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Joining Hubpages: My Newbie Statement

Updated on June 14, 2016

This hub was not initially intended to be a published hub; but, as it often happens when writing, it went from a personal reflection to a full-blown article! So, here it goes!

I'm a Newbie!

I joined HubPages just about 2 months ago, and so far all I have done is read, read, and read! There are many exciting hubs out there, with explanations and tips on many relevant topics. So interesting that I honestly thought that reading would be all I would end up doing here! Then I got worried that, once again, I would deviate from my main purpose here - to write. To write about something: pick a topic, research and write about it, or maybe simply play with words, pick on my experiences (many and still so few), my senses, my feelings, and just write!

I login to HubPages almost every day, and yet I have not managed to write one single hub! No clue what I should be writing about, the tone I should use, the topics to pick, no clue at all! I started reading the tons of great published articles here on HubPages, searching for the right hub, the right topic to talk about. Right for what? I honestly don't know, this is a common little problem of mine, always looking for the "right something", and never really doing anything at all! Well, in this case, I read and gained some knowledge, I guess not all time is lost. Anyhow, I think I hit one of those irritating blank moments!

At some point, I started reading a few hubs on types of hubbers and the few ups and downs of HubPages. There are excellent articles about writing for HubPages, how to do it and which topics to write about. I ended up bookmarking a lot of articles from the HubPages Learning Center, to learn more about hubbing. After so much reading, it hit me! Before writing any hub, I should first understand what got me here in the first place! Puff – epiphany moment!

What I take from HubPages

Why do I want to write hubs at all? Is it for money? Is it to share feeling and experiences? Just for the sake of writing? What is it that made me make a conscious decision of writing here?

To find out, I took a piece of paper and started writing down all the good things I can take from writing here. A few minutes after I had this list:

· I Learn!

· Potential to expand my vocabulary;

· Develop my writing skills;

· Maintain and Improve my “student’s skills.”;

· Instigate creativity;

· Yap, maybe cash-in.

I Learn from Writing Hubs:

I realized that by writing about a topic, whatever topic it may be, I always end up learning something. If I pick a topic that I know nothing about I, naturally, end up learning something about that particular topic. If it is a subject that I know about, it can take me deeper into the details, perhaps giving me a new perspective on it. After all, this is one of the beauties of writing - the research and learning process!

Potential to Expand Vocabulary

As a writer, vocabulary is crucial. It is one of the foundation pillars of exceptional writing, be it short or long form, fiction or not!

Even though I was born in an English speaking country, English is not my first language. I lived the majority of my life away from an English speaking environment. Thus, it is even more important for me to explore and expand my vocabulary in the English language.

Writing goes hand in hand with reading when it comes to expanding vocabulary. Both play a significant role and, because writing also requires some reading, then what better to do than that exactly – writing!

Develop my writing skills

Someone once said that "the best tool to become a writer is to be a writer. To write and write, nonstop, even if feeling one is not capable of a producing a well-written piece, just write."

This opened my mind to the many months and years I've wasted not writing because I doubted my skills and felt self-conscious about writing publicly.

If you don't try you'll never know where it can lead you, right?

Improve My "Student's Skills"

I am currently a university student and, as one, I need to have my writing skills in check! I need to know how to write an essay, article, how to do research, analyze, and report my findings. Writing and publishing articles here at HubPages will allow me to practice all these skills. It helps me maintain them and even improve them – practice makes perfect!

Instigate Creativity

I believe that creativity lives in all of us, many just don’t nurture the little seeds in us. Thus, if I start writing, I will most likely create a train of ideas that can generate other thoughts. It might even instigate some other type of creativity – it can result in a painting, sculpture, speech, a dance piece, or something else completely different! Who knows!

I’m always complaining that I’m the only one in the family with not a single creative bone! This way I’ll keep trying!

Make Money

I would be lying if I said money is not something I look forward to taking out of HubPages. I mean, I am a student and mother of a baby girl. I need to pay bills and put food on the table. Of course, a little extra money is welcomed. In fact, I only found out about HubPages, when I was looking up information on ways to earn money with AdScene. I read a few hubs about how a handful of people are making a significant about of money writing here at HubPages. The hub titled how to make money writing for HubPages, for example, is a great read for anyone who’s interested in making money writing on HubPages.

That being said, if money does not come my way, I have at least five more reasons to continue writing for HubPages!

Why Did You Join Hubpages?

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What about you?

Did you join HubPages for the fun of it, for money, or something else? What were your thoughts when you first started and how have they changed (or not) over time?

It's always great to learn about what drives other writers! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

© 2009 Veronica Almeida


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    • profile image

      eswar 8 years ago

      Having a lot of ideas doesn't help you to become successful, but executing it will bring success to you.

      "The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

      Mark Twain

      We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


      I very much believe in those two sayings, and on my own i love this quote with a small correction of my own "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going" to me it is "when the going gets tough you don't need to be tough but JUST GET GOING"

      So welcome abroad, bring your ideas in to reality.

      Best wishes.

    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 8 years ago from TORONTO

      Thank you Shalini. I'm already having some ideas for future hubs. :P

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Welcome to HubPages - now that you've got your first hub going, the going will be easy!