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Increase Targeted Internet Traffic To Your Site

Updated on July 18, 2011

Targeted Internet Traffic


This article is going to help you increase targeted traffic to your site; make sure you read every word with clear understanding. I am a practical based writer, what do I mean by this? It means that I write things that are practical and not just things that can only be carried out on the paper (that is theory) just for the sake of gaining popularity, when I can actually get more web traffic to my site being real and practical, so let’s go to the topic; how to get your site a more targeted internet traffic.

What I am about to reveal to you, are practical ways of driving traffic to your site, blog or hub, just follow the steps outlined and see what happens to your site traffic or visitors thereafter. Try the tips, it works, no hard rules because every secret was made simple even for a newbie to grab. Good luck!

Driving traffic to your website requires you to perform some simple internet tricks, of which most are for free. But if you are selling valuable products on your site, and you want to double the traffic in less time, through driving targeted internet traffic, then you will also need to combine Google pay per click advert called, adwords, to make sure you reach to your targeted audience faster.

First, you must admit the simple truth that the purpose of your lunching a web site, blog or hub, is to make money through it, either by providing timely and accurate information for online users through the help of the internet. This information can be in the form of; news, tips, answer to a problem, entertainment, etc or whatever you have in mind.

You either charge people for rendering the above services mentioned or you are rendering it for free to achieve a particular goal, but whichever way you follow, you must accepted the fact that you want to make money from your site, blog or hub using one affiliate program or the other? Unless you are running a charitable site

To achieve whatever goal you want to achieve through your site or hub, you need traffic or visitors to view the information you are offering. Haven this in mind, let’s go straight to the topic; how to drive traffic to your site.

The first step I want you to take is to try as much as possible to create an impression of keeping everyone that visits your site or blog highly excited, as if they stumbled upon a free gold mine, even though you might be marketing some kind of physical objects that cost some pretty dollars. How do you achieve this? By offering your visitors authentic and helpful information for free, either in the form of; news, reports, adverts, updates, free video downloads, musical clips and any other valuable thing that you can provide.

Remember, the best legitimate way to get peoples’ email addresses for your marketing business, is to initiate a free subscription newsletter in your site? So that the more people subscribe for your free newsletter, the more you gain legal access to email them as many services as possible that you have to offer (both paid and non-paid). This is one of the sure ways; most smart marketers get emails they use in marketing their products. But first, offer them free stuffs, to draw their attention

Steps To Increase Traffic In One Month

The steps to increase your site traffic in one month

We all know that more traffic to a site means more money and popularity for the owner of the site? If this is the case, why should you relent from taking those bold steps required for you to drive traffic to that your site that always have 100 views per month? Why not try and increase it to say, 10,000 views or more per month?

Do you know that some sites have more than 1,000,000 views every month, and guess what? They make lots of money either from the huge number of viewers who click on some pay per click ads displayed on their site or hub or by the number of viewers who buy things through their site (affiliate links), you two can achieve this greatness, read on.

Bold step number one: Email and web advertising. You are going to make use of your email address and site in all your real-world advertising, including Internet deals. What do I mean by this? Affix your site address in your business cards, stationary, letterheads, brochures,, flyers, handbills and all of your advertising deals. Share with friends, colleagues, penpals, family, relations and even schoolmates your new site or blog address, encourage them in a decent polite manner, to assist you in passing the message to their friends and pals the way you just did. But I must warn you, don’t send spams or unsolicited mails to people, it is better to apply the free newsletter subscription trick I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Bold step number two: Make good use of free social bookmarking sites. Before I give you a list of some free social bookmarking sites where you can submit or bookmark your site or hub for free, I would like to warn you first.

Warning: Social bookmarking is a very useful tool to get your site an organic (natural) backlink and traffic that you must apply very appropriately, if you want your site to get more and more search engine recognition or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when people search for related topics on popular search engines like; Google, Yahoo, Ask, Mamma, MSN etc. But you must avoid registering your site with illegitimate sites or site with adult or unsolicited contents, unless you want search engines to blacklist your site, which is not why you are reading this hub.

I know the next question in your mind, which site and how should I register my site then? Relax yourself; I will answer that question shortly. Before registering your site with a social bookmarking site, please make sure you choose the correct title and category that fits your site’s content, to ensure high and good ranking by search engines. I am sorry to let you know that If you choose wrongly, don’t be surprised that they might delete your submission or when visitors search for contents relating to the one in your site, they won't find it because the title or category didn’t match your content.

Take a practical example, you have a site that talks about Smoking, and you now went and registered it under the following title and category: make huge money on the internet, category- making money. May be you choose this for a hidden intentions, may be for the fact that if you tag it as a money making site, people will like to visit it more, since everybody wants to make money on the internet. But I bet you, you have done more harm than good to your site, because it will never get any view to mention traffic. So choose the appropriate title and category when linking your site to a social bookmarking site.

Lists of good free bookmarking sites:

Links manager: ( this site provides you with free registration for your site, and it is reputable, you can try it.




Yahoo: ( you can submit your site for traffic generation and to also check the number of sites that are linked to your own site.

All the same, I want you to also note that it is possible to achieve this dream of getting more and more visitors or traffic to your site or hubs, and still earn less or nothing at the end. What should be the cause of this? Many things can lead to this ugly situation of huge traffic but less income: it could be that you are not using a good article publishing platform, I suggest that you start publishing your articles on hubpagesand watch your AdSense, Amazon or Ebay earnings rise beyond your expectations. To start writing on hubpages if you don’t have an account with them yet, click hereto register for free.

Another reason for huge traffic less income could be that you are writing on keywords with low AdSense CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM. You can change this, by centering much of your articles on high paying keywords with high CPC, to find out the high paying keywords with the highest CPC, and how to write articles or hubs that will trigger high paying ads to display on your hub or blog, go here to discover the highest paying keywords or phrase for free.

If you are still interested in learning other simple but trusted ways of earning money online aside Google Adsense, check here for a lists.

I wish you all the best in all your internet gold mine search, and please stay away from scammers. Good luck!


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