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My Two Months Expirience On Hubpages

Updated on August 25, 2013

My Beginnings On Hubpages

Although I have hubpages account for some time, I've wrote my first hub two months ago. Before started writing I wanted to do my research on the site by reading people's experiences and advices how to make the most of every hub. In essence, I wanted to know how to write a hub in a proper way. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, because I'm not native English speaker. Because of this, I thought that it would be too difficult for me to achieve my goals on this site. However, seeing people who are facing the same problem as I do and managing to write their hubs successfully, made me realize that I could do the same. I had a full support from my boyfriend, who helped me to correct some of the mistakes, but also, people from hubpages helped me a lot. I would like especially to express my gratitude to Perspycacious, who was really kind and helpful.


My Hubpages Expirience

What have I learned so far?

Every single author on hubpages will tell you that learning about this site is a never ending process, and I have to agree with them. But if you are determined to do it, you can learn a lot even in two months.

At the beginning, I've thought that people come to hubpages just to get some quick information, and I've started writing some short articles, with quick and simple explanations, because I thought that no one wants to read hubs with a lots and lots of text. But I was wrong. I've realized that your hubs need to be longer, with extensive information, explanations, pictures, videos, and everything that comes to your mind that would help the reader to understand as much as possible on the topic.

Also, I've made some mistakes because I thought that when it comes to pictures you should pick the best and prettiest picture there is, and haven't think a lot about legal issues. But then I realized that my goal is certainly not to be penalized in some way because of that, and that I'm not a person who would like to steal someone else hard work. So I started looking for the pictures that are free to use, even commercially (because you can make money writing hubs). And then I found out that this is very hard. There are a lot of images over there but finding the right one and being sure that it is free can be really overwhelming. Of course, it is always the best and the safest if you are able to take a photos of the things you want to write about by yourself and then use it. I know that sometimes it is hard to do, and that a lot of people are not really talented photographers, but for the good hub, it is more important that your picture is informative than pretty.

It is also important for hub to have a good layout of text, images, videos, polls, quizzes etc. But it is sometimes easier to say then do, so don't worry. It will maybe take some time, but after a while, you will become great with formatting. Although it is true that the more additional capsules you use it is better (because it will catch readers attention and make your hub look more interesting and informative), the most important thing you need to have is an appropriate idea. That is the reason why you should write about thing that you are passionate, and know a lot about. Doing this, you will be more self confident, quicker, and you will know what to answer if someone comments on your hub.

Of course, intensive writing on hubpages will improve your hub views, so you need to write as much as possible, but to pay attention on what are you going to publish. Sometimes it's better to write one good hub per week than three bad ones in a single day. So take your time and try to enjoy. Readers can feel that.

What about followers?

Many beginners think that you need to follow as much people as you can, because some of them will follow you back. Some will, but no one wants to follow a person who writes bad hubs just because. People will see your writing, and then, if they are interesting, they will follow you. Also, don't follow hubbers just to get a follower, follow people because you are interested in what they wrote, or are writing. You should follow people that share the same or similar interests as you, so you might learn something useful, and they will notice you eventually. If I can't convinced you not to follow people extensively, hubpages has a solution for those hubbers. If you follow to many people in a short time, you're hubscore will rapidly decrease.

People on hubpages.

I have really great experience with people on hubpages. People come on here to write, express their feelings, learn something new, or extend their knowledge. They do not come here to hang out, so this isn't a site to chat and spend some free time. But, even if this isn't a site to chat and hang out, you will definitely feel support, get help by older and more experience users. If you have problems, you can always turn to those people and almost no one will deny you. Maybe sometimes you will be criticized, but it's all part of hubpages. You should take the critic with a smile, learn something, and always try to improve yourself.

Also, you should help someone if you know how. Don't envy someone if he or she is doing better than you, just try to learn as much as possible, and don't be afraid to ask for advice.

Why is it important to participate in site activities?

The answers is simple - you will get noticed. If people like your questions, answers, comments, they will probably be interested in you, and your writing. So, when asking questions, or giving answers and comments, try to do it in the best possible way. Don't comment just because you are bored, or you just want to get some points, but only if you're interested in something, or want to learn something new. Also, by participating you leave a lot of back links to your own profile, and that is important because Google can take you more serious this way.

Earnings on hubpages?

In my experience so far, it's pretty difficult, and you won't earn millions over night. You have to endure. Write as much as you can, participate as much as you can, and do your research well. But don't be afraid or disappointed, because people really earned some nice amounts of cash with hubpages.

First of all you need to have an AdSense account, if you want to earn from Google AdSense. If you want to earn from hubpages AdProgram, you need to have both AdSense, and paypal account. Also, it's possible to earn from amazon and e-bay, you need to participate in their affiliate programs. In my experience, it is better to use AdProgram then just AdSense, because with it, you are getting small amount of money for impressions on your hubs, not just when someone click on your add. And when it come to Amazon and eBay, I have to admit that I prefer the last one. It is also easier to earn some money from eBay because they will pay you for the traffic you send, not just when that traffic causes purchase.

My Numbers On Hubpages

So, I've already told you that I've started to write two months ago. I wrote 31 hubs so far, mostly about books and movies, because I'm very interested in those. I have 2275 views so far. I must say that I've wrote most of my hubs in the first month, and just a few in second, simply because it's summer and I've hanged with my friends as much as possible. However, I'm planning to get back and write some more. You shouldn't feel bad if your hub views are dropping, because more experience hubbers are saying that page views are lower in summer, probably because people spent less time using their computer during the summer.

I must add that I really liked how hubpages reward your effort by giving you accolades if you've done something good. So far, I have five, for my number of hubs, views answered and asked questions and for leaving good comments.

I have 50 followers, and I'm very proud of that, and want to take the opportunity to give my best to all of them.

If you read some hubs on how to improve you hub views, you've probably read some advices about back linking on redit, redggage, stumbleupon etc. I must say that stumbleupon helped me a lot.

Now, profit. When it comes to profit, I'm not the person to talk to. I've earned only 2 dollars from my writing. I haven't earned anything from amazon or e-bay, but I must admit that I've put these adds, just for my hubs to look nice. From AdSense, I've earned 20 cents. So once again, I'm not the person to talk to when it comes to earnings.

I'm Glad That I'm Here

I've learned that writing and earning is difficult on on hubpages, but I have no regrets. I would join this site again. I had so much fun, read so much interesting things, learned so much, and I will try to continue to write.

So, my final advice to you is: If you want to write on hubpages, be patient, you won't earn a lot at the beginning. Try to enjoy as much as you can and don't force yourself, learn, do your research. It's good to put some goals in front of you, but be objective, don't try something that you can't achieve unless you want to get discourage fast.

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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hi Diplorging,

      Nice article you have written. I appreciate your efforts. I shall follow your advice and try to improve my hubbing. I may request you to go throuh my hubs and leave your valuable comments. Please write this kind of hubs in detail in future too. Congrats!

    • ivanmarginal profile image

      ivanmarginal 5 years ago from Jakarta

      Great insight, keep writing!

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      nice hub

    • diplorging profile image

      diplorging 5 years ago from Serbia

      Thank you, I believe it will pay off!

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 5 years ago

      Keep trying and your efforts will pay off. It takes time and hard work to make significant money on HubPages.