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I Made Money On AdSense And Dont Know How It Happened!

Updated on January 31, 2011

I just happened to click on my adsense account and saw that I made 95 cents today! I looked at my fiance' and said "HEY!!! I just made 95 cents" He of course looked at me like I was CRAAAZZZZZYYYY. I explained what I was doing and that I didn't really understand how it all works. He says, who cares how you made it, just be glad you did. See... I don't look at it that way. If I made even a nickle, I want to know how I made it because I want to continue to do that and make more. He didn't get it. THIS is why this was the first time he has heard the word adsense come out of my mouth.

Anyway, I searched and searched the adsense website and still can't see where the 95 cents came from. So I guess for now, I have to wait and see what happens tomorrow and maybe I'll catch on soon enough.

Ok, so here's an update. Like I said last night I couldn't SEE where the money came from, but today it shows that I had two clicks.

**Update 1/30  Adsense is now up to $2.57 - so my 2nd day and I am seeing some potential! Worst case scenario..  Even just a dollar a day, would be $30.00 per month, $365 a year... woooot wooot! I can deal with that for doing what I enjoy doing!

Stop in at DiscoveringDeals and see if you can find any goodies!


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    • BloggingPilar profile image

      BloggingPilar 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Thanks Explorer... from what I've researched, the more HUBS you make, the more chance of someone clicking on the google ads (adsense) - having keywords are VERY important.

    • Explorer01 profile image

      Explorer01 6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, U.S.A.

      I'm with you. I like to figure out what I'm doing right so I can continue the trend too. Good job.

    • BloggingPilar profile image

      BloggingPilar 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Thanks Garden Goddess and you are exactly right. I was kind of being sarcastic, but it didn't appear that way in my paragraph. It's one of those things thats hard to determine when you aren't talking face to face :) I think I'll remove it, so it doesn't give anyone any ideas, lol

    • Garden Goddess profile image

      Garden Goddess 6 years ago from Garden Of Eden

      Hello BloggingPillar,

      Congratulations on your .95 on Google AdSense. I am no expert on Google AdSense but although it is not against hubpages or Google AdSense policies to click on an ad that you are interested in on another person's hubs. I believe excessively clicking on ads just to help other hubbers can be considered fraudulent behavior and I think it can result in getting banned as well as penalize the other hubs due to fraudulence activity on their accounts.

      I agree it would be nice to help others make money, but I think voting up and leaving a great comment is more helpful in getting their hubs ranked higher in the search engines which than produces more traffic and as a result a chance for revenue. Google needs to protect the advertiser's interest. I would not want to pay for advertising to people who are not interested in my ads, would you?