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How Summing Up YourDay Can Make 2015 A Successful Year for You

Updated on May 25, 2016
Morning starts with dreams
Morning starts with dreams | Source

A golden day has just dawned. Eyes are loaded with dreams. I know there are lots of things to do and I shall trying doing as well. I shall definitely also try to see the results of my previous actions. This hectic schedule is sure to not let me observe the changing colors and moods of the day. Night will sneak in silently. The eyes which were so full of hopes and ambitions will soon be laden with fatigue and sleep. The day will pass by. The pain of not being able to do anything meaningful and significant will go on escalating.

The most important question is;

Can I let it go on?

No way. Enough is enough. I want to know why I fail so often. I want to do something about it. So I have started to take account of my day. Just before I go to bed I, nowadays, write in a ledger, what I did, why I did, how I did and whether I succeeded or failed in my efforts.

Summing Up My Day Invites Improvisations For The Next Day

Taking account of my achievements and failures of the day has helped me a lot to make improvisations on my way of doing things. While I was not doig this, I woud start a day without thinking much what and how I did things yesterday. This would cut all the scope of making corrections and so the mistakes would often repeat wholly or partially. Though I have started to conclude few days back only yet I have observed that changes are happening for the better. For example, look at the following difference that I was able to ceate due to this:

(a) I observed that one of my defunct bank accounts was attracting fines to the tune of abour Rs 200 per month. Annually it amounted to Rs 2400 which was a big loss. Immediately I closed it by paying Rs 1300, the fine that had accumulated. This would save me this amount of money every month plus my financial history won't be degraded. This is essential for any loans that I might require at some stage.

(b) I tried writing a hub in a new category.

My observation after submission: My traffic went down and I did not receive a single comment.

Improvisation: I have decided to refrain from writing hubs in this category.

Sum up your day by jotting down your success and failure
Sum up your day by jotting down your success and failure | Source

Quick Corrections

Since I am revising my actions and habits immediately. In other words, Faults are no longer lingering and adhering to my working style. They are getting cleaned quickly. This is making my work error free. Though I have not started this full fledgedly I am gradually making it a habit. Many have a habit of noting down their experiences in a diary. I am writing down my observations as to which acts were productive and which of efforts did not turn into a useful output. A cursory glance at this ledger briefs me well about the actions which I should take in future and those which I should discard. Maintaining a ledger in this way can let you revise your habitual mistakes at a later perid and one stands to gain by not repeating the mistakes.

Self Realisation Soothes My Mind

Summing up my day includes

1. Analysis of what I have done

2. Separating successful and failed efforts.

3. Thinking how not to repeat the faults.

4. Making the correct way of working a habit.

While passing through these phases I silently move into meditation. When I come back to my normal being I find myself quite at ease with myself. This gives me a sense of healing and the feeling that I am correcting myself, greatly relieves me of all the fatigue that I have accumulated during the day.

I Derive Satisfaction From Conclusion

Earlier I would just spend the day and think while going to bed about how I lost the day without living up to my commitments. I would regret about the time that I lost in gossips, hang outs and other worthless things. But since I have become conclusive I have started to value my time. I, now, think what I did from 5 to 6 or 9 to 10 and how I lost the hour or utilized it. Now, I complete a task and say to myself, "You have completed this. You have used time in a substantive way." This gives me immense satisfaction and a sense of being worth for something or somebody.

This In fact Is Time Management

Concluding your day in fact teaches you time management. You will learn where do you get the beating, what are your weak zones of losing time and how you can convert them into productive areas. If you want you may break down the time span into still smaller chunks and may become more descriptive of the analysis. In the following video, you get to know how.

Understanding My Limits

Concluding my day makes me understand my abilities, capacities and boundaries. I have a rough idea of how much work I can do efficiently. With this, I know how much can or should I stretch myself. So I can express how much work I should be alotted so that I will complete it perfectly. I have always valued quality and do not hurry to work more. To put it another way, I preferquality to quantity. Understanding my limits has helped me to work as much as I would be able to do maintaining my quality.


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