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Islamic ghettos in the UK.

Updated on April 15, 2016
Trevor Phillips.
Trevor Phillips. | Source
Anti - Muslim group in the UK:  Britain First.
Anti - Muslim group in the UK: Britain First. | Source
Muslims demonstrating for Sharia law in the UK.
Muslims demonstrating for Sharia law in the UK. | Source
Mosques like this one in Birmingham now dominate many skylines in the UK.
Mosques like this one in Birmingham now dominate many skylines in the UK. | Source

So called British Muslims.

The Muslim population of Europe is rather larger these days hence immigrants coming from Pakistan, Turkey, the Arab world, Africa, Eastern Europe as well as converts. But what I am focusing on today is the Islamic population in the UK which come from diverging ethnic backgrounds. You enter a mosque and you will see Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds whether European or South Asian all worshipping at that mosque.

Trevor Phillips who has worked in the ethnic and equality industry for many years will be introducing a programme on Channel 4 in the UK about what so called British Muslims think of the UK as a country.

The results of the survey took a straw poll of 1000 Muslims born and bred in the UK which is the programme on Channel 4 Trevor Phillips is presenting. Views ranged from Gays for example and their sexual practices and their recognition of being couples and raising children as straight people do was that the law giving equal rights to these people should be repealed and this was half of the Muslims asked. 39 % of Muslims thought women should obey men no matter what and that 23% of those asked or those taking part in the survey commissioned by ICM would want Sharia law in certain or all parts of the UK.

The survey also touched on why young Muslims brought up in the UK and never knowing nothing else all their lives apart from their own Muslim culture would radicalise themselves and join Islamic State or Al - Qaeda and commit acts of violence either abroad or at home.

Trevor Phillips has conceded that getting Muslims to fully integrate into UK society is the toughest thing the UK has ever had to face. He went on that many Muslims live in a ghetto like state where parts of many inner cities in the UK don't look English or British any more. It is like a nation within a nation and that is very troubling as far as I am concerned and probably as far as Mr Phillips is concerned too.

There are no doubt many Muslims who have made the effort to integrate and learn English and do not like extremist groups, however, according to this survey there are many also of the other opinion.

Other ethnic groups live here too like the 800,000 Poles coming from Eastern Europe. But by and large they blend in, they have a similar culture to the native Brits that is Christian and European even Black people who are largely Christian from Caribbean and African backgrounds also blend in well as they too are largely Western orientated.

I often wonder if Islam in the West is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, its not going to happen any time soon when it comes to assimilation and integration. Again no doubt many Muslims do live their lives in a Western way whilst still being Muslim but there is always that fear they will become radicalised.

Is Islam in the UK and Europe at large a trojan horse within our secular or Christian society, well the results of this survey are not good and how we address them well I think there are no easy answers.

Islamic extremism in Europe now is a daily part of life and indeed is encouraging a Native European backlash in groups like Britain First and Pegida. If extremism from Islam in Europe grows and also the counter extremism from the Native European groups mentioned the future looks troubling.


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