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Don't Know How to Start Making Money with Hubpages? Forget the Myths!

Updated on July 23, 2010

Making Money with Hubpages is not a Myth

I believe it is much more pleasant to enjoy one's hobby if it brings in some extra cash. There's nothing wrong with it: anyway, collectors of fountain pens exchange their writing instruments, write reviews, share tips and teach others the art of calligraphy. Stamp and cork collectors create photo albums, sell excess of items and publish books.

Making money with Hubpages is the other side of the hobby medal. On the one hand, you write because you love to and want to share your experience, on the other hand your writing turns the income-creating wheels of the Internet. There's no contradiction between writing for fun and earning a little extra cash.

If you decided to try out Hubpages network and feel like several hundreds $/month would make you happier, then here's the 1st lesson of Successful Hubbing: Unveiling Myths.

Earning AdSense money with Hubpages: April stats of two well-performing hubs
Earning AdSense money with Hubpages: April stats of two well-performing hubs

Myth 1: More Hubs = More Cash

Myth 1: to succeed with Hubpages as online income opportunity, one needs to publish a lot of hubs.

Truth: "a lot" is subjective. Is it 20 or 200? Do you believe that a hubber with 200 published hubs earns a lot more than a hubber with mere 20 hubs? Unfortunately, "more hubs" does not mean "more money". In fact, only quality hubs have great income potential, but to create a quality hub you need to spend hours of work, where writing itself is nothing but a part of the process. This means you cannot start churning out quality hubs en masse simply because of time constraint.

Myth 2: More Traffic = More Cash

Myth 2: Bring in as many visitors as you can, and you will succeed.

Truth: this is true, but only partially. Successful hubbers rely on Search Engines traffic in their monetization. But it doesn't come quick and in large quantities. For newbie hubbers it is common to go after "quick" traffic like that coming from Social Bookmarking services or forum spam. If you choose to go this way, please do not get disappointed with your Google AdSense account displaying 1000 impressions and 0 clicks. In the worst case, you may end with your AdSense account banned forever.

Myth 3: More Ads = More Cash

Myth 3: Some novices assume that the more ads they have in a hub, the more money they will be earning.

Truth: look at your hub from the point of view or a regular visitor. Do you like tons of ads with little to no content? I doubt. But it is not rare to come across a hub with some 200 words and dozens of amazon, eBay and AdSense ads. It is screaming in your face "buy something! click here! I NEED MONEY!" A hub is primarily about useful content, NOT about earning money. Content establishes your credibility as the author. If a reader finds what he or she has been looking for, there's a chance (s)he will become interested in ads. A hub stuffed with ads and only a tiny passage of text looks disgusting, and random visitors will quit asap.

Myth 4: Stolen Content

Myth 4: there's no need to write, just browse any article directory and you'll find lots of articles to throw into Hubpages.

Truth: it is an example of short-sighted approach which doesn't bring anything but rotten fruits. Copy-pasted articles have little chance of ranking high in Search Engines, and they will never stay there for a long time. Users of Social Bookmarking services are likely to flag such hubs (if you submit them) as non-original or stolen. Hubbers don't favor such hubs either.

Myth 5: Use of High-paying Keywords

Myth 5: Insert high-paying keywords in your hubs to attract profitable AdSense ads.

Truth: Internet is full of circulating lists of Top Paying AdSense Keywords. Unfortunately, relying on such lists is a big mistake. You never know who, how and when created that list. What's more important, it's Adwords advertisers who decide how much to pay for ads and who create campaigns. They may or may not spread their campaigns onto Content Network which we all refer to as AdSense. They may set lower bids for AdSense than for Google Search Engine. Finally, nobody but Google decides how many cents each click gets. Thus picking up a keyword with a promised value of $5 per click often ends in $0.01 clicks. Pretty disappointing, right?

Consider the competition factor: using a high-paying keyword means competing with thousands, if not millions, websites. For a newbie, it's next to impossible to win the Search Engine game and reach the first page of Google (which traffic is most preferred because of its numbers and conversion rate).

Myth 6: It's Impossible to Earn with Hubs

Myth 6: It's just impossible to earn with Hubpages because they steal 40% of money!
Truth: Hubpages implements an automatic system of splitting hub views (similar to "page impressions" in AdSense terminology). 

Within 100 hub views, hub owner gets AdSense ads with his/her ID displayed 60 times. HP reserves 40% of views. Bear in mind that of those 40% HP gives a portion of credit to trackers (if used). There's no way HP can steal someone's money.

However, in return of those 40%, HP provides a number of advantages that normally would cost heaps of money.

  • SEO benefits: promoting a hub is MUCH easier than promoting a stand-alone blog because Google considers Hubpages an authority website (hence PR6);
  • Simple use: hubbers don't need any HTML knowledge. Compiling a hub involves the use of "capsules" - one-click menu items like Text, RSS, Video, etc.;
  • AdSense insertion: with an ordinary HTML website you'd have to insert AdSense blocks into every page. Hubpages provides a single box to insert AdSense Publisher ID which is valid for any number of hubs created under same user profile.
  • Community help: whenever you have a question regarding hubs, SEO, promotion, traffic or specific advice, HP team and forum members are there to help you. Hubpages DOES NOT charge anything for the services. There's no such thing as "premium HP account".

Myth 7: It Doesn't Matter How a Hub Looks

Myth 7: visitors don't care about hub outlook, they come to click on ads!

Truth: poor grammar, tons of exclamation marks and loads of ads on a hubpage don't warm a visitor up to clicking/buying. It just makes sure the visitor will never come back. Poorly written hub cannot build credibility, it loses all SEO benefits and in fact just wastes server space.

A successful hubber aims at establishing credibility. It probably means losing a couple of clicks at the beginning, but it pays off in the long run. Hubbing means investing time and efforts into long-lasting success.

Myth 8: Backlinks are the Key!

Myth 8: Getting backlinks is the only sure-fire way to promoting a hub, and backlink-developing strategy guarantees success.

Truth: In my opinion, this is an example of "half-truth" which is more misleading than a blatant lie.

Why? Because generating backlinks quite easily leads to getting them anywhere, no matter what. This is especially dangerous for novices because such approach spoils the concept of SE-friendly promotion.

Much better results are achieved when active backlinking goes hand in hand with proper On-page optimization. Quality content, also known at Hubpages as "evergreen", is the first step to effective promotion because it ensures readers will get interested in reading and will want to link to the hub they liked. Fellow hubbers know that this strategy works slowly, but brings ripe fruits over the course of time. It is a lot easier to work on promotion when part of it is done by readers. Their volunteer commitment facilitates the task for a hubber. The more backlinks are generated by hub readers, the less the hub owner will have to develop on his/her own.

And it is much easier to get people link back to an "evergreen" hub.

Myth 9: More Tags = Better SEO = More Traffic

Myth 9: when tagging a hub, the golden rule is to add as many tags as possible.

Truth: this probably works as a Blackhat SEO trick. However, being on the Whitehat side because I don't like struggling with ever changing Google algorithms, I stick to relevancy rather than quantity.

Here's how it works: as outlined above, a hub should be specific. So, "earning money online" is a very broad key phrase, and thus it's easy to pick up half a hundred tags to describe it. Instead, I suggest narrowing the topic, e.g. to "earning money using affiliate programs". It's even better to specify a concrete program or network. Creating a list of tags this way is a bit harder, but the resulting tags will be targeted and up to the point. For example: "affiliate wealth", "successful affiliate marketing", "clickbank", "regnow", etc. I know these example tags aren't superb and I do not suggest using them all at once, but they give you a clue as to how organize the process of choosing tags.

Tip: try to include in the body of the hub every tag listed in the corresponding column, possibly bolding/underlining each one. This makes the tag list relevant to the hub and assures Search Engines that you are not into spam. Of course if you prefer to build up a list of 100 tags, bolding all of them is not recommended. I prefer to include into my tag list about 10-20 items.


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    • Better Living profile image

      Better Living 4 years ago

      Many great tips for newcomers here. Thank you!

    • Ellandriel profile image

      Ellandriel 4 years ago from Portugal

      After several years is still updated and a good example to follow in HP.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Really great Hub and info here. Thanks for laying it out seo well. I'm sure this will be read for a long time.

    • sameer-speaks profile image

      sameer-speaks 5 years ago from Mumbai, India

      Great hub. It has very useful information for a new hubber like me.

    • jimbo9 profile image

      jimbo9 5 years ago from Kettering, Northants. UK

      Great Hub. Good advice, especially on more hubes not making more money. Would take up too much time, better spend that time on building a small number of quality Hubs.

      Every success

      Jim Hogan

    • Shaefercd profile image

      Shaefercd 5 years ago from Canastota, NY, United States

      Very Good.. you give all the truth lesson for me as new hubber. thank you... I will follow and hope you do the same. Have a Great Weekend


    • profile image

      3cardmonte 5 years ago

      Very informative. Many people still buy into all of these myths which is a shame, great hub!

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Strange but true .Very valid observations and I guess you are right in more ways than one.

      Quality scores over quantity any day. Quality will beget visitors, maybe late than never.

      Thanks for opening our eyes to the truth.

      Bookmarked voted up and awesome .

    • skear profile image

      Sam Kear 5 years ago from Kansas City

      Great tips, especially number 1! I would rather have 100 high quality hubs than a thousand poor hubs.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 5 years ago from Thailand

      You make some very valid points, especially for new hubbers. Voted up and useful

    • WannaB Writer profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 6 years ago from Templeton, CA

      I never expected to get rich writing on line. I am hoping to build up enough quality hubs and lenses to supply residual income during lean months. i"d be really happy if I could get to $100 a month I do know others who are making much more than that, mostly on Squidoo, because it's easier to make affiliate income there with Zazzle. That's one reason I write more on Squidoo than here. It's easier to use topical Zazzle products for illustrations and the occasional sale when someone likes one. That said, I normally read for content, and I skip a lot of lenses on Squidoo that are primarily geared to make sales because I'm not shopping.OTOH my lensmaster friends who write a lot of sales lenses do make sales and their income is a lot higher than I make on my lenses that are focused on only content with only an occasional product advertised that would be useful to someone interested in the topic. Either way, though, I believe good writing is imperative.

    • profile image

      TopUniverse 6 years ago

      Great hub, it cleared lot of questions that i have in my mind.

    • carolapple profile image

      carolapple 6 years ago from Suffolk Virginia

      Thank you for the valuable tips. As I am relatively new to web writing, I appreciate the dose of reality. I especially like Myth #1 - about the importance of quality rather than quantity.

    • harrison8bal profile image

      harrison8bal 6 years ago from Shanghai

      Great tips, thanks for letting me know :D

    • tenordj profile image

      Jason 6 years ago from Jamestown TN

      Thank you for the very helpful information.

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

      Love this.. thank you for sharing :0)

    • Glow Pebbles profile image

      Glow Pebbles 6 years ago

      An excellent well thought out piece, which no doubt will be very useful to many.

      Best Regards

    • profile image

      writerbill 6 years ago from pennsylvania

      This may be the best Hubpage ive read since joining. Alot of good information. Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Thanks alot. I agree with much of what you wrote.

    • profile image

      Sunganani 6 years ago

      Thanks for the very informative hub. The myths you have laid out are so prevalent that I wonder why they get pushed on us "seekers".

      I will be hubbing and squiding differently from now on.


    • potter121 profile image

      potter121 6 years ago

      Great info. Keep doing a great works

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Thank you so much for the excellent information you have provided us. Very useful to me. Thanks for sharing !!

    • saksare profile image

      saksare 6 years ago from Madera,CA

      awsome hub....thanx alot for such great tips...=]

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 6 years ago from Lithuania

      Elizabeth, when it comes to backlinks every hubber chooses a way that suits best each particular case. For example, revenue sharing websites that allow for backlink placement aren't a bad source at all. Old good article marketing still works as well. Commenting on thematically related blogs? It never hurts. But first and foremost, the content should be valuable for visitors to link to it. This way part of promotion is outsourced to readers ;)

    • Elizabeth (MeMe) profile image

      Elizabeth (MeMe) 6 years ago from Live Oak, Fl.

      I enjoyed this hub as well. I was wondering if you could do a hub on how to set up back links. I am having a real problem with that.

    • mdscoggins profile image

      Michelle Scoggins 6 years ago from Fresno, CA

      Good information, I am fairly new and am getting a lot of stuff and your hub really contradicts what everyone else is stating is the tricks. I think good content is the key and time which you did say was true.

    • kandrawe profile image

      kandrawe 6 years ago from Tropical Country

      so informatif..thanks for your hub..

    • Sylvie Strong profile image

      Sylvie Strong 6 years ago

      Thank you for a very useful hub. I am bookmarking for for further reference.

    • Andrew0208 profile image

      Andrew0208 6 years ago from Zion

      Excellent! Well outlined and very informative.

    • profile image

      twhite94 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed this. My earnings have not been the best since joining hubpages, but I haven't really targeted topics that would generate a large income. Either way I am enjoying the whole experience. Thank you for the great write up, and I look forward to more of these!

    • missymoo profile image

      missymoo 7 years ago from Kent, UK

      I really liked this - it gave me some real food for thought which is always good. Well done on your success!

    • profile image

      Sue S. 7 years ago

      Thanks for this hub. I've been dealing with ~ battling? ~ all of these myths but had doubts. "Maybe they ARE true and I just can't get the hang of it...." or, "Maybe these ARE true but I keep being one step behind the hottest trend...." Your hub gave me hope.

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 7 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Very well thought out hub, and very easy to understand.

      I wish you only the best

    • 2005Fleet profile image

      2005Fleet 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Very helpful for a newbie.

    • Rismayanti profile image

      Rismayanti 7 years ago from Tropical Island

      exellent.. you give all the truth lesson for me as new hubber. thank you... i will follow

    • profile image

      islandbutterfly 7 years ago

      Thanks for an informative and well written page! I'm a new hubber and I found your advice very helpful. I'll put this to good use as I continue to establish myself here and hopefully do well because of it. All the best to you!

    • betherann profile image

      Beth Morey 7 years ago from Montana

      This hub is full of great information. Thank you for sharing!

    • Successful Living profile image

      Sherry Vacik 7 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic

      I completely agree with you. People get so very caught up in the "get rich now" mindset that they only pay attention to the myths you wrote about here, then become frustrated and burned out. They end up quitting HP too soon.

      I'm still pretty new at this and see that it takes time and effort to gain credibility and to create useful information for those people searching online for help, advice, and insight to their questions. My intent is to make money on HP, but only by providing the best information possible to help others.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas here and blowing down these myths!

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 7 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Very good information with a new way of looking at things. I'm glad I read your views on this.

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      A cogent and intelligent Hub on a great subject! My favourite subject in fact! I am gonna be re-visiting this - I just know it. Great Hub. Cheers!

    • northernimpressio profile image

      northernimpressio 7 years ago from Thompson, MB

      Thanks for your input, I have just published my first hub and will find this very useful

    • zinneryone profile image

      zinneryone 7 years ago from Plano, TX

      Very solid hub! I am starting to research how to make money with hubpages and I see that I still have a lot to learn!

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 7 years ago from Lithuania

      dfrager, here's a Wikipedia article on backlinks:

    • dfager profile image

      dfager 7 years ago from Federal Way, Washington

      Not really sure what a backlink is.

    • Sparhawke profile image

      Sparhawke 7 years ago from Manchester

      Good information and definitely something to consider :)

    • Shil1978 profile image

      Shil1978 7 years ago

      Well done charlemont, you've done well here at HubPages. Congrats!!

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 7 years ago from Lithuania

      Marisa thanks for stopping by! Quality hubs make a big deal in the eyes of visitors and search engines alike.

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 7 years ago from Sydney

      Spot on, Charlemont. I'm still learning what works on HubPages but if you listen to Nelle, content really is the key. She's now writing Hubs over 1,000 words - and she's earning $1,000 a month, so she must be doing something right!

    • hypnodude profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

      I've found this hub pretty interesting. I'm a hubber two weeks old, so I have no advices to share, but I have begun to think if going for volume is the right way. Maybe I would not be able to write one or more hub a day with good original content. As I said I'm a complete beginner but I think going for a ratio like yours, an average of followers ten or twenty times your hubs is a good indicator of quality.

      I'd better follow you. I guess there are a lot of imteresting things to learn.:)

    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 7 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Thanks for the information. I think I will bookmark this hub, so that I can read it again to make sure the information seeks in.

    • Paul Scanlon profile image

      Paul Scanlon 7 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Great article. There's much myth about Hubpages. This has helped clear alot of it up.

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