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I have a few fans compared to my hubs? What do I do?

Updated on May 12, 2009

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You, rancidTaste, has only few fans in Hubpages? What happens to you? Don't you like fans? Or the hubpages members avoid you? Why your name is such type? Look, I have many fans. I joined hubpages just one month ago. But have lots of fans with small no of hubs.....

Do you ever receive these type of mails? I just put only some lines here. What do you think about the mail? Are you thinking whose mail is this? Or who writes it? Yes, I, rancidTaste got this e-mail luckly unifortunately in my dreamy life. I still don't think whether I'm in dream or not. But the e-mail is mine and I already read and told you some part of the original mail. I see, I'm in real life. I want to express my feelings and about your opinion about the mail.

Image taken from and modified by myself.
Image taken from and modified by myself.

Fan and Fan club, these two words are very common in Hubpages? Do this sound crazy? Fans are like your friends in hubpages. Every person in hubpages has a fan club.To be a fan of him or her, you must have to join his or her fan club. You join to others fan club when you find that person has some hubs with good contents. If those contents are really interesting and is very helpful, then only you join that person's fan club. Otherwise, I don't know the real necessity to join any one's fan club.

Up to now, I joined hubpages seven months ago. But I have only little no of fans. Before publishing this hub, I have only 79 fans and 95 hubs (including this). Do you believe this? Yes, you have to. I have only a small no of fans during this long period. Why? Do you want to know it? Yes, I will tell you.

I think, you can join to other's fan club when his or her pages are interesting to you or useful to you or that person is useful or interesting to you. Otherwise, why you join? I joined several persons fan club. Those 79 fans also joined my fan club. I'm happy as they join my fan club. Moreover, I also happy to join their fan club. Making more fans is this a game? I don't think so. I still see some person who joined hubpages just less and has little no of fans but has lots of fans...uncountable to my imagine. Does they really interested to join their fan club or just to play games? What do you think? I don't like to support this. Because you only join hubpages just less than 24 hours but you have more than 2 hubs and more than10 hubs...How this happen? Are you trying to establish a fan cloud or writing good contents?

My 79 fans are really nice and all of them are best. I think they are really nice and most of them like at least some of my pages. I'm confident. I don't force them to join my fan club. I like the freedom of human life. In hubpages, I put a logic, I will join to those fan club whose pages are interesting to me and have a good lesson to others. I only join others and don't force them to join my fan club. I also got some mails like, Hi, I joined your fan club. Hope, you will join my fan club too.

I joined many hubbers fan club and also bookmarked them to my hubpage account and my Google bookmarks account. I got mails from those fans too. I read there hubs and make comments sometimes. I think the hubbers hubs really informative and fully filed with rich content. So, I feel shame to make comments. So, I always read their hubs but feel shy to make comments. I don't know whether this is the main cause of my low no of fans in my fan club?

Dear hubbers, I know you have a lots of fans. But I have only a few. It's really less. Can you tell me the secrets to make lots of fan. Is there a good way to make people becoming fan to my fan club? After finding such mail, I feel very sad. Really, I'm a bad hubber!! If I'm a good hubber, many people become a fan of mine. I read others hub pages and really like their hubpages. But I hesitate to publish or make comments to their hubpages. Is it a sin not to publish any comment to others hubpages? Is this the main reason of my less no of fans? What do I do? I don't know. I am feeling much bad after receiving the mail. I really feel bad. Can you please give me some suggestions to increase my fans in my fan club? What is your opinion?

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By rancidTaste


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    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 8 years ago

      Thanks badcompany99, philipo, compu-smart, goldentoad, Whikat for your comment. Yes, all of you are right. There is a great opportunity to collect fans by commenting others hubs and by joining others fan club.

    • profile image

      Whikat 8 years ago

      Hi R.T nice to meet you. I see looking through some of your hubs that you are a techie. Very cool and useful stuff. I am always in need of a techie to teach me things that I can not figure out. I will be your fan. :-)

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

      fans don't pay the bills or even take you for a beer. cheap summa-maguns

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 8 years ago from London UK

      yes, do comment in others hubs, join fan clubs of people you like, keep on hubbing and doing what you do and fans will increase al the time..Its NOT all about the fans but i know what you mean from one of your fans, comp;)

    • profile image

      philipo 8 years ago

      The secret is to join other people's fan club. Join those you belief in what they write.