15 seconds, then release your air for 10 seconds. This can be done while sitting at your desk or lying down. Repeat this 8-10 times, 10 times a day to raise your energy level.
  • .Get a full 8 hours of sleep. I have recently found out how crucial this is to keep healthy. Make whatever changes are necessary to get enough uninterrupted sleep.
  • For good mental energy choose the right thoughts and emotions. Make sure they are supportive for you.

I had to make some definite changes to increase my writing energy and stamina. I finally found my "hub energy." These are the changes I made.

The Flow of Energy Gives Life to Your Writing

Writing requires plenty of emotional and physical energy. To meet your challenges as a writer it's helpful to know how to increase your writing energy and stamina.

As writers, we are continuously creating. Your imagination feeds that creativity and the effort that is put forth is fueled by energy. One important habit to practice is that of budgeting your energy throughout the day (and night).

When I over-load myself as I am writing, with too many goals and deadlines, my energy suddenly "hits the wall" and I am forced to stop and take a break. I hate it when this happens, especially if I'm on a roll. It seems like once I stop

it isn't easy to re-establish my momentum.

I love those times when the writing flows effortlessly, almost like someone else is doing the writing. It's times like this when my vibrational energy is at its highest.

Let's take a look at how to unlearn habits that drain our flow of energy and what we can do to increase your writing and stamina.

Get up From Your Desk and Stretch Your Body

Take time to stretch.  Walk away from your desk and do some stretches to get the blood flowing throughout your body and brain. Try not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time.
Take time to stretch. Walk away from your desk and do some stretches to get the blood flowing throughout your body and brain. Try not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. | Source

Apples are a Good Fruit When You Need More Energy

A delicious crunchy sweet apple will give you enough energy to increase your writing stamina.
A delicious crunchy sweet apple will give you enough energy to increase your writing stamina. | Source

Hunting For Hub Energy

I decided to test the theory, " you are what you eat ." I made an appointment to see a nutritionist. After careful examination of my daily eating habits, it was suggested that I eat more protein and fewer carbs. Fewer carbs? Give me my money back. How can I give up bread? And I will never give up chocolate.

Well, I did. I reduced my carbs dramatically, dined on fish and legumes and controlled my chocolate intake. And my love for veggies is unlimited. Now, I'm a vegetarian with a huge smile.

I also began to increase my exercise routine (which is walking). And I also began walking more often and faster. Each time I began to feel sluggish while at the computer, I simply got up and took myself for a short brisk walk. It works like a charm.

I would like to mention that I now drink much more water than I used to. And I've also learned that a nice ice cold glass of water helps to reduce stress levels. So, H20 is so very important for those of us who write.

There are many factors that influence our levels of energy. Sometimes it's as simple as reading a positive and supportive comment left by a reader.

Do You Read Comments on Hubs?

Some of the best articles on the internet are those that are written for Hub Pages. And another gold mine found only on this writing site are the comments found at the bottom of the page. Priceless!

Comments come in all varieties. You will find heartfelt and sympathetic comments which touch you to your very core. Then there are comments that are so hilarious you will find yourself laughing out loud. The educational comments are so good you will bookmark them one by one to be read and used at the appropriate time.

On rare occasion, a negative and even down-right hateful comment will show up. And the dignity with which the author responds is impressive indeed and adds that much more to the professionalism of writers for Hubpages.

When I need some quick energy, I visit a few hubs, always leave a comment and read other comments left by fellow writers. I am immediately energized. I seem to pick up on the feelings and emotions written by others.

Never discount the value of a positive comment and the transformation that can come from this positive energy. Fatigue, stress, negativity and even fear can be turned into vibrance, strength, and love.

7 Tips For Commenting on an Article

  • When leaving a comment, avoid leaving a one-word reply such as " Great!" Leave something of value for both the writer and the reader. What is it about the hub that rates a "Great?"
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you have a similar experience?
  • Do you want to voice a different perspective?
  • Be sure to quote the author directly if you need to clarify what specific sentences you’re responding to.
  • Even if you simply want to compliment someone’s work, explain what you liked about it. Avoid vague comments like “Awesome! or Thanks for sharing.”
  • Be specific.

Commenting becomes an art in and of itself at some point. Once that happens, its something that brings as much satisfaction as posting a hub.

Pay Attention to Your Energy Peak Levels

Devote yourself to reading. Study the great authors. You'll get valuable lessons from each one. In turn, your confidence will grow which also can increase your energy. And speaking of energy, keep a daily log to note when your energy is at its peak. Most writers prefer the morning, but others do well in the evening.

Whenever possible, avoid distractions. You sure don't want anyone or anything to interrupt your train of may never get it back.

Listen to your body. When it says, "Take a break", take one. You'll avoid mistakes by refreshing yourself with a short nap or a quick walk.

Each one of you has left comments on my hubs that I value and treasure. As writers, we never know when or under what circumstances our words can be life-changing. What a responsibility we have. But what rewards we are blessed with.

Final Thoughts - Find Some Motivation Through Inspiration

First, we learn. Next, we grow. Then we share. How astounding this is. I find so much inspiration within the range of articles written here on Hub Pages. Inspiration equals energy. It motivates us. It empowers us. What would your answer be if you asked yourself the question, " Am I the kind of person who motivates and inspires others?"

When we experience fulfillment as a writer, we are satisfying one of the most important human needs. We must always move forward. It is impossible to just sit still. We either move forward or we move backward.

Find whatever it is that energizes you. We are all teachers. And teaching is the loftiest of all callings. Whenever you write, you are leaving your footsteps for others to follow. Be sure these footsteps lead to greatness.

© 2011 Audrey Hunt


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