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About ZodiacImmortal

Updated on September 11, 2016
Zodiacimmortal profile image

Previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

The Sassy Scorpio

And Thank you for visiting me & wanting to get to know me better.

I guess I should mention I've lived in the same city Yonkers, NY

all my life (unfortunately) which I have also made a lens on (as well as the surrounding areas)

I write Poetry (have over 100 poems finished, & want to publish a book when I have a few more finished including some that friends have given me permission to include of theirs I liked. ). In October (2011) I started writing a story, and writing notes for another.I Love to read & watch movies, pretty much the same genres... horror & vampire (mostly), Fantasy, action, & Thrillers. One of my hobbies is Pen paling the old fashion way with a pen & paper through the post office. I started Pen Paling in 1994 when I was looking for a tape of a certain rock concert, I had sent in an ad to Metal Edge magazine and it started from there. My fave music when I'm in the mood to listen to something (usually when I'm writing a letter, trying to clean or just have a song playing over in my head aka an Earworm ) I like Rock & metal music best, especially the bands Godsmack, Tyr & Avenged Sevenfold.

As you can see between my interests and my lenses I mostly write about what I'm into. However the music lens was a quest that I think was supposed to be how to Play or read music. I used to be very into reading the beauty magazines so all that information I retained I've included there. I like to watch Hockey & The New Jersey Devils though this season (2013-2014) I have maybe watched a total of 5 games!

SUMmary interests

The New Jersey Devils are my Favorite team and My favorite Player Petr Sykora was traded to the Anaheim mighty Ducks in 2003 & The Ducks & Devils were in the Stanley Cup Final together. Talk about confusing. I was mad so I wanted the ducks to win as a slap in the face to my Team's Gm. But My Devils actually won & I couldn't be mad about it as one of the guys I knew from their farm Team Mike Rupp scored the Cup winning goal. Sadly I have lost track of where Sykora has gone,if he's playing I'm sure he's in europe.

My favorite body & shower products is Lush, I also love Godiva Chocolates & Halloween my fave Holiday (& trust me, its an indulgence when it comes to me....) Sometimes I also like to make jewelry , mostly bracelets (I usually use the stretch chord so its easier to take on & off. I do have more projects of jewelry to make but I just haven't been in the mood lately for it, as well as one of them need to drill through the bead because where I purchased it didn't themselves. When I make something for someone or have some stuff ready made & sell it, I donate the proceeds to Best Friends animal Sanctuary. Best Friends helps all types of animals not just cats, Dogs, & birds. They've also helped Pigs, Horses as well as wild animals like hawks.

I love Dave & Busters (& unfortunately haven't been able to get there in awhile), love a nice med. rare steak from Uno's bar & Grill, and at Outback steakhouse, they totally get props because I actually eat the string beans there. I HATE green veggies so its quite a compliment. There's a Chinese buffet called Pacific in CT. Cracker Barrel as well (if we drive to the Mohegan Sun Casino) & In Toronto (Canada) the Pickle Barrel on Younge street. I also like Friendly's and their frazzled onions (or whatever they call them the string onions)

Sully Sticking out her tounge

Sully Sticking out her tounge
Sully Sticking out her tounge

My Sully Cat

(You can read about her here! Sully Cat) She's a shiny, silky Black cat that I don't think is quite short hair but definitely not long haired. We got from Just Stray who rescues cats, who saved her from Sing Sing Prison as the prison had a rehab program but they didn't get the cats fixed so they multiplied & one of the guards was throwing them down the incinerator. We think Sully was a kitchen cat as she loves to play with green food like lettuce & other leafy items but she prefers to steal them rather than you throw one for her. She also LOVES shrimp! We have to spell it out in front of her so she doesn't know what we're talking about! If you say Shrimp in front of her, she'll lick her lips.That's how smart she is. She also loves cat grass, and usually knows (or tells us) whe a new one needs to be started, or when she needs the new one! She's a fiend!

My favorite flower is the hibiscus flower also a Bat Flower, Red, Purple & Black are my fave colors. I Like mixed (sweet) drinks (like Blue Hawaiians, Pina Colada) but I also drink Jack & Coke or Capt. Morgan & Coke. My favorite singer is Sully Erna of Godsmack who my cat is named after. My current most favorite Tv show.. well there's a few that I'd have a fit if I miss an episode is Vikings, Walking Dead, Hannibal I also like to watch Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel on Saturdays & Supernatural is my long running fave.

Other Bits & Bobs

Bits & Bobs

When I was a child there were a few things I can remember wanting to do, being an Actor, Secretary, or writer.

I guess for a fondest/happiest memory would be my Grandfather telling me a certain story when I was little. I So wish my parents had recorded him telling it to me. I can barely remember the whole thing, just a bit of the idea of it.

My favorite retreat, would probably be hanging out in my room, or in the past when I've gone to Albany, NY for a hockey game or concert.

My proudest moment was receiving an Editor's choice award for my poem Storm. I also received one or 2 more for a couple other poems of mine that were published in anthologies.

In I think grade 2 or 3, I won a Gold Medal (see pic below) in the Reading Olympics (for the March of Dimes)

The Alarm clock I'd prefer to throw across a room, I'd rather Sully hudbutt me awake

Perfect day would be on a deserted island with NO ONE around, with a book (or few) to read, & my Boogie board (or a surfboard to try to teach myself) & have some fun in the sun & Surf.

Sometimes I like to watch Wrestling, I've gone through phases watching it in my life. I'll watch for awhile then not & the next time I have no idea who anyone is Now..(I think the last I watched the Hardy Boys were Still wrestling and I stopped again in 2014 being as C.M. Punk is MIA) the only ones I remember are Orton,Cena, & the guys that should have retired by now) Now Its more of a 'comedy' to me, but I pretty much only use it for 'Oggling eye candy' like Orton, who is still a favorite along with a couple of new guys (to me anyway) Justin Gabriel & Roman Reigns

I haven't been watching much hockey like I used to, My blog and well frankly there are much better shows on now.

I like to watch the Nascar Sprint Cup series, My favorite Driver is Kevin Harvick but I also like Kasey Kahne, Matt kenseth and gotta root for Danica! (Girl Power!! Just wish she'd win a race)

As the weezer song Goes "I'm Popular'

Well I wasn't one of the popular girls in school (unless I just didn't know) but I don't need that. There were enough of attention whores in my school (even when they weren't popular) besides why just be miss popular in school when...

I've been in our Local paper during my Graduation, well pre-ceremony touching up my hair. I've also been in an (I think it was) Indiana paper, plus at least 2-3 of my poems published in anthologies. I was able to do an interview with my favorite author! (& not sure if this would count but have tweeted or left a comment for a favorite celebrity (actors, musician or even a sibling of theirs) & received a message, or Re-tweet back and that doesn't count the favorites I got.

Tom Jerry LITERALLY following me all around Pop-pop's yard

Tom Jerry LITERALLY following me all around Pop-pop's yard
Tom Jerry LITERALLY following me all around Pop-pop's yard

The Products of my Life - CDs, movies, Books, etc

This is for throughout my life & current items and faves

Lately I have been wanting to play with all the old toys.. I thought I still had jacks but can't find them,only marbles...

If you think about the way a picture tells a story, the products of your life do as well.

Whatever you played with as well as shows you watched as a child right up to now. It can tell a story, as well as tell a person about you and your interests. This is my story through some of my favorite things: i watched, read, Listened to, or played with though my life. (& I'm not kidding I've got freaking Disco Duck on here!!)

Anyway I am limited here to 20 or less so I thought it about time to update & just make the rest text


lincolon logs, erector set, barbies Cabbage patch Kids (they look FAKE now, same for Care Bears, & Smurfs... wonder if I still have mineSmurfs I mean)? I know I have my Cabbage Patch, Care bears., & Barbies in storage.Garbage pail kids & Grossville high cards

Games & Cartoons Thundercats, Voltron,

Music Purple people eater & Disco Duck songs .

TVThe New Zoo Review, Tom & Jerry, (my fave cartoon ever, I even named my first cat Tom Jerry) H.R. Puff n stuf, Land of the Lost Tv series Will have to rewatch Lost & Roswell soon

Movies Lost Boys Monster Squad & Blade If you want to order you can find them onsome items will come and go & others will permanantly be here

If there's only 1 or 2 seasons for a Tv series then they're my Faves of the series (or just the ones had one of my top 5 fave episodes in it)">

Favorite Tv Shows

(in order by day) * = all time

you're about to get smacked in the face with some images of my fave shows



Almost Human


Bates Motel


Sleepy Hollow

Lost Girl




White Collar

Vampire Diaries

Doctor Who



Ghost Adventures Saturday on Travel channel)

Haven (Syfy channel Fridays @ 10 5th season starting Fall 2014)

Once upon a Time

The Flash



American Horror Story

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

Hawaii 5-0

Hockey Games (NJ Devils)

That Metal Show (when I remember)

All Time Favorites

** The Tudors *Friday Night Lights *Gilmore Girls *Buffy The Vampire Slayer *Charmed

I can be nice, or I can be a

B!%@H; Your actions, your words are your wish

— me

'Baby' Sully Aug. 2, 2002

'Baby' Sully Aug. 2, 2002
'Baby' Sully Aug. 2, 2002

Happiness is...

Happiness is...
Happiness is...

Favorite Directors

Peter Berg

Christopher Nolan

Joss Weadon

James Cameron

Ben Affleck

Peter Jackson

Chris Colombus

J.J. Abrams

Wrangled the NY Rangers for the 2012 Eastern Conference Championship

Wrangled the NY Rangers for the 2012 Eastern Conference Championship
Wrangled the NY Rangers for the 2012 Eastern Conference Championship

Flair Board

Flair Board
Flair Board

Favorite Movies

no special order



Lost Boys




Monster Squad

The Worst Witch

Teen Witch

Final Destination 1 & 2

Dazed & Confused

Slap Shot







Premium Rush

Pacific Rim

1,2,3 Frankie Go Boom

see actors section

Favorite Bands



AVenged Sevenfold .R.I.P. Rev foREVer

Linkin Park

3 Days Grace

Five Finger Death Punch


Breaking Benjamin

Black Veil Brides

Asking Alexandria

An Interview with Kim - These answers are to questions asked in the featured lens to the right

  • I'd say the theme to my lenses to sum it up quickly, would be entertainment

    as most of my lenses are on actors, movies, reading, writing, sports & games with the added bonus of Halloween & creative ideas (crafts including writing)

  • I don't have many acheivements but 2-3 I can think of quickly is

    *having a couple of my Poems Published by the International Library of Poetry & Eber & Wein Publishing

    *Winning a 'Gold' medal in the March of Dimes Reading Olympics.

    & 3rd but not least The Purple star awards for 9 of my pages I've written. (I've been a Vampire fan my WHOLE life so I think the one for the Dracula Day lens felt even more rewarding!

  • How would I describe myself.. I always have trouble with this one as I'm more complex than explaining myself in 5 words or less!

    *Flat out the A typical scorpio, (the traits fit me to a 'T')

    *Not sure if you want to call it obsessive compulsive or not but even when I schedule to say just work on a lens for an hour, if I'm not finished in that time with what I had in mind to do or more ideas start coming to me then I won't stop until I run out of steam.

    *other than that I am friendly, though maybe a little 'shy' at first until I get to know you & figure out your vibe,

    nice unless provoked (I don't like to be a bitch but if I'm pushed you bet I will stike, only one person in this universe has felt the wrath of my stinger),

  • I would just say I'm a Novice at this (to maybe the first inclings of Intermediate) being I have 150 lenses published (& a few more in the works) but being I don't do much HTML and only try to learn a new 'trick' of it on the occasion. I prefer to keep things more simple and just include as much information as I can about a subject.
  • The lens I had the most fun writing... That's like asking a mother or father which child is their favorite! I just have fun writing & learning new things when writing the lenses. Being that it was my first lens I guess I'd have to say my Epic ballad of Poetry probably any of the Halloween ones

    The current ones I'm having a ball with is Vivacious Vampires & it's spin offs, Dracula Day I loved as I learned more & 13 Frights of Halloween well I did have to write the parody song first.

  • I believe in reincarnation, and am (or at least consider myself) Pagan

    (though I was raised Catholic)

  • Paranormal thing that happened to me (or so I'm considering as such, as I could not debunk it)

    I was working on the computer years ago, when I heard someone 'talking' manically everyone was asleep and from my chair I can see the whole apartment and in one of the bed rooms a bit. There was no glow from tvs but I did go to check the alarm radio in one of the rooms in case the cat for some reason walked over it. (it wasn't on) but when I got to the doorway I got what I can only exlain as a flash of someone standing at the bottom right of the bed, moving their hands and speaking (though I couldn't understand as it was a muffled sound) as if in warning. I sort of shrugged it off thinking because it was late and went back to the computer. Then I heard the voice BEHIND me (like standing right behind me) but when I turned around no one was there but I looked in the kitchen and where the voice actually came from I would be looking dead in whoever's eyes and no one was there not even a misty figure. THAT creeped me out (& that doesn't happen easily) I turned into Shaggy or Scooby as I felt that yellow stripe go down my back & turned off the computer in haste & went & actually HID under the covers! (& I was in my late 20s or early 30s at the time)

  • I found out about Squidoo I think when it first started. My local paper I remember mentioend it, I just had not checked it out until years later.
  • Other topics I plan on posting on...

    currently I am working on spining off my long Norse mythology lens, Doctor Who, 2 on Dragons (my Chinese Zodiac sign), True bLood

    Recently published- on Toronto as well as Vikings TV

    Works in Progress- Who's Stephanie Plum (on Janet Evanovich books), Tyr , Vampire related lenses, Werewolf, Lost Island, Writing a story & a few others

  • If I could travel to one place....

    I have no idea! There's a few places I would like to visit like Australia

    Czech Replublic, Poland,

    Norway, Sweden & Iceland

    England, Ireland & Scotland & Hawaii

  • As for What Squidoo does for me... it gives me an outlet for others to read my writings and collection of information I've learned over the years as well as forcing me to learn more about stuff by researching (or double checking something I heard about but not sure) and so on.
  • My first lens was Epic Ballad of Poetry.

    Originally it not only had poetry but started to evolve to Creative writing help as well.

    Finally at one point when there was so much information I had to follow the suggestions of my readers and so forth &

    made a spin-off lens Creative writing 101

Rapid Fire

sunrise or Sunset =Set

Coke or Pepsi = Coke

summer or winter =Winter

fiction or non =Fic

Horror or Sci-fi= Horror

My Favorite Commercials - Yeah I'm wacky or is this 'Eccentric' ?

Not all of my favorite commercials may be memorable, or have a great tagline like some from when I was a kid... (which lucky me, were just mentioned in an Entertainment weekly issue look back)

Wendy's '1984 slogan "Where's the Beef' which at the end of 2011 started the "here's the beef" (which was a bit lame)

Nike's immortal "Just Do It" & gatorade's Be Like Mike (basketball star Michael Jordan) Verizon's "CAn you hear me now" or Dell's loopy dude.."Dude, You're getting a dell"

Charmin toilet Paper's Mr. WHipple asking "please don't squeeze the Charmin" & ::squeezes package::

The lady That Yells "HELP! I've fallen, & I can't get up" for the unintentional hilarious LifeCall commercials, the still repeated "Pardonme, Do you have any Grey Poupon" (mostly by the immature) Taco Bell'sadorable Chiuahaha "Yo Quiero, Taco Bell" as well as Trix ceral's "Silly Rabbit, Trix asre for Kids" the old Alka Seltzer commercial "Pop Pop Fizz Fizz.. Oh what a relief it is" (its catchy so t may get stuck in your head) .... and the BEST well it got so annoying, now I want it back! WHAssssssssUP!!?!?!?!

ANGRY BIRDS!! WHY oh WHY can't they have an Angry Birds ARCADE like that?! Part Paintball part video etc?! That would be AWESOME!

(slap chop, darth vader kid,

The Slap Chop Guy ("linguini, fetuccini, bikni" CRACKS me Up!

OMG! Sam worthington is in the Call of Duty MW3 commercial! & Yes just for that it's a fave...

2013 - Chevrolet Deer, & Birds Eye Wolves

2011 - 2014 Pop Culture faves - Oh man I really need to fix this up but until then enjoy

This is a list of all my Pop Culture favorites from 2011 (even if its something I read or watched that came out another year, but will note that)

  1. 2011

    TvAmerican Horror Story - Let the Freak Flag Fly!!! I love the House, I love the Freakyness, and how the heck is everyone seeing the 'Ghosts' ?

    Ghost Adventures - Go on a Lockdown with the Ghost Adventures Crew Friday nights @ 9pm est on Travel Channel.

    The Paranormal Ghost/Demon investigation show has been the only one that's given me Goosebumps! Plus the guys for part of the show are series yet lighthearted. THe show is fun & funny to watch. Its somewhat a Paranormal comedy. (the GAC are friends and joke around among themselves as well as with those they interview. give it a watch)

    The Walking Dead -it STILL amazes me how a Tv show's Make-up & FX dept. on a smaller scale budget can put the movies to shame. I have not seen anything in a movie the likes of these creepy, gory & sometimes outright Gross (to the point of me heaving in a gag.. so give this Dept. a raise, they've gotten a big complement as so far the ONLY people that came close enough to make me puke with such great gore !


    Final Destination 5- compared to 'The FInal Destination' (FD4) this was much better and from the ending closes out the series. unlike FD4s ending this one does not disappoint. I was surprised at it, actually.

    Lincoln Lawyer- I don't like Matt McConaughey for some reason & rarely watch one of his movies (unless its Dazed & Confused) but I thik this is only the 3rd movie with him in it, I've actually liked (the other being How to lose a guy in 10 days)

    Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

    GREAT movie, so much so everyone in the viewing room was willing to burn to death to keep watching when the there was a fire alarm. We thought the alarm was IN the movie lol


    Dark World by Zak Bagans

    (lead investigator of Ghost Adventures Crew) - found a copy the day the new season of Ghost Adventures started. The books reads as if Zak is across from you tell you all his adventures and so on. IT also mentions the levels of EVPs and so on for those would be future (or one time only) investigators

    The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

    This was a cool book, tho I think its for children (I looked for an age or reading level on Amazon couldn't find but hey it ws an enjoyable read. I loved the detail and imagination of it. Great for young or old er Young at heart

  2. 2012

    TV- Copper

    Movies -Avengers , Battleship, Savages, Ted & Magic Mike Premium Rush, the Hobbit Zero Dark Thirty Argo

    Books read The Physic book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe Jeff Dunham All by myselves

  3. 2013

    Movies -Pacific Rim Iron Man 3 (EPIC) White House Down The Conjuring Now You see me

    (moldy Oldie) Clue Sharknado Baytown Outlaws needle

    So you come to California to look like a big shot without doing anything? You'll fit right in!- John Goodman in Argo

    I can handle a nightmare; You're a nightmare every day for me.-This is 40 (the baby daughter)

    TV -Vikings, Hannibal, Arrow, under the Dome-

    Supernatural "VamPIRATES & True Blood Fairy Vampires!

    You Look like a human maxi pad-Being Human Sally to 2 bloody ghost girls.

    I just met you, at least buy me a drink first- Hirshel to Milton (walking Dead) on asking to see his stump

    It touches me where my bathing suit goes- Crowley in Supernatural

    Growl all you want Bright Eyes - Bill to Alcide on True Blood s. 6 Finale

    Books- Don't talk back to your Vampire, Who's Kitten Who ok maybe not actual Pop culture, but you can certainly make up all the pages you'd like on Movies, Music, actors and such

  4. 2014

    Movies Captain America Winter Soldier

    Tv Almost Human , Dads, american Horror Story Coven Walking Dead Agents of Shield, UNdateable,

    Books- Stephanie Plum Novels (5, 8, 9, & 15 + others ) by Janet Evanovich

    Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

    Fads- the loom braelets, Pretzel buns (seems at one point everyone had them),

    5. 2015

    6. 2016

    Captain america Civil war & Deadpool.. Best. Comic. Movies. Ever!!! (well as of yet)

    Animal Kingdom tv series

    Amazon Prime Lion dog Commercial

Amazon Lion Dog

Autograph from my fave Author

Autograph from my fave Author
Autograph from my fave Author

Variety Show

a variety of Music videos, clips & interviews

I usually don't like Remixes, but I thought this was pretty cool!

Marilyn Manson/ Katy Perry/ Jace Everett/ Rihanna/ Lady GaGa - Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil

Lady Venom by Swollen members

Purple People Eater -Sheb Wooley

Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

Disco Duck by Rick Dees

Hold the Heathen Hammer High by Tyr

The way you Like it by Adema

Animal I have become

I stand alone

Bad Things remix

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, love is gained and loyalty is returned.

Sexiest men - see The Run Down to vote

What is Sexy? Is it the physical : in a smile like one that lights up the room, a smirk like Ian somerhader playing Damon on Vampire Diaries, or a pout like Ryan Phillippe's? Is it in the body Ryan Reynold's Circa Amityville, Blade and Green Lantern? Is it in the eyes, a certain look on the sly of a fleeting glance, a smldering on like Ian Somerhalder's on the banner with those Intense Blues, or some one that has Bedroom Browns, maybe "clothes do make the man" Do they have to be Ruggedly handsome, adventuristic, badboy maybe even with a 'sexy' foreign accent or are they a sweet dorky nerd next door, with no athletic co-ordination at all? Is it the humorous goofball like Ryan Reynolds and Paul Rudd? Or Is it someone that's suave & Romantic ?

How would one define sexy? I say there is no one right answer. Some would say looks, another might say its in a smile or one's overall personality. Being funny is another way some say someone is sexy, having some sort of talent. Being suave, sophisticated, or just 'Posh'. It depends on the person, and could be one trait or a variety, but here its a bit of everything, looks, humor and more Plus a little of what I know, about them (if any)

What I think is sexy, is a little of everything above... tho' you don't have to be all 'posh' for me.. I'm a 'T' & jeans kinda girl I like to be comfy

Some of them are Hotties w/ the Bodies, others are loveable goofballs, sexy accents, Personality, or whatever the case may be (like Ian Somerhalder who likes to do a lot of charity work, loves cats, & just seems like a charming romantic kind of guy)

Who is the sexiest? VOTE HERE!

Ryan Reynolds ~funny guy & physically sexy (& newlywed-again)

Chris Hemsworth Thor ....frankly he's a hot aussie!

Paul Rudd the adorable Class clown (& see him in Clueless)

Colin Farrell Fright Night (2011) the irish accent & those brown eyes ) & if not anything else inducted to my 'Hall of Fang')

Bradley Cooper Actor (The Hangover&Limitless & He's hot & he's was People's sexiest man last eyar)

Alex O'Loughlin Hawaii 5-0 Shirtless scenes... mr. tough guy navy seal etc.

Kyle Schmid (Blood Ties& Being Human U.s version & currently Copper)

Kevin Ryan (Copper) sweet but kinda badboy looking with an Irish accent

Tom weston Jones (Copper) English accent and babyfaced handsome

Sam Worthington (sensitive Australian action star)

Liam Hemsworth (australian played badass sniper in Expendables 2)

Kellan Lutz-Twilight

Joseph Morgan (British; vampire werewolf hybrid babdoy on Vampire DIaries)

Stephen Amell (played a werewolf on Vampire Diaries currently the Green Arrow on CW's Arrow)

Stephen Dorff - Deacon Frost in Blade

Matt Bomer (White Collar & Magic Mike)

Joe Maginello (Leader of the Shrevport wolves in BloodTies)

Eric Balfour (haven, 6 feet under)

Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries)

Ian Somerhalder (Damon on Vampire Diaries) (those eyes & that smile romantiscism he's a cat lover & tries to change the world!

Henry Cavill upcoming man of steel & In a Tux says James Bond!

Joel Edgerton- Zero Dark Thirty, THe Odd Life of Timothy Green The Great Gatsby (2013)

Taylor Kitsch My Canadian Adonis& played a navy seal & Savage over the summer

Hugh Jackman for 40+ the man is in hot shape

Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) badass Ghost hunter who has his own dungeon & demons living in his house.

Ryan Phillippe- I now what you did last summer, Cruel Intentions, Lincoln Lawyer, Bang Bang Club

Dylan McDermott -American Horror Story

Chris Pine-This means war, Unstoppable

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man & a funny man as well)

Jared Padalecki -Supernatural

Jensen Ackles -Supernatural

Alex Skarsgard (True Blood Viking Vampire)

Stephen Moyer (The new vampire 'god' True BLood)

Ashton Kutcher- that 70s show & 2 & a half men

Garret Headlund -Tron:Legacy

Joshua Jackson -Fringe Might Ducks

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Inception, Dark Knight Rises

Leonardo DiCaprio-Inception

Jake Gyllenhaal

Josh Duhmal

Aaron-Taylor Johnson -Kick-ass & Savages

Josh Hutcherson- Hunger Games

Chace Crawford -Gossip Girl

Adam Levine -The Voice

Orlando Bloom

Chaning Tatum-Magic Mike

Christian Bale - Dark Knight Rises

Jamie Campbell Bower

Gerard Butler

Jeremy Renner -Mission impossible:Ghost Protocol, Avengers

Alex Pettyfer- Magic Mike

Tom Hardy - Warrior, Dark Knight Rises, This means war

Ryan Gosling

James McAvoy

Taylor Lautner -Twilight

Tom Hiddleson -Thor, AVengers

Johnny Depp

Michael Fasbender

Chris Evans- Avengers Captain America

Sean Faris-Never Back Down

Steven R. McQueen-Vampire Diaries

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Scorpio is the eighth Sign of the Zodiac, and you shouldn't take that lightly. You shouldn't take Scorpios lightly, either. Those born under this Sign are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. There's no fluff or chatter for Scorpios, either: these folks will zero in on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within. Scorpios concern themselves with beginnings and endings,

and are unafraid of either; they also travel in a world which is black and white and has little use for gray. The curiosity of Scorpios is immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators. These folks love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. The fact that they have a keen sense of intuition certainly helps.

Positive Traits: determined, persistent, resourceful, powerful, intuitive, passionate, emotional, exciting and magnetic

Negative Traits: jealousy, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive, obstinate, stubborn, manipulative and vindictive

Likes: truthfulness, hidden causes, being involved, being persuasive and work that is meaningful

Dislikes: being given only surface data, being taken advantage of, shallow relationships, accepting and giving flattery

Top 10 List Scorpios are most irresistible sign The Irresitable Sign

Biblical zodiac = The Sufferer (Scorpio - Scorpion)...1 Corinthians 15:55-56

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

Spiritual Goal: To learn to use talents to guide others

Spiritual Correspondence: The Archangels

Apostle: Thomas

Prophet: Obadiah

Anatomy: Rules the bladder and reproductive organs

Corresponding Tarot Card: Death

Associated Countries: Norway, Syria, Algeria and Zambia

Associated Cities: New Orleans, Washington DC, Liverpool and Halifax

Animals: Scorpion, Eagle, Wolf, Phoenix and Insects

Watchword: Power

Keynote: Justice

Physical Manifestation: Combustion

Mental Manifestation: Determination

Motto: The Truth Is Light

Quote: I Desire

Tarot card: Death


November 19th Birthday

personal ruling planets are Mars and Sun.You are assertive, energetic, active, courageous, and vital. You have a very strong physical drive which expresses itself as sexuality and passion, a desire to compete with others, and a tendency to fight. You have a victorious spirit and the will to win.

You are direct, energetic, sometimes aggressive and combative. You often feel that you need to fight to get what you want and you tend to have a "me-first" attitude that angers or irritates others. You are hasty, restless, impatient, and sometimes reckless.

You are positive, vital, energetic, active, a go-getter. You enjoy competition, and your initiative and self-confidence make you a winner.

Your lucky colours are copper and gold.

Your lucky gem is Ruby.

Your lucky days of the week are Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 1, 10, 19, 28, 37,46,55,64,73 and 82.

Famous people born on your birthday include James A. Garfield, J.R. Capablanca, Indira Gandhi, Roy Campanella, Dick Cavett, Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, Gene Tierney and Meg Ryan.

I posted the map late so not all the coutries are listed that visite, but thank you to all the previous that have & still check back on me.

Greetings & Salutations

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