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Hurricane Sandy Victims Still Need Help

Updated on October 1, 2014

Hurricane Sandy has left a path of destruction unlike anything we have ever seen and millions of people are hurting. They are cold, wet, hungry, stranded, scared, and many have lost everything. Those that haven't lost everything will have to face the clean up process alone because resources will be stretched beyond what seems humanly possible. And it isn't over yet. It will be days yet before we know the full extent of what this storm has done. With damage on the coast from wind and rain, fires in the East, and heavy wet snows in the mountains, many will be hurting and we can help.

Reports continue to trickle in of possible natural gas leaks, hospitals being evacuated due to broken generators, whole blocks of homes burned to the ground, communication system failures, and flooding that continues to keep people stranded. We can only imagine the cost of the destruction or the fear that people are feeling from New York to Jamaica as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Many of us write about being socially responsible. We write about human kindness. We write about being charitable and compassionate. We KNOW the power of words. Never have we been giver more of an opportunity to prove we believe our own words. Now...we need to make a difference!

My Personal Challenge

Each of us has an audience. It may be on hubpages or facebook, google +, or pinterest. We share some readers but we also have our own networks. I challenge everyone who reads this to use your voice and your network for a higher purpose.

I challenge you to write about some segment of the population affected by Hurricane Sandy and offer the readers some options for how to help.

I challenge you to write and disregard the normal issues of word count, SEO, pretty pictures, layout. Write from your heart and ask every reader of your work to do something to help. Can you imagine how many we can reach with our collective voice?

Will you rise to my challenge? Please?

I live in Virginia. We are the lucky ones. The storm did minor damage here but, many are without electricity and it is cold. Heavy snows have blanketed many areas while the trees were still heavy with leaves. Trees will continue to come down. The power companies will be stretched beyond their abilities. They will work around the clock, clearing roads of debris and risking their lives to restore power to those that are cold, hungry, and sitting in the dark.

What can you do?

  • Thank the utility workers.
  • Offer the utility workers a coffee or a thermos of hot soup.
  • Check on elderly relatives or those living alone to make sure they are okay.

Flood, Fire, and Wind Victims

Many people arewaking up in shelters because their homes have been destroyed by flooding. fire, or wind. The clean up won't stop when the water goes down. That's when the mold starts growing. They will lose everything and some already have.

What can you do?

These are all reputable charities who are doing good work.

First Responders

Fire, EMS, and Police, are out on the front lines rescuing and keeping order. Don't forget them.

What can you do?

  • Take food to the crew halls or police station.
  • Say thank you.

Divided no more!

Human life is our priority now. We can put the politics that have divided us aside and join in this sea of humanity that has the power to reach across lines of political conviction, race, age, religious practice and become what we are best at - being real HUMAN beings.

Please, won't you use your voice to encourage others to get involved in the effort to restore dignity, safety, and security to those that have lost so much? Will you write a hub and provide some resources for your readers?

Will you rise to the occasion? Will you meet my challenge? Collectively, we can do more than any one of us can do alone. We have the power of words and unity. We CAN make a difference.

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© 2012 Linda Crist


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