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Make Money Online with HubPages - Perception

Updated on June 10, 2011

Money - Your Overriding Motivation?

Money may or may not be the overriding factor in your motivation but at least at some time it will cross your mind. Whether you are here to write; to promote your business; to promote your affiliate program(s); to promote your web-site; to promote your articles or just to promote yourself there are ways and means to achieve any or all of these and to monetise your efforts. You will find innumerable articles on HubPages and outside in NetWorld about how to do this and the majority will give you excellent advice. What very few will tell you is what you need to do for your audience in order to maximise your investment time-wise.

If you don't already realise that there is no quick way to success then you need to be told that now.

There is no quick way to fame and fortune!

If your overriding motivation is to earn a living or even a few extra shekels to assist with the bills then you are going to have to put a lot of time and effort into your project. That time and effort will be mostly wasted unless you get a few things right. One of those things is how you are perceived by your potential audience.

Promoting Programs

If you are here because you perceive that HubPages is a good platform on which you can sit, to produce articles that relate to and promote you affiliate program, your business or your web-site then you are correct in that perception. But you must use HubPages wisely.

You will not get the best results if you just churn out a blurb that looks and feels like a promotional article. Those that read your article will at first be Hubbers themselves and they are pretty much conditioned to not pressing links on anyone's Hub. And the majority of Hubbers are here to create and promote their own articles. They are in general, at most, just passing traffic that will show up on your statistics but never be regular purchasers of whatever you are selling.

So why promote through HubPages?

Because it gives you a platform to create GOOD copy and a great reputation to use (top 1000 sites on the Internet) when trying to get noticed by search engines and the like. If you produce GOOD articles that give the sort of information your target audience is likely to be searching on then you have a better chance of getting that information to them if it is created on HubPages. Do not assume that you will go straight to the top of the search engine list for the keywords you are targeting. This will only happen if you create a portfolio of quality published articles that attract click-through's.

You must cater to the perceptions that your trade audience has of you. Produce quality, informative, UNIQUE content that your target audience is looking for and you will have a better chance of achieving your monetary goals, than otherwise.

Promoting Yourself.

If you want to monetise the work and effort that you have invested in your writing and profile then you must consider your audience first and foremost. You must promote a perception of yourself and your writing that your target audience wants to see.

You must understand what motivates them to interact with you, for it is an interaction. Unless you are just writing for yourself (I don't know anyone that really does this) then you are trying to convey thoughts and ideas and concepts and theories and hypotheses and fantasies and stories from your brain to theirs without telepathy being involved. You must consider what vocabulary to use that your target audience will warm to. What descriptive phrases they will understand.

This is not condescension this is practicality. If you use words that they need to go off and look up then you have lost them. And you don't want to lose them until they have monetised your efforts. And to be brutally frank with the committed writers here, if you want those fingers to do the walking onto the adsense adverts, you must bore them ever so slightly so that their attention wanders onto the ads. But you must enthuse them sufficiently to keep them just so long until they decide that they have had enough and click that adsense button.

You must also feed their habit and get them coming back for more. It is useful, just, to get passing footfall but your goal is to get your audience coming back for more and more. You must build up loyalty by understanding what it is that your audience wants and giving it to them time and time again.

You must show you understand the subject and lead your audience on to the next step in their education. As long as you keep one step ahead you will get them coming back for more. And where your niche is advice, on whatever subject, they need to know that your experience and your wisdom gives you the knowledge that they can rely on.

And finally you must show your love for them. If they leave you a comment or fan mail or they get in touch with you my e-mail at least try to give some feedback. That way they know you have acknowledged them, and that you may recognise them in the future. Do not underestimate the monetary implications of getting someone else to say how good, or pleasant or responsive you are.

It is all a matter of perception.

If you give the wrong impression you have lost your potential audience member forever.

If you give the right impression then the pyramid of success that you should be aiming for is within grasp. Achieving exponential growth in your audience participation is what you are looking for in order to play the numbers game. The more views, the more presses on that button, the more money in them there coffers.

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    • Malcolm_Cox profile image

      Malcolm_Cox 7 years ago from Newcastle, England

      some good stuff here for a new hubber!

    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 7 years ago from England

      Your hub is very interesting, I have taken a lot from it-thanks