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The Truth About Hubpages and Making Money From Home

Updated on October 20, 2019
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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

Google Search Engine Does Not Lie

Learning The Ropes. Let's start with Google.

With nineteen articles now written for Hubpages, the most prized being about finding a lost bag of dope while fueling my car, the low grading score became confusing. Truth is, I am not a Hubpages expert. Actually, being as virgin as they come with not knowing all the ropes, this is when turning to Google became the midnight snack of education overload. At some point, to make this as successful as can be, a day to take in all the how's is a mandatory must. Otherwise, this can not bloom in the direction hoped for.

Does Google Lie?

Not when it comes to Google searches. Why would it? Boosting the numbers to make it look as if though more has come through than what really has, will bring nothing to the most popular search engine to date.

Before Hubpages, Who Cared!

There was no reason before Hubpages to care about keyword searches. Going about a daily business where random information would be needed, does not qualify one as having a purpose. Until they hook up with Hubpages. This is when it becomes real that one is attempting to launch a successful blog. With no exceptions to the current author behind the very words, you are reading.

Now It Matters

Today is the day where placed emphasis will be directed to each article that Hubpages has featured of mine. In doing so, learning the ropes of being found will increase. When the increasing comes, the cash flow may not budge much, the recognition of writing a stellar article perhaps will. This is the goal. To improve my writing skills, as well as being read. Land that, and the cash abilities will follow.

The Famous Search Engine
The Famous Search Engine

How Often is Hubpages Googled? The Past Week's Results Are In.


1. Is Hubpages real? (3,750 results)

2. Can I make money with Hubpages? (3,570 results)

3. How many people blog for Hubpages? (3,160 results)

4. Can I work from home with Hubpages? (4,170 results)

5. About Hubpages (7,080 results)

6. How much can I make with Hubpages? (5,470 results)

7. How long does it take to make $1,000 a month with Hubpages? (233 results)

8. When will my Hubpage be found on Google? (4,120 results)

Why is It Helping?

Words Are Key Ingredient for A Successful Blog

How can there be any other key ingredients to a successful blog beyond the words that flow from the core of our knowledge? How is it remotely possible to not pay attention to the Google keywords searched by others to find what they need to be educated on?

Before today, the focus did not include paying attention to this element. With that, the Hubpages that are featured, have low ratings. There is no searches going on, or being found randomly, when Hubpages indicates my score is sitting at a 68. Only one article is ranked at 71.

Now while it is expected for these scores to drop, it would be much wiser to let them drop from a score of 85 to 71 than to a drop out to a 61 from a 70. This is how becoming aware of Google search is vital to succeeding as planned.

Helping Yourself on Hubpages

No reason to not keep to the truth. Hubpages is for a love of writing, and love for extra money per month even if it is a measly $50 Paypal payout. Hubpages is a real money-making business. They are indeed legit. With their rules to follow, they are not out for half-baked up blogs that will not adhere to their reputation requirements (aka rules & regulations), along with their ability to make money from bloggers such as yourself, while offering us bloggers a percentage to keep this amazing platform of possibility going.

Do Not Knock The Pennies

By researching and using Google keyword searches in the blog writings, we all up our gain of being found. This draws more traffic to our personal Hubpages blog. This increases our score, which then increases the cash flow. It all starts with words, found in Google, and ends with a payout.

While your payout may not happen as fast as we all want it, it will happen as long as true-time, dedication, and learning to grow is applied. Mine happened to start with the fact of how often Google is used to search about Hubpages. Truly am fascinated.

In a mere hour, 8,020,000 people searched "Work From Home" on Google.

5 Things To Consider When Using Google Keywords For Hubpage Success

1. Type your question in two different ways. This gives you additional information from different sources.

2. Using the least searched keywords, does not guarantee better-hit results.

3. The most used keyword search also does not guarantee amazing hits.

4. Your hubpage title & keywords to support your blog is a top priority for being found in Google.

5. A video created for my blog, Blood Is Not Thicker Than Water, helped jumped the search to the top.

Hubpages Help Guide

I have enjoyed reading the help guides Hubpages offers. Like How To Craft A Successful, Competitive, search-friendly Title. It offers insights of how to actually work from home with this company. Do not expect overnight results but at the same time, walk away knowing that many pro-bloggers who have their own platform, still write articles here on Hubpages. it goes without saying that if you are looking for an extra income for whatever the reason may be, Hubpages can help you out. In return, you have to do your homework to be successful.

"Nothing is successful when you run it on hope alone. You got to get your hands dirty to succeed." - My Dad when building a cabinet.


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