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Join HubPages, The Best Content Website For Writers

Updated on March 3, 2010

HubPages Is A Writers Workshop, Content Publisher And Revenue Earner All Rolled Into A Great Website

The best writers want to write for the best website! Photo credit Ben Zoltak all rights reserved.
The best writers want to write for the best website! Photo credit Ben Zoltak all rights reserved.

The best content website for writers

Why is HubPages the best content site for writers?

I have been writing for HubPages for just over two months now. I have found that the main reason Hubpages is such a great place for writers is the camaraderie and personal interaction with other writers. This is not a place where any writer will make a mint over night, but it is a place where some revenue can be made over time, all the while you are encouraged by other engaging writers from different walks of life, not to mention different parts of the globe.

HubPages has only the bare bones of restrictions as compared to other sites. Take it from someone who formerly wrote for an editor who completely changed the tone and edge of my articles. Here you can cut from your own cloth, and if you like, still receive critiques from other writers on forums on the website such as Extreme Hub Makeover. Or you can just ask simple questions on just about any of the varied forums. Or if you'd like an especially creative or researched answer to any question under the sun, you can submit your question for all writers on HubPages to see and answer.

Another reason HubPages is the best content website for writers is that you get instantaneous feedback for your writing. You get all the tools that go along with Google, as well as tools that show you your favorite writers on the site itself.

HubPages has what scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, plumbers, homemakers and candlestick makers like to call, The Goldilocks Principle. Does that mean that HubPages pays you in porridge? Hardly. According to Wikipedia The Goldilocks Principle:

"Describes a situation which is just right in a manner akin to that portrayed in the tale."

This tale is a portrayal of your writing being appreciated by a dedicated group of creatives who roundly receive, support and enjoy reading your work. If you've ever taken a lousy grammar class, or paid for a weekend at a sour writers workshop, or paid tens of thousands for a writing degree that hasn't been paid for yet, you will probably appreciate the level of support, and variety of skills to be found here at HubPages.

Write Like A Rascal Or Write Like A Well Read Reader!

Photo credit: Ben Zoltak - All rights reserved. HubPages, Write For The Best Content Website
Photo credit: Ben Zoltak - All rights reserved. HubPages, Write For The Best Content Website

HubPages Is For Writers, Lovers, Comedians And Engineers

HubPages is a kind of pro-wrestler of the online writing world! HUBPAGES WILL TAKE ON ALL COMERS!!! NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

HubPages is not a stuffy, curmudgeon designed to strangle your creativity to death with piles of content restrictions and a well funded army of grammar police. HubPages wants serious and well written content, but writers here are also allowed to have some fun too.

If HubPages were a boxer, this content website would be Joe Louis announcing to all writers everywhere, "You can run but you can't hide!"

There is a spirit at HubPages of can-do attitude that is rare in the writing world. You can find that here in stacks and rolls! Signing up is easy, Writing is fun. Making money is also a goal that's not too shabby.

In two months time I have already had thousands of people view my articles. I have showcased my art and my writing, all the while having conversations with artists and writers from here in the States, Australia, Canada, Croatia and Spain, just to name a few! I have researched several subjects and published angles I've been wanting to lay down for years. Now I have! Meanwhile, your writing muscle gets pumped! Before you know it, your writing as though you fell out of the womb with a keyboard under your arm! You write like your pen is on fire and the only way to put it out, is to write down every notion and inkling for an article that you've ever needed to get out of your head! Lots of websites might claim to be the best content site for writers, but HubPages delivers! Join us won't you?


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