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Most Interesting News Articles

Updated on January 11, 2016
Interesting News Articles
Interesting News Articles | Source

Interesting Facts About The World

Interesting News Articles

There are several men's books out on the news stands these days almost as many as women's and I find Interesting News Articles ,while scouring through each one I thumb through . I think for a man to read a interesting news article in a Playboy or Maxum magazine usually has to do with sex. Sex still sells and always will as long as there are men and women ,who are always trying to figure on what moves the next sex is going to do or try to accomplish. Interesting news article's can be found in women's magazines also to help a man know a women a little bit better, but you will not see too many men looking through a Cosmopolitan magazine at an airport book store usually.There are also great websites to go to like , and find out the gossip of others.

There must be an unwritten rule that interesting articles show up in the magazines a little bit after it has hit the Internet or news,and the local or National news ,well we can't really rely on their sources .Then in turn comes Playboy for example, I have not picked one up for the reason I only pick up Studio Musician books, I don't care what is the articles in Playboy right now,because I can get it on the Internet , Pictures and articles,why buy the magazine, and that said , the musician magazines are the same , but I get a prize usually and has software with my fifteen dollar magazine from MusicTech and that makes it worth the interesting news articles I am speaking of. Maybe it's time I looked at a Playboy to see if they too are selling something like a disc for me to put in my Personal Computer that is useful to me, I have not looked.

I know when you started to read this interesting news article I am writing , you were expecting something exciting about Coca Cola or World peace possibly, you just ran into this by mistake, I am glad you did. The most interesting news article to me will be different than for you.I don't play or listen to much about politics, and maybe you do. I just enjoy interesting news articles on subjects I like, not what the mass of people like,and I call that news. I use to watch the news for the information I now find biased in the magazines while I am getting a haircut,and though most articles are not that interesting to me, I will read them to pass the time.

I guess all in all interesting news articles are those what one finds to their interest, not mine. This is why we look for keywords I suppose to see what is interesting to the machine,as far as the masses. I am not sure how correct a computer is, yet I received a phone call one time from a bill collector who had my name wrong and account number wrong, and I said,"Son is that computer always right?", He said," of course it is", I hung up. To not bore you with my interesting news article I will end this article right now, remeber what I find interesting may not be what my girlfriend may think is interesting and so on, so be careful whom you tell your interesting news article to, it may offend them.

Christopher Hyer2.20.2011

Interesting Place to Live


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