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Keywords... a must for business

Updated on July 3, 2011

The internet is a wonderful thing. It takes people from every corner of the Earth and places them a screen apart. No oceans dividing them or 10,000 mile gaps between homes. With just a single tap of a key, you can be any place in the world you want to be. The Web has become the place to be whether you use it for business, pleasure or a mix of both. Waiting for weeks to hear from a friend or business associate has become something from our past only.

Advertising took on a whole new meaning when the internet became a part of offices and homes. You can reach out to millions in a moment and be seen by anyone that has access to a P.C. The advances made in the past 10 years are almost over-whelming. On-line Marketing is a force that has completely captured the business world. If you are not advertising on-line today, then you are some-where in the back of the line. The internet can mean the difference between sales and No sales, growing and not growing, profits or no profits. If you have something to sell, the original ways are always still available. Classifieds and billboards, as well as radio and Television still have their place in the business world. The only question is how many and how fast do you want reach out to.

But... yes, there is always a but somewhere. Years of learning by trial and error have taught us many things about the internet world. Some of it has been good and some has been perhaps not so good but, all of it has been valuable in some way. One very important lesson learned by this writer is this. No matter what your business is or what you may be trying to "expose" the rest of the world to, through the internet, onem thing is for certain. Simply having your name or product in the mix of the other Millions of people trying to sell a product or idea, unless you have the right "keywords", you are just going to be a name on a long list of other names. Keywords and tags are very possibly the most important aspects of your advertising you will ever use. They transform your name into a product or subject that people are searching for.

I am a writer. I have published 5 novels. I have produced a C.D. of my own songs. I have 5 blog sites I maintain. I write for many websites and have articles spread all across the internet. Did you know that? You Do know it now because I just told you so. But you don't know where they are because Darrel Day is just another name on a very long list of names on the internet. How do I get this knowledge to you, even if you do not know who Darrel Day is? "Keywords." Tags. Labels. The three are one in many ways. They all serve the purpose of taking who I am or what I do on-line and giving others a reference point to finding me.

Unless you are a Known name, someone in the public eye, then you are a name... plain and simple. How do I become something sellable? I utilize the keywords and labels and tags that will get you from point A to point Z. You aren't looking for Darrel Day, at least you don't know you are until you key in a word that will take you to my novels. Novels, suspense, thrillers, murder, mystery, ghost stories, Sci-fi... each of these words are keywords. Each of them will open up a world of novels that will somewhere contain Darrel Day's novels. Once you are in the area that you are searching for, you can narrow the search to new authors, local authors, books on kindle, books at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. These are just examples of how keywords bring you right to where you want to be. They aide in finding the very product or article you are searching for.

This is not really about helping someone find something. The purpose of this write is to show you... as the one that has something to say or sell or give away, that minus the right keywords, you are leaving yourself lost in an ocean of sellers, like a ship 1000 miles out to sea. Without a beacon of some sort, no one knows you are adrift, except You.

The internet is very much like a huge ocean with millions and millions of open water. You want to make sure that everyone that Can know you are out there, Does know you are there. You want to give them the most direct line to what they are looking for and where they can find it. Poor keywords or no keywords means less business for you. Your time is valuable and so is the person's time that is searching for what you have to offer. Your product or article being the first to light up someone's screen puts you in the front of the line. Use your keywords to make you more than just another name. Use them to make the Darrel Day's, author of novels and producers of C.D's the product that people are searching for. Your business can truly depend on something so simple as the Right word.

To be seen or not be seen...

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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      that is so true and today, with everyone able to "toot their own horn" it is even more important to TOOT loudly and directly so you are the first thing people see when they go looking. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helped.

    • fatgrammy profile image

      fatgrammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

      You are doing what I need to do,and that is ADVERTISE! I have always been told to toot your own horn because no one else will do it for you.