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Making Money Writing Articles On Hubpages. My Experience And How Much I Have Made.

Updated on September 17, 2014
5 stars for Hubpages

I started writing for Hubpages about 6 months ago. Let me start by saying I had no professional writing experience before I started on Hubpages. I wrote some essay papers in college but that's about it.

I discovered Hubpages one night when reading a Yahoo article about ways to make money online. One of the topics discussed regarding making money online was about writing SEO articles for different websites, one of which was hubpages.

I had no idea what SEO even meant but the idea of making some money writing 250-500 word articles seemed appealing so I checked it out. Although cynical about the possibility of making any money I was intrigued.

I signed up for hubpages and started poking around in the learning center. I wrote my first article, How to deal with child support agencies and was hooked from there.

My first article, since its publication here on Hubpages has only gotten a whopping 152 views, not exactly groundbreaking but it was a start.

Before Hubpages I used to make a bit of income playing low limit online poker until it was effectively banned in the United States on April 2011 in what was coined Black Friday.

I never made enough money playing poker to really financially miss the money but I did miss the competition. The loss of my online poker hobby was another reason I initially took a look at Hubpages.

In poker, in order to win, even at the lowest limits you need to learn the correct strategy and apply it on a consistent basis. I have found this statement to be true in order to be successful on Hubpages as well.

The better your strategy is on hubpages the more successful you will be on the site. By strategy I mean writing articles that are likely to be searched for on the internet.

For instance, I have written several articles on child support issues and several more on the topic of running. Though I put in the same amount of effort on both types of articles , the ones on running do much better in terms of views and earnings.

Quite simply put, running articles do better than child support hubs so I learned to focus more energy on writing running articles because there is a bigger audience for them.

Personally I find Hubpages to be a fun, educational and rewarding hobby.

Not only have I been able to learn more about writing and marketing online but I also learn about different topics while researching some of the hubs that I write.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Everyone new to Hubpages wants to know the answer to this question and as far as I can tell it’s a secret.

I think there are even rules about talking about how much we make on Hubpages in our articles. So without going into too much detail let’s just say that I am not planning on quitting my day job any time soon.

I have seen some mention of certain writers on this site making $1000 plus per month.

Is this possible?

Probably, but I would venture to guess these people put in a tremendous amount of time writing and marketing what they write. And $1000 a month doesn’t seem so great when it’s a full time job where you are putting in 30 to 40 hours a week.

That said I think it is a great way to make a little extra cash putting in an hour or so a day.

I used to make $400-$500 per year playing low limit poker online and I foresee easily being able to match that income writing for hubpages. It’s pretty insignificant financially but it’s not bad for doing something you enjoy anyways.

I spend about an average of an hour a day on hubpages related activities and the income I derive from that investment in time feels about right. And mostly, like poker the money is simply a way to keep score, a goal to try and improve upon over time.

I think with a bit of research in the learning center almost anyone can make at least a dollar a day publishing about an article a week.

Some will do better than others but Hubpages does a good job of helping anyone willing to put in the effort to be at least moderately successful here.

Update As of 5/22/2012

Currently I am getting a little over 3,000 views a week and am making about enough to buy 1 and a half lottery tickets per day. Things seem to be going in the right direction at least. Increased views and earnings.

Weird side note, I pretty much ignored Hubpages for about a week and my profile score shot up to 95. Now that I am back and have published 4 more hubs I dropped to 91? I guess as long as I stay above the magic number of 75 who cares. Perplexing none the less though.

My goal current goal is to be making the minimum cash out per month which is $50 by the end of the year. That will take an average of $1.66 per day.

Update 6/3/2012

I made over $60 for the month of May. Things seem to be picking up as far as views per day and income.

I had a few days where I was over $4 a day. Given that my goal was $1 a day I am pleased with these results.

That said I have been putting in more time than I will likely be able to sustain over a longer period of time.

I will be curious to see how the passive income stream will work once my efforts wane. I fear most of the hubs I have written are not evergreen.

I have started writing a hub on the hub of the week topic the last two weeks. It helps to force me to write on a subject I am not comfortable with which is good for growing my writing abilities.

An upcoming goal will to be try and get some income going with the Amazon program. I have tried to throw some Amazon Capsules here and there where I think they fit well but have no idea how to write product sales hubs.

So far I am having a lot of fun writing for hubpages and the money is a nice secondary perk and at this point a way to track how I am doing.

Update 6/17/2012

Happy Father's day to the Father's reading this.

My earnings have been all over the place this month with several $4 days, mostly $3 days and recently a sudden drop to $2 days over the last week or so.

I have read some forum posts about some "Google Panda" shenanigans. Not really sure what "Panda" is.

From what I can surmise it's when the All Mighty Google changes it's algorithms and our hubs go down in the search rankings and hence the views.

I even read some horror stories about being placed into some kind of "sandbox" which is the kiss of death for hubbers apparently.

There is all kinds of advice on how to overcome Panda and Sandbox but I am too lazy to figure it all out and honestly it seems like people are guessing when they post solutions in the forums to correct dropping traffic.

For, instance one fellow wrote that we should never ever use the word "I" in our hubs? Google doesn't like it and we will be punished.

I disagree.

My traffic did hit 1000 views several days this month and then plummeted to 600 but now its climbing again. I deleted some hubs that were pretty bad and not getting many views anyway. Not sure if that helped or not.

My goal was $1 a day and I am still well over that so its all good. Although I can see how one can start getting greedy when they are getting $4-$5 a day on a regular basis and then drop way down to $2 for no apparent reason.

Oh well, most of this stuff is over my head. My short term goal is to keep writing hubs and see what gets action and what doesn't. Trial and error.

Update 7/4/2012

Happy 4th of July!

I had my best month yet in June making slightly over $97 for the month with approximately 26K views. Results which are way ahead of what I ever expected.

Also on July first I had my first $5 day so came out of the gate fast this month.

I did put in a lot of effort in June, and I'm not sure I can sustain that long term.

When I first joined hub pages I read some advice that most hubbers should spend most of their time trying to maximize their hubs that get the most views instead of trying to salvage the ones that barely get any traffic.

Sadly some of the hubs I put the most effort into get the least views which is a bit discouraging.

But hub pages is a money making site after all so it makes sense to work on and keep producing the hub topics that are working and cut bait on the ones that can't gain any traction.

So my goal for July will be to focus on my high traffic topics and hubs.

Update 8/1/2012

My results for July are a bit down from June at $77.06 from the ad program and slightly less than 23K views for the month.

My earnings from Amazon and Google Adsense remain around $2 per month each.

July was 3K views down from June and $20 less in earnings.

To be honest I was expecting an exponential upward trend from month to month as I continue to add hubs and older hubs age but this doesn’t seem to be the way it works.

I have no idea why I did better in June than I have in July but $77 for not doing too much work is nothing to complain about.

I added 16 hubs in July and updated a couple more.

For some reason the end goal that keeps occurring to me is to hit the 100 hub mark. Once I hit 100 hubs I will keep writing but will then start deleting the non-performing hubs to always remain at 100.

Is this a logical goal?

Not at all, I just like neatness and 100 hubs appeals to me more than some odd number like 112.

I suppose I could simply just keep producing and leaving hubs out there, never deleting them and this truthfully may be the better option but I still like the 100 hub idea.

I think ultimately the 100 hub only goal will result in a stronger core of 100 hubs as I add better hubs (hopefully) and weed out underperformers.

Currently I am at 83 hubs. My goal for August will be to reach 90 hubs, then 100 hubs by the end of September.

Then let the culling begin!

I have really been fighting the urge to delete some of my hubs but I will try and remain disciplined until I hit 100.

I should hit 100K views by the end of August so that should be exciting.

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments, I appreciate the feedback and I hope my ramblings may help you on your own hubpages odyssey.

8/24/2012 Massive Traffic Drop In The Last Week

I have gone from 600-1000 a views a day averaging $2 a day in earnings down to 250 views a day earning about 75 cents per day. This massive traffic drop has been occurring since Monday.

There are some postings in the forums with others having similar traffic drops but it appears to be only affecting some and not all hubbers.

The consensus seems to be that this is related to a new Panda update which occurred on monday. However there are also the usual conspiracy theories such as your summaries can't contain the same wording as the body of your text or there shouldn't be links to your other websites. A few hubbers even seem to think the drop in their traffic is related to switching over to the new profile view.

Many in the forums appear to be editing all of their hubs in the pursuit of escaping the recent Panda updates. For now I am going to try and sit tight for a week or so and hope the traffic returns.

Although I really like Hubpages, I wish they would disseminate more information regarding periodic traffic drops. Such as, hey there was recently a panda update and some of you may be experiencing large drops in your traffic, we are working on correcting this. Perhaps try doing X, Y or Z to resolve this.

Something along those lines from the hubpage staff would be really helpful.

August 2012

The month started out strong and was on track with anywhere between 600-1000 views per day and $2-$3 per day. Then on August 20th the bottom fell out after what appears to be a Google Panda update.

My views and earning per day have plummeted since. As of today I am averaging about 200 views and $.80 a day. It will be a struggle to get back to my initial goal of earning $1 a day and earning the minimum payout of $50 per month seems almost undo-able under these current traffic conditions.

As you can see from the stats listed below my earnings from Adsense went up to about $12 in August. This is from starting a separate blog site on Blogger which was getting fed a lot of views from Hub Pages. That has also tanked however since the 20th.

I also opened an account on info barrel in August and posted two hubs to see what their traffic is like and didn't have any success. I also felt Hub Pages was much easier to use than info barrel so I will be staying here for now.

My goals, for September have to be realistic based on what has been occurring with the drop in traffic. I think averaging a $1 per day is maybe possible but its going to be a stretch. I will try and hit the 100 hub mark in September.

I am not going to invest too much time in September on Hub Pages and more or less wait and see if the traffic starts to come back.

Update For September

What a dismal month!

Earnings and views down about 80% from August.

Well it was a good run while it lasted but at least for me Hubpages is not worth investing much more time in if/until the traffic returns. I will continue posting the occasional hub but to be honest seeing the views constantly drop is depressing.

I have had some small success posting a few things to Infobarrel so will keep posting there as well as on Squidoo. However I fear google has thrown down the gauntlet on user produced content sites like these.

See you next month, hopefully with some improved stats to report.

Update 10/20/12

I went from a personal best last summer on Hubpages with a day where I had over 1,000 views and earned $5 on that day.

The State of the Union today, 60 views and 10 cents in earnings.

Good Times.

Hubpages, that whole idle hubs idea; not working.

October Update

Well, as you can see from my stats October was not a great month. Things have gotten worse, with views down to 1800 and earnings down to $5.76.

To diversify I did try branching out to some other writing sites, including InfoBarrel, Squidoo and Wizzley.

The only one I have had success with has been InfoBarrel. Using InfoBarrel I earned $7 in adsense earnings with under 10 published articles in October.

I found Squidoo easy to write for but am just not getting any traffic there.

Wizzley in my opinion is not worth writing for. The site itself looks amateurish and the moderator was downright rude and unprofessional. I had one article denied so I edited it and resubmitted it. I received a very snarky response which started with the statement, "Look, your article is not suitable for our site..."

Now I can take criticism and admit some of my articles probably aren't what these sites are looking for but for the pennies they pay us to provide them content they don't have the right to treat us rudely.

That's just my two cents and perhaps you will have a better experience on Wizzley than I did.

In November I will continue writing for Hubpages and also for InfoBarrel.

I recommend those of you that write here consider also writing for Infobarrel.

Their site, like Hubpages is very user friendly and you can increase your earnings by diversifying between the two sites and publishing on both.

Good luck in your writing endeavors in November.

Update For November 2012

My views we up slightly for November on Hubpages, earning a bit under $6 for the month.

However, Info Barrel proved to be almost 4 times as profitable as Hubpages earning me over $20 on Google Adsense. In addition, I only have 15 published articles on Info Barrel and 101 on Hubpages so the return per article seems to be significanty higher on Info Barrel, at least over the last couple of months.

I had a few nice surprises in November earnings wise. One, Amazon paid me a commission of $6.25 when someone ordered a magazine subscription. Amazon pays a 25% commission on magazine orders which I was not aware of and seems pretty generous.

The second surprise came from the Hubpages review contest. I wrote 5 reviews hoping to get lucky with a daily prize and did so with one article so I will be receiving $25 in my Adsense account sometime in December.

All told, with the $25 contest prize, Adsense earnings, Info Barrel and Amazon November proved to be a successful month for me with over $50 in income.

December 2012

My views and Ad Program revenue are both up for December. Glad to see the numbers moving in the right direction on Hubpages, its been awhile to pull out of this nose dive.

My Google Adsense was down in December but $9 is still OK. Most of it as usual is coming from clicks on my Infobarrel articles. However it's getting harder and harder to get articles approved on there I am finding.

I am having articles get denied for being listed as news or current events which they state they don't currently allow. I have an email into a rep there to try and figure out why some article types that were being accepted in the past are now being denied.

I am getting fairly close to an Adsense payout so would like to keep getting clicks from my Infobarrel articles. I just don't get them on Hubpages.

I have considered temporarily turning off Ad Programs on Hubpages as this will increase the Adsense ads on my Hubs and may drive the clicks up enough to hit the payout in a month or so. I will likely just give it another month and see where I am at before deciding.

January Was A Good Month!
January Was A Good Month!

Do You Make More With Hubpages Or Info Barrel?

See results

Update January 2013

It has been a good start to the year with views up to 5636 for the month, $18 in Ad Program earnings, $21 in Ad Sense earnings and $12 in Amazon commissions.

Over $50 in total earnings for the month!. Not bad for the amount of effort I have been putting into the venture.

At this point I am only adding a hub or two a month and deleting one or two non-performing ones to keep my total at 100 hubs. I also add an article or two a month to Info Barrel.

The majority of my ad sense earnings are coming from my Info Barrel articles. I am still fighting their manual review process to get articles accepted on Info Barrel as they have tighter standards than Hubpages about what they will accept. For example, I keep getting articles denied for being about news or current events which usually isn't really the case.

Last month I did have success emailing one of their moderators and having the denied article accepted once he reviewed it personally. But it's still annoying fighting to get articles accepted.

I hope at some point I get approved on Info Barrel where I don't have to go through the article review process prior to getting published. Hubpages is definitely better in the article approval area.

That said, I am making slightly more money on Info Barrel with significantly fewer articles than I have on Hubpages. If you're already up and running here on Hubpages it only makes sense to expand and also write for Info Barrel potentially doubling your earnings.

Update April 2013

Views were up about 600 for the month of April and my ad program earnings were about same.

For some reason my adsense revenue plummeted last month. My views on Infobarrel went way down in April which is where most of my Adsense revenue is generated. Hopefully it was an anomaly and I will see a bounce back in May.

I made a couple of bucks on the Amazon program which is always a pleasant surprise. I do the $10 gift card option in that program so it's always nice to be able to buy a kindle book or get some music for basically free when I generate few sales.

An additional nice perk is that I put a fairly large chunk of the money I have earned here into buying some Netflix stock which has made some big gains over the last couple of months.

All in all Hubpages has been a fun and modest financial success for the amount of time I put in.

InfoBarrel Traffic Disappearing

Back awhile ago when my Hub traffic plummeted I opened an account on Infobarrel and was doing fairly well there making about $20 a month with Google Adsense.

However, over the last month or so my traffic there has taken a nose dive. I did notice Infobarrel has been putting in some effort to clean up the quality of articles on their site. It seems most of the writing sites, Hubpages, Infobarrel, Squidoo and others are in a constant battle with Google to keep their respective articles shown in the search engines which drive the traffic.

In my experience there isn't much I have changed about the articles I write and some months they do great and other months just sit there in limbo barely seeing the light of day.

The best strategy, as a producer of content is to keep writing, for more than one site and try and weather the up and down cycles.

Hubpages, for their part, has seemed to do what it needed to do to get at least some of the traffic back that took a dive in August of 2012. Hopefully Infobarrel will turn it around soon as well.

Averaging $10 per month, that's 10 cents per month per Hub!  Not easy money!
Averaging $10 per month, that's 10 cents per month per Hub! Not easy money!

Update October 2013

Well I got lazy and have not updated this article in over 6 months.

I am making slightly over $10 per month here on Hubpages with a 100 hubs. The pattern has been to add one new hub per month and delete one hub per month to stay at 100.

Of this 100 many are not highlighted. Occasionally I will try tweaking some of them to see if I can get any traffic or get them highlighted but I haven't had much success there.

The key appears to be the subject you write on and not necessarily the content. I think the real reason for writing as many hubs as possible is because this enables you to find a niche, a topic that you can write easily about and that there's an interest in search engines.

These are the ramblings of a novice so take them for what they are worth. I still enjoy this site and get a kick out of making even $10 a month for messing around.

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors here on hubpages.

Update 7/2014

I had my best month in June earning over $84 for the month. My total earnings on Hubpages since I joined in 2012 is $847. (This doesn't include some Google Adsense earnings and Amazon earnings as well which would be another $200 plus). Over $1000 total!

Certainly not earth shattering but not bad for a part time hobby either!

This month I am branching out by publishing a blog on blogger and attempting to drive some traffic there via my hubs. I will spend 6 months building that blog and trying to drive traffic there. Once I hopefully have built a solid blog I will apply for Google Adsense on the blog and see if I can add some more income.

Happy Hubbing to those of you entering the fray, keep plugging away, if I can have moderate success here I am certain you may as well.

For those curious of the payoff, I only spend 1 to 2 hours per month currently writing and/or maintaining hubs so it's not much of a time commitment for what you get out of it.

Update 9/2014

Over the last couple of months I have been surpassing $200 per month in earnings!

I have not changed anything in my approach to hub writing which leads me to believe Hubpages is improving their exposure and we are benefiting from more views?

I recently read Hubpages bought out Squidoo, perhaps this helped. Hubpages now states they are the largest site of its kind now.

At any rate I am enjoying the increased earnings and hope they not only continue but grow in the coming months. Could $300 per month be possible, we'll see.

I hope that other hubbers are experiencing increased earnings as well.


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Give Hubpages A Try

Sign up for a hubpages account and start writing. It costs you nothing and like me you may find it’s a fun hobby where you can earn some extra spending cash.


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    • serenityjmiller profile image

      Serenity Miller 

      4 years ago from Brookings, SD

      Good stuff - thanks for sharing! I don't put a heck of a lot of stock in all the talks about Google algorithms, either. I joined about a month and a half ago, and I've been publishing hubs for about the last three weeks. With over a decade of experience as a professional writer, I made a penny with my first hub on the first day it was featured, and that was enough earning potential to get me hooked! I have a couple of different content niches that I enjoy dabbling around in, so I'm curious to see how various topics perform. In any case, it's been fun so far, and I agree - the competitive aspects keep me engaged as an author. Thanks for the solid information!

    • RanaKm profile image


      4 years ago

      WooW! Thank you for this!! So descriptive and rich! How about you go for the 150 hubs goal? That would be much better for you! Voted up and all of the rest :D I hope I can even reach the 7$ per month from the ad program haha but I'm sure I'll be reaching that and more when I write more quality hubs and when the CPM gets higher.. Thank you!

    • NeenaShiju profile image

      Mrs. Neena Shiju 

      4 years ago from Thrissur

      This is an interesting hub as a beginner. I heartly congratulate youu for earnings and your hardwork. It has some positive energy in your hub. Those who read it will be energized to publish good hub. Thanking you and wishing to read more.


    • mySuccess8 profile image


      4 years ago

      Very useful info, especially for new Hub Authors. Thanks!

    • hazelwood4 profile image


      5 years ago from Owensboro, Kentucky

      Boy, after reading all of your Hub I can feel your pain. About the same time Panda came on the seen my Hub traffic went way down too. I was averaging about 200 views per day, but all of sudden my traffic went down to a dismal amount. I have seen some recovery, but I really wonder if it will ever be back the way it was before, Panda.

    • portables profile image


      6 years ago

      I never really thought of writing articles as a money making thing - more of something to do just for fun!

    • JanMaklak profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Daisydayz my daughter started writing tax advice on Infobarrel and loves it. She's still fairly new but the approval process is not much different that getting started here. If your grammar, spelling, and length of article is okay than approval should not be a problem. That is from what I have read of yours you will be approved.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks daisydayz, I tried squidoo initially when my traffic tanked here in August. On infobarrel I was at least making some money and on squidoo nothing. I just logged in and checked the three articles I published there last summer and still have not earned a cent on that site. Hope you have better luck there than I did. Don't be discouraged by infobarrel there's not too many hoops.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      6 years ago from Cardiff

      Oh your january earnings look good too, mine was up to $27 for Jan. Hardly anything on adsense but I only have it on here and a few small blogs I have, so not expecting to make much there. I have joined Squidoo to see what all the fuss is about over there, but I find the hardest part is not knowing your earnings and having to wait ages to get any indication of it. The whole 60 day turn around is awkward. I have 5 lenses so far (on 2 niche accounts) and have no idea if I have earned from the tier system yet, but have a $0.31 amazon sale on one of them. So just have to wait another few weeks to see if I made any adrevenue share. The hubpages daily system is so much nicer to see. Still not check out info barrell though, the whole approval thing scares me off a little, seems like a lot of hoop jumping. Good Luck for Feb, I'll be back for an update

    • writing online profile image

      Ahmad Fauzi 

      6 years ago from Jakarta

      Hi Shuck72, that is a nice report. I have just started my new hub. Can I achieve the same or a bit lower than you? I am not sure but I am trying.

    • Boisegal profile image


      6 years ago from Boise, ID

      This is the most detailed hub I've read concerning earnings, and I appreciate it! I just started here a week ago, and I'm having a lot of fun writing, but wondering how much effort I should put into the money-making aspect. It's good to know there are ups AND downs to be aware of. I've heard of infobarrel, but haven't looked into it yet. Thanks!

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for the comment JanMaklak, my views and income has been on an upward trend the last couple of months, not where they were in the heyday but at least heading in the right direction. I am glad I didn't throw in the towel. I find that its not easy making money on here but its rewarding.

    • JanMaklak profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for your great article. I see the importance of keeping up the momentum and I have to admire you for not throwing in the towel after the Google updates. I like the idea of multiple writing venues and I'm exploring that right now. Keep up the good fight and I'll be reading you regularly I'm sure

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for sharing your progress daisydayz, glad your earnings are heading in the right direction and that first payout is always exciting. I have noticed this month views are up quite a bit so hopefully hubpages traffic overall is heading in the right direction.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      6 years ago from Cardiff

      Well as you did a november update, which by the way looks like you had a good month, thought I would give you a little update on my earnings too. that 20-30 cents a day has grown to between 70cent and $1 most days so far in december. I finally hit the $50 threshold for my first payment too! Yay! I made $13 in November and look set to up that a little for December which Im very happy about! Might have to check out Info Barrell though and see what's going on over there as I have not tried it yet. Good luck!

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      6 years ago from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

      Thanks for that helpful data, shuck72.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      B. Leekley, you raise some good points. I am not claiming to be an expert so these are just my findings as I understand them. I have always tried to make my hubs at least 500 words on hubpages for the reasons you state. I also have many in the 1500 word range and have not noticed they get significantly more views than the 500 word hubs. In comparison, I have also written some articles on infobarrel and they require 350 words minimum. On there last month one article which was only 359 words got 3K plus views another article that was 800 words only got 11 views. This leads me to believe topic and title are far more important than word count. That said, if all things are equal, say we both write an article on the same topic and title and mine is 400 words and yours is 1500 words, yours I would think would rank higher in the search engines but this is just a guess as age of the article may also come into play.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      6 years ago from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

      I wonder about your statement, "...but the idea of making some money writing 250-500 word articles seemed appealing...." When HubPages management has a contest, or an apprentice program, or whatever, they want hubs that are at least 500 words, and their "Elements of a Stellar Hub" hub calls for, "A minimum of 1500 words of truly informative, well-written, useful content." And an "About Search" article at Google says, "At the same time, it [the Panda search algorithm] provided better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on." So aren't hubs of under 500 words too short?

    • Joseph Muendo profile image

      Joseph Muendo 

      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for the wonderful breakdown of your earnings in hub pages and experience plus the regular updates. Good work.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      6 years ago from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

      Thanks for the useful data. I like that you keep adding to this hub, so readers can see changes in your situation over time.

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I have been here over 4 years and am disappointingly making around a dollar a day! I was interested to see what you had to say! Voted up!

    • Sunnyglitter profile image


      6 years ago from Cyberspace

      Nice hub. I like how you were actually upfront about your earnings.

    • shermanblake profile image

      Blake Sherman 

      6 years ago from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

      This is great material to know. I am both disturbed and excited by your findings. Thanks for the details!

    • Missy Mac profile image

      Missy Mac 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      Thank you for this article. I am a newbie and wondering how much can I realistically make. I will start making Hub goals and will pay close attention to Hub content and the point of view and topics.


    • dieter dust profile image

      dieter dust 

      6 years ago

      It's really interesting to read others experiences on Hubpages as a newbie. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I'm really looking forward to your next update. Good luck with your endeavours.

    • Dale Hyde profile image

      Dale Hyde 

      6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

      Great hub and well done! Thanks for sharing.

      My views are down, again...They go up, then go down and this time down even more. I will not continue to spend time tweaking, editing and working articles that were initially "promoted" as a means to create a "passive" income. The articles or hubs as they are called, are no longer passive in nature when one has to continually tweak work already published to please whomever and for whatever reason.

      Voted up, interesting and useful! :)

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for the comment HL, I am originally from CT and was back there last month. I suppose someone could hit views in the millions if their hub went viral. I think some really strong writers can hit about 10K views per month on certain hubs. Before the recent traffic crash my top performing hub was getting about 12K views a month. Keep writing you never know which one is going to take off for you.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks Barbara, my traffic is coming back slowly over the last week or so. I have my fingers crossed.

    • Ddraigcoch profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      I have quite a bit of a way to go until I am anywhere near that figure, yet the alternative for myself would be watching day time television and going to baby groups * shiver*. I can't work outside of the home as I have 4 children, so I see this as a training course with the bonus of pay and better money once you have learned what you are doing.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Hi BD, I was in your neck of the woods in August, I visited Boston. Panda basically is Google's attempt to fight spam and content mills. I think Hubpages has lots of strong articles but I also think Google may consider it a contempt mill, meaning it cranks out duplicate or thin material. Personally I am not updating hubs and waiting a month or so to see if things shake out. I think hubpages is attempting to correct the problem via the idle hub program.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Seattle

      Ddraigcoch thanks for your comment, I agree very much that doing work you enjoy is way better than toiling at something you despise. I think it's great if someone can generate $1000 per month here and support themselves. My point is that I think it would take a tremendous amount of dedication and work to do so. Plus from what I have experienced the income can fluctuate wildly from month to month. Personally I don't see hubpages as being anything more than a very modest side income. That said my efforts are also fairly modest and you may do much better here than I.

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 

      6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thanks for providing real statistics from your experience on HP. I have been hearing about people getting views in the millions for certain hubs and wondered if that was at all realistic. I have been writing for fun but to keep it interesting want to see what increases traffic.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 

      6 years ago from USA

      Congratulations on your success so far. If you've been hit by the Panda, just update all your hubs. That might do the trick. It worked for me anyways when mine when down at the end of April.

    • Ddraigcoch profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      Congratulations on your progress Shuck. Some people may not think $1000 a month for a 40 hour week is worth it, yet when some of us only earn that in a 40 hour week of working in a factory, it IS worth it. It is worth it because of the dents and bills we can pay whilst doing something we enjoy instead of painfully packing or warehousing stock for someone else.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Shuck. I'm commenting again here because I was away for two weeks and my traffic also dropped like a rock sometime in early September while I was away. I was checking this morning and it was shocking how much the traffic dropped.

      What exactly is this Panda update and how does one edit their Hubs to limit the effects of this update? Is it worth spending the time to update Hubs because of this? Thanks, Bill.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I really found this hub enlightening...I am struggling along and will have to spend more time figuring out how to get some decent traffic. It does get a little discouraging. I am constantly redoing hubs-titles, photos, grammar, spelling etc. I am going to stick with this for a few more months..and as long as I see improvement I will stay. Great HUB..Voted up and shared.

    • Doodlehead profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      I don't make any $20 a day, but I make something small each day. Better than last year when I only had one hub though. I have one hub that was the most fun for me to write that I thought would probably not get any views, and it gets the most.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      6 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I have been writing on HubPages for 11 months now. My goal was also to reach 100 hubs and see where my income was. I really need to generate some extra income for retirement. I was hoping for $500 - $1,000. per month. I might hit $100. per month at 1 year here.

      I have to admit, I have not been writting as diligently as I should. I have also been too afraid to change to the new format as I hear most people's income takes a drop at that time. I would be very dissapointed and probably depressed with a large drop right now. I'm still going to hang with the old format for now. I do enjoy writting and will continue regardless, but the income is very helpful. I enjoyed reading your hub and it is given me a reality check that I need to write more consistantly. Voted up and useful! Have a great day!

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 

      6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


      I too have seen big peaks and troughs in traffic the whole time I have been here on HP. Just when you think you have turned the corner WHAM! you hit a brick wall. There is just no consistency for some writers, yet others seem to breeze through unscaithed. I still like the creativity here and it does spur me on not to be complacent in the fact that we should not keep all our eggs in one basket. By that I mean it is a good idea once in a while to try other things and maybe give HP a rest from time to time. I have been doing just that and I have found that my Page views have hardly altered as well as my earnings month in month out have remained the same whether I write and participate around HP or not. The more it seems I write the less I make. Weird or what? Make of it what you will.

      Anyhow great hub and it is great to meet you at last. So long for now.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey Shuck72. Glad to see that you have updated this through the summer. You seem to be doing great. I'm not quite at your level yet, more like $20/month at the moment but still writing and trying to get better at this. Keep it going.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      6 years ago from Cardiff

      Great hub, its interesting to see how your views and earings climbed gradually. I sadly dont have enough time to put in yet, but making 10-20cents a day most days without adding any new hubs really. I hope to be able to make a decent side income off it by the end of the year. my aim is to be able to pay a bill each month, probably the car insurance! lol!

    • vespawoolf profile image


      6 years ago from Peru, South America

      I also find Hub Pages to be a fun hobby. I've learned so much about writing online, URL's, etc. but I still have a long way to go. It was enjoyable to read about your journey, very similar to my own. Voted up!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and useful. Thanks for the information and tips. Passing it on to my followers.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 

      6 years ago from California, United States of America

      I found it fascinating reading about your progress on Hubpages and found myself wanting to find out more as I read. Good to see that progress was sure and steady. Very informative Hub.

    • beingwell profile image


      6 years ago from Bangkok

      Very cool! I'm enjoying my stay here in HP too. Good luck to all of us!

      Shared this one.

    • DanaTeresa profile image

      Dana Strang 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      I like the journal format of this hub. As a new write I am encouraged that there is potential to make a little bit of money. Looks like I need to start putting some real work in!

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 

      6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      You are doing awesome here! Thanks for sharing the stats to help us see what can be earned here at HP

    • remaniki profile image

      Rema T V 

      6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Hi shuck,

      I happened to read your June and July updates now thanks to me following this hub. Great going indeed! Very inspiring too.

      I would love to see that kind of improvement on my hubs too of course on putting a lot of hard work. I wish you good luck.

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 

      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Very useful stats for those who are just starting like me, i enjoyed reading this. Thanks, voted up and useful.

    • movielardatadare profile image


      6 years ago from Texas

      Hands down, shuck, this is my favorite hub on the entire hubpages community. I can't believe it doesn't have more viewers (unless someone else already beat you to the punch and wrote about it first.) Regardless, your writing style on this hub is so easy to follow. I plan on writing a response to this article where I follow your awesome advice and tips. I enjoy seeing your progress, and I honestly hope you make at least $1,000 a month. You deserve it. You're the reason I'm on here! Take care.

    • Lauryallan profile image


      7 years ago

      Glad to see you have a goal and a strategy in mind.

      I used to play poker online too, but just for fun. I used to enter the freeroll competitions. Sometimes it could take hours and I'd have to play several rounds to get to the final and then earn like $5 lol. Then I used that money to play the real money games and tried to grow it.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks Rema, it was nice of you to share my hub. I hope you jump back into hubpages, like me you can just plug away a little bit at a time. I will follow you and look forward to reading some of your work.

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks BD I always appreciate your comments. I just noticed you're from Mass, Boston is my favorite city to visit. Took my kids there two years ago.

    • remaniki profile image

      Rema T V 

      7 years ago from Chennai, India

      Hi shuck72,

      Very good hub. I have been inactive on HubPages due to lack of time as I have a freelance writing job. At a time when I decided to give HubPages a little bit of attention, I came across this hub and found it very inspiring. Thanks. Socially shared as new hubbers will especially find this useful.Cheers


    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Well put shuck. If someone enjoys writing about the things that interest them then why not sign up and make a little extra money while you're at it. Like you I consider this a hobby, not a job. If I make a little extra money at then great, but I'm not quitting my day job either. I do enjoy reading about places and things that I'm not familiar with so it's definitely a learning experience also. Great job.


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