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Microsoft Adcenter Super Affiliate Strategy

Updated on July 20, 2012

Recently in yahoo, I’ve had a couple “problem” ad groups that I cannot get to reach that legendary 5/5 bar quality score. Most all of the other adgroups in this campaign are 5/5 quality score.

In this post I am going to document my attempts to make this adgroup a 5/5 bar. Each Saturday morning, I’m going to try something new to the adgroup until it reaches a 5/5 quality score. (I think 1 week is enough time to make sure the quality score is fully updated)

I am doing this in hopes of increasing both my income from this niche and also lowering my bid prices.

For those who dont know, in Yahoo Search Marketing, the more “bars” you have, the more traffic you’re going to get… at a cheaper price. Your goal should always be a 5/5 quality score. If you can pay less and get more (that should be some sort of slogan), there is no reason why you should not attempt anything you can to raise that score! Now, onto the action!

First let’s compare the 5/5 bar to the 3/5 bar. What could be the issue…
3 bar
5 bar

Now, looking at these posts you’ll notice some very similar attributes and I’ll also explain some of the stuff you cant see about the campaign.

1. The click through rate (CTR) is nearly identical.
2. This is over the same timespan.
3. The ads are identical except a few words changed to match the group keywords better.
4. Adgroup with 5/5 has 15 keywords.
5. Adgroup with 3/5 has 700+
6. Both adgroups have the same bid price.

So now for the first experiment.

I noticed that most of my other adgroups with 5/5 have a fairly low amount of keywords in them that are all very closely related. What does that tell me? Let’s weed out the non-impression keywords in the Adgroup that has 3/5.

I am taking this adgroup with 700+ keywords down to around 50 keywords. The other 650 keywords had 0 or 1 impressions (not clicks) in about a 15 day period. These keywords are just holding your campaign back. Lets get rid of them!

Now that I’ve done that, I’ll wait and see what sort of effect this is going to have. Make sure to tune in next week to both see the results and see what else I’m going to be trying to raise this quality score! :)
Feel free to follow along with any lower quality adgroups you have!

Super Affiliate Strategy

Anytime a big player such as Super Affiliate Mindset posts a strategy, I always like to take note.

I frequent quite a lot of sites and blogs to remain up to date and continue growing in knowledge.

The other day while on super affiliate mindset’s blog, he posted something I have found pretty true.

“Here’s my strategy, bid on EVERYTHING, that is, every relevant keyword in your market and see what converts. More often than not, you’ll discover that the HIGH CPC keywords convert the best and usually have the best ROI.

Why is that?

Think about it, keywords are high CPC because they convert well! Advertisers bid higher on keywords that are making money. Now as an affiliate your goal is to have your ads on the bottom of the first page for these high converting keywords, where you’ll pay a fraction of what the advertisers in the first 3 positions are paying.”

Interesting. Bid to be on the bottom of the first page. Personally, I always have tried to get to the highest position I can afford but he has a good point. You can get to position 9 or 10 for generally quite a huge amount less. The main issue here is the click through rate is going to be significantly lower.

Some guidelines to go along with what he said. Before spending $5+ a click to test a page, test your landing page out in yahoo first. See what kind of profitability you have and then tweak your landing page from there. Once you think you’ve significantly increase your conversions via testing, I’d go into google for some of the big terms.

Either way, he must be doing something right to be able to make $14,000+ in one day from one affiliate network. Here I am thinking $2,000 in one day is a great day. ;)
I’m off to go test some new campaigns

Negative Keyword List - Instant Increase of Profits

On this second post on instantly increasing your profits, I’m going to talk about the huge role a negative keyword list plays, especially in google adwords.

When first starting a campaign, there are a couple things you’re going to need to do.
If you’re bidding on any broad match keywords, you’ll want to set up some negative keywords. Doing so will help you increase your ROI and Click through rate. Having a higher click through rate will result in cheaper prices. :)
A couple keywords I like to remove are things such as FREE and other keywords that I know are not going to convert well.

This is where tracking your keywords really comes into play. Find what keywords convert poorly and Negative keyword list them.

I find this is a feature MOST starting affiliates do not use. Doing so will have a huge impact on your campaigns.

GEO Target Your Landing Page For The Win!

Here is a good little tidbit that will help you increase your sales just a bit extra with very little work.

Ever notice how you may get a bunch of “International” traffic redirected to some cheap $0.20 cent offer that converts to an eCPC of about $0.01? Well, that just bugs me. I’ve been working on a GEO Targeting script which will target your country using the visitors IP Address. The corresponding landing page will come up for that persons country. This way I have a much higher chance of getting a sale! Enter Better profit margin stage left. (I dont know why I said that.


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