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My First Experience on Hubpages

Updated on January 1, 2013

I wrote this hub to encourage hubbers who are finding it difficult to make a dime from hubpages.

My very first hub did not in anyway inspire me to continue making more hubs. It had a very low direct traffic for only a span of a week, and that was all. I had just opened an account with hubpages and i thought it was just cool to write anything at all and sit back to wait for clicks on my adsense Google ads. What prompted me to open an account was just because i had read a hub telling me how easy it was to make money on hubpages. After reading the wonderful hub, i then jumped in to open an account and write my hubs.

I picked a topic, made my research, wrote and then published my new hub. I shared the link to my hub on my facebook account only. because at that time i had about 450 friends on Facebook, i could just share, then they visited and made clicks and that was all. I never knew i was heading my rocky boat towards the rock. I did receive some clicks (3 clicks) but it was on a non-optimized hub, so the 3 clicks made me earn just below a dollar. I felt disappointed and frustrated despite my assuring and promising training. I thus left hubpages for like a month.

During one of my search on Google, another hub came up on the first page. I read the hub and then clicked one of the related hubs and read. I kept on being linked from one hub to the other and thus my horizon widened. I noted some vital information pertaining to traffic, links and keywords. I decided to write another hub implementing the strategies i had just learnt. I wrote a hub, published it and then started my promotion (though it wasn't an aggressive one).

Note: Hubs require less promotion than other sites to hit a good rank on search engines, but the more the promotion, the more the traffic.
At the end of my first week, i wrote just this hub but i notice that on "my account" stats traffic was trickling into my hub . I then checked the source (traffic source) and noticed a few came from and a few from hubpages. I became really encouraged now and started pumping in more quality hubs.


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    • jhendor profile image

      jhendor 5 years ago

      thanks taleb80

    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 5 years ago

      Hope all the best for you.

      HubPages is a fantastic site to write in.